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The Bat! 6.4.4 Beta Professional Edition


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The Bat! 6.4.4 Beta Professional Edition

Changes in The Bat 6.4.4


  • PGP keys from messages signed using PGP clear text method can be taken without signature verification
  • Fixes:
  • International characters are now properly handled in the MAILTO command line parameter
  • ASLR works properly in the new version
  • The issue related to creating “Normal” folders instead of Aggregate ones while importing RSS subscriptions has been fixed
  • An error which could lead to RSS folder database corruption has been eliminated
  • (#0000373) Improper behaviour when dragging an attachment stored on IMAP server
  • Import from Outlook Express has been fixed
  • Reworked handling of IMAP filters internally to save valuable CPU cycles
  • Possible AV error messages when switching to non-RSS folders while entire RSS item text is being loaded has been fixed





Download full version (With serial)


Only Serial


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I guess frontpage will only be updated when a new version will be available as official download, from the homepage. The version that you posted, may be pulled any time, just like 6.4.2, posted by me.

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