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BitDefender Antivirus Plus/ Internet Security/ Total Security


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What's new in BitDefender 18

Work, Game, or Watch Movies Undisturbed
Bitdefender Autopilot™ takes all security related decisions for you, and makes sure you get zero configurations or interruptions.
It now makes sure other programs don’t nag you with popups while you work or have fun on your PC. Also, it maximizes the PC’s performance during that time.

Maximize your PC’s performance
Bitdefender’s Performance Tune-Up has been revamped. It now offers a full pack of tools that make your system boot and run faster, and extend your hard drive space by cleaning up clutter.

Optimize Your PC with One-click
Bitdefender One-click Optimizer is a new feature that frees up disk space, optimizes your browser and repairs broken registries, all in a flash.

Bank Online Without Worries
Bitdefender Safepay™, the secure browser that protects online transactions from fraud, is now integrated with Wallet. It can now automatically fill credit card details in billing fields.

Make Online Payments in a Click
Bitdefender Wallet now helps finalize online orders much faster. Besides storing together all User IDs, passwords, and other sensitive information, Wallet now automatically fills in all billing detail fields when making a payment.

Fix Vulnerabilities with One-click
Bitdefender’s Vulnerability Scanner now spots risks in your apps much faster, and offers quick links for updating the exposed programs.

Watch over your children online
Bitdefender Parental Control discreetly tells you what your children are doing online, and also allows you limit their activity. It’s now faster, lighter and quickly marks even the newest privacy risk, because it is now exclusively connected to the Cloud.

Bitdefender has been revamped.
It now works fluidly on any touch screen device, and instantly adapt itself to different resolutions. The main tasks are also just one-click away. (Quick scan, Update, Open Safepay and Optimize PC).


BitDefender Antivirus Plus 32bit
BitDefender Antivirus Plus 64bit

BitDefender Internet Security 32bit
BitDefender Internet Security 64bit

BitDefender Total Security 32bit
BitDefender Total Security 64bit

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Hi D D H, how to make remaining 923 days for your AV?? :huh:

That key was blocked (01.07.2014) :angry:

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