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Android Swap Partition

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I bought a new Samsung microSDXC Card EVO 64GB, Class 10 with speed of 48MB/s with UHS-I to exchange it with an old 32 GB SD card, I wanted to make a partition:

3GB of Linux Swap

9GB of ext2 partiton of Apps2SD

and the rest for FAT32


My questions are:

1- Can you suggest me a good app to do that cause MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro 8.1 didn't work for me?

2- Is Swap really helpful for the smartphone for speed and performance? 

3- Does swap really degrade lifespan of an SD card?


My smartphone RAM is 1GB and Internal Storage is 8GB

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not an expert and i don't use or need swap, just Link2SD


1. should be no problem based on v8.1.1 changelog

Sep. 30, 2013 v8.1.1
	What's new in this version:
    Version 8.1.1 adds support to create ext2/3/4 partition more than 4TB.

2. Yes and No

 - depend on swap settings and how many app you open simultaneously

 - app moved to swap partition open slower than on RAM

 - even with no app open, swap does not increase phone speed and performance

 - for me, swap main function is to make the phone stable when launching multiple app simultaneously


3. Yes and No

 - depend on swap settings and how many app you open simultaneously

 - more swap > more sd use > shorten sd life

 - same as set PageFile on SSD for pc


Tuts by CarlDeanCatabay


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