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Mp3tag 2.76


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[2016-04-16]  REL: VERSION 2.76 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2016-04-11]  FIX: action import cover from file did not work if explicitly selected filename
                   contained special characters that are part of the scripting language.
[2016-04-11]  FIX: keyboard shortcuts for navigating to previous and next directory history entry
                   were not working anymore (since 2.74)
[2016-04-11]  LNG: updated Bulgarian, Czech, Japanese and Portuguese language files.
[2016-04-10]  NEW: added support for WAV files for Explorer context menu shell extension.
[2016-04-10]  FIX: revised status bar messages.
[2016-04-07]  NEW: added support for WAV files with INFO tags and ID3v2 tags.
[2016-03-28]  FIX: cover art of previously selected files was still displayed even after directory
                   change (Wine-only)



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