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InnoEx v0.7 (unpacker for Inno Setup installers)


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InnoEx v0.7 is now available.



-Speed improvements (should be noticeable especially on setups with many files)

-Some changes and improvements for build-in viewer
-Added Pascal script disassembler (you can delete 'disasm.dll' file if you don't want or need that functionality)
-Added possibility to open any file in InnoEx viewer or in notepad (you can change it to any other program you want, e.g. hex editor)
-Added view (detect) encrypted files (slow - for now there is no other way to do it)
-Added contact form where you can report errors, problems or sugestions (no registration needed, no valid email required), for example if you have problems with some Inno Setup file, send me installation name + version or link where I can get it
-Many other small changes/fixes/improvements
I made some changes inside InnoEx config file so be sure to recreate it. You can now rename 'innounp.exe' to e.g. 'innounp.dat' or anything else you want. To make it work, open InnoEx config file, find 'InnoUnpCustomName' (under Options), put there your new file name (e.g. 'InnoUnpCustomName=innounp.dat') and rename 'innounp.exe' to that name.
There is a new function in InnoExtractor which scans directories and displays Inno Setup files. It is about 20 minutes of work to make something similar in InnoEx, so if anyone want this... let me know.
OK, let's make some speed tests. We will need 2 files: K-Lite Codec Pack (full preferable, as it contains almost 1MB of compiled Pascal script) and Lazarus (with many files inside).
First test: open Lazarus in InnoExtractor, wait until the file is loaded, then do the same in InnoEx.
Second test: open K-Lite Codec Pack in InnoExtractor, view decomplied code section (Pascal script), do the same in InnoEx.
First test results: 57 sec vs 7 sec (vs 14 sec on InnoEx v0.6).
Second test results: 115 sec vs 1 sec.
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I remember Vestor that you asked for this long time ago, but back then I had no idea how to implement it to InnoEx. I made some panel with buttons like on the pic you showed me, but in the end I dropped it because it was really bad. And then, as I worked on v0.7, I got an idea to simply put it on menu. Sometimes the simplest solutions are not so obvious. Anyway, I'm happy that you like it.

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