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ViRobot APT Shield 2.0[freeware]


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ViRobot APT Shield 2.0 is the best PC security program to block attacks of vulnerabilities(include Zero-Day vulnerabilities and Drive-by download vulnerabilities) in applications and Windows OS(include Windows XP) in advance, and it is compatible with anti-malware programs.Especially, ViRobot APT Shield 2.0 will be the best choice for PCs which can not be upgraded Windows XP to higher version of Windows.


1. Response to variety attacks of application vulnerabilities.
It blocks attacks that use vulnerabilities in advance for applications such as document programs(MS Office, Adobe Reader, ...), Web brewers(IE, Firefox, Chrome, ...), Media players, Messengers, Compression software, and etc.

2. Blocking vulnerabilities due to the end of Windows XP support.
It prevents attacks that use vulnerabilities in advance for Windows which cannot be applied security patches.

3. Complementing in accordance with the limits of Signature-based anti-virus.
By behavior-based technology, it blocks creation and execution of malicious code that exploits vulnerabilities, and it also doesn't need pattern update.

4. Blocking the acceleration of document leak for many unspecified targets.
Recently, malicious code is using social engineering to exfiltrate important document from companies, but this product blocks it completely.

5. Handling systems which are difficult to update Windows security patches.
It's a very light product, because it requires only minimal resources of Hardware. It's suitable for various environments which are difficult to update Windows security patches in enterprise.


1. Enhanced detection for malicious code

  • It can block Zero-Day attacks in advance.
  • It's not necessary to concern about False/Positive, because it detects abnormal behaviors of applications.
  • It's possible to detect malicious code in real time.

2. Flexible scalability and low costs

  • It's compatible with anti-malware products all around the world, it ensures flexible scalability.
  • It can save cost compared to network-based detection solutions. (No extra charge excepted license fee)

3. Management efficiency

  • It's possible to control security systems by connection with integrated log equipment(e.g. ESM).
  • Monitoring service is provided through installation of Web log server.

4. Usability

  • Pattern update is not required.
  • It's simple to install(The installation takes less than 10 seconds.)
  • The portion of end users' direct control is minimized.
  • It uses minimum resource. (e.g. Memory usage : less than 10MB)



Blocking malicious code that exploits vulnerabilities in applications.
Document program -MS office, Adobe reader, Ichitaro, etc.
Web browser - IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Java, Flash, ActiveX, etc.
Media player - Real player, QuickTime player, Winamp, etc.
Messenger - Skype, Yahoo, Google, . etc.
Compression software -WinZip, WinRAR, 7-Zip, etc.

Homepage: http://www.aptshield.net/

Download link: http://www.aptshield.net/apt_individual_download.html

CPU:Intel Pentium III 500MHz or Above

RAM:512 MB or Above

HDD:Free space more than 500 MB

OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8/Windows Server 2003 / Windows Server 2008 / Windows Server 2012 -x86 and x64.

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