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ConvertXtoDVD - Released June 06th 2017

- 0013071: [Bug] Subtitles missing from Blu-ray sources (felicia) - resolved.

ConvertXtoDVD -
- 0013048: [Bug] Unable to edit bonus titles typesettings in template editor (felicia) - resolved.
- 0013046: [Bug] Menu title not in sync with project name (felicia) - resolved.
- 0011348: [Bug] Change the Title menu and save project with a different name - menu title is overwritten by Project file name (felicia) - resolved.
- 0013052: [Bug] When clearing project program requests confirmation even if not modified (felicia) - resolved.
- 0013050: [Feature Request] When creating template in case of still image import only screenshot. (felicia) - resolved.

ConvertXtoDVD -
- 0013034: [Bug] Issue with ts naming when starting with no menu (felicia) - resolved.

ConvertXtoDVD -
- 0013023: [Bug] HTML link highlight only works for first tree item (felicia) - resolved.
- 0013027: [Feature Request] Configure conversion queuer according to output profile (felicia) - resolved.
- 0013015: [Bug] title of menu not as desired-does not use "default project name (also used for disk label)" in burning tab of default settings (felicia) - resolved.
- 0013014: [Bug] when you customize project name or titleset name will revert to original name (felicia) - resolved.
- 0013019: [Bug] Remember skin setting if changed with system menu (felicia) - resolved.


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