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Microsoft DENIM update brings WiFi Internet Sharing To Windows Phones

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Microsoft Lumia DENIM​ Update

Last night I decided to do an update to my Lumia 630, to my surprise the long awaited DENIM Update was finally here in preparation for the Windows 10 Upgrade...

Many details are covered at the link mentioned above but one which I am quite happy about is the fact that now on Windows Phones.. We have the ability to create a personal WiFi Hotspot.

This interests me a great deal as I will no longer have to buy another SIM Card and pay a data plan for my tablet..

Owning the phone for the first few months made me quite jealous and perturbed at the fact that iPhone users had this capability right on the phone natively and yet Microsoft did not.

Many attempts at ​connecting virtual Wifi Routers.. Proxy connections and fake apps which did not do as advertised later I gave up with no hope..

Now I am a happy Wind​ows Phone owner.

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i do not know anyone with a windows phone...i think that is why MS is going to offer windows 10 to android phone platform users for free...eventually...or so they say...just as the much hyped cortana is still not available unless you live in the usa...the rest of the world MS keeps telling to wait and it will not be much longer... still waiting tho

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I didn't know Cortana wasn't availible anywhere outside of the US.. I personally would never part with my Windows Phone.. I like it... Most people I know have either Droid or iPhone.. I have seen a few own WP... For me it is an irreplacable tool compared to what I have seen out of the others.. even before this update..

Personally I think alot of people would like it.. Everyone I have ever shown the phone off to.. Gets pretty interested... and then a little jealous..

Google integration in a few areas could improve.. BUT then again from what I have seen on Droid.. it is about the same.. and Contacts should sync and work better.. I think this is partly Google's fault though...

Quite a few features that I feel are way more polished and too many to list here.. as to why I chose mine.. IMHO.. :)

Can't wait to see what Windows 10 WP will bring..

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