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HDD Recovery Pro 4.1 + Portable


HDD Recovery Pro - Recover lost data from your damaged hard drive yourself completely automatically! HDD Recovery Pro automates entire process of data recovery after your hard drive fails, or if you accidentally format it, or even if you simply delete a file or a folder.

There are many legitimate services out there that will take your hard drive and guarantee you an overnight recovery of your files and data. These data recovery services are certainly fast and efficient, giving you hope and delivering your files and data recovered. But did you consider the drawbacks?

  • If you have sensitive information on the corrupted hard drive, such information will fall in hands of a third party.
  • It takes time to mail the hard disk, and it takes time to get your data mailed back to you.
  • And finally, after you learn how much some of these services charge for successful data recovery, you may just want to reconsider the worth of losing your data instead of paying an arm and a leg for its recovery.

But did you know you can do exactly what these services do to recover lost data from your damaged partitions and hard drives? Just using proper tools makes the entire process of data recovery completely automatic and technically possible for anyone.

HDD Recovery Pro Can:

  • Recover files and folders from damaged hard drives
  • Retrieve information from corrupted partitions
  • Recover data from formatted FAT, NTFS, ext2 and ext3 volumes
  • Recover files from repartitioned and inaccessible drives
  • Undelete files in just a few clicks
  • Scan the entire hard drive looking for missing partitions

HDD Recovery Pro Feature List:

  • NEW! Export Wizard. Recovered files can be saved to any hard drive (HDD or SSD), including network storage, burned on CD or DVD or uploaded over FTP.

  • NEW! Pre-recovery Live Preview displays recoverable files before you buy. Live Preview supports: documents, images, archives, audio and video files, e-mail files, databases, help files, CriptoDisk format and Virtual Disks.

  • NEW! Smart Search prioritizes the recovery of documents, archives and pictures over everything else, ensuring the recovery of valuable information. Smart Search supports more than 250 file formats.

  • Lost and damages partition scan

  • Deleted partition recovery, unformat tool

  • Two Partition Recovery Wizards

  • Restores files from damaged or corrupted hard drives

  • Restores files from inaccessible hard drives

  • Recovers damaged and corrupted partition tables

  • Restores NTFS and FAT disks after accidental formatting

  • Recovers accidentally deleted files

  • Recovers files and pictures from digital cameras and memory cards

  • Recovers files erased from Windows Recycle Bin

  • Supports Microsoft® Windows® NT, 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1

  • Supports NTFS, NTFS 4, NTFS 5, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and VFAT file systems, Linux based File Systems EXT2 and EXT3

  • Provides safe and secure recovery by creating a full image of a faulty hard drive, and working with the image only, which reduces risk of causing additional corruption to the damaged hard drive.

  • Creates virtual partitions that can be used as disks to recover data from

  • Supports hard drives (HDD) and any Solid State Drive (SSD), digital cameras, floppy disks, Zip disks, Jaz disks, Smart Media Cards, Sony Memory Sticks, Compact Flash cards, MicroDrives, Secure Digital Cards, xD Picture Cards, Flash cards, PC Cards, Multimedia Cards, and any USB disks

Website: http://the-undelete.com
OS: Windows® NT, 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1
Language: Eng
Medicine: Key
Size: 7,38 / 7,02 Mb

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