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Hiren's Boot DVD 15.2 Restored Edition 1.1 - Proteus


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Hiren's Boot DVD 15.2 Restored Edition 1.1 - Proteus (January 2013) | 2.77 GB



Hiren's Boot CD is a vast collection of bootable and portable
utilities for the management, diagnosis and repair of computer
problems, recover lost or deleted files or cracking passwords. There
is no computer problem for which HBCD does not have at least one tool
to help with its solution. In addition, HBCD provides the means to
take control of any computer and communicate with other computers,
surf the internet, write documents or programs, without booting the
installed operating system. There are literally hundreds of utilities
and it is advised that you explore the contents before the need for
it arises. Hiren's Boot CD can be used in two ways:
* As a boot CD to take control of the computer without starting the
installed operating system so that we can do repairs or clone the
main disk, recover files, test the memory and hardware, clean
severe viral infections, et.c. To do any of these simply boot the
computer from the CD and select a utility from the menu. Options
include FreeDOS, 3 Mini Windows environments (98, XP and 7) and
two Linux rescue environments. Optionally you may include the
forensics/penetration Linux live CD Backtrack.
* As a collection of portable repair and diagnostic utilities which
can be run from within Windows without installation. To do this
insert the CD when Windows is running and select a utility from
the HBCD Program Launcher menu. If the CD does not autorun you
may start the menu by running HBCDMenu.cmd. When the operating
system not functional or unavailable the portable utilities may
be still be used if we boot a Mini Windows environment included
in the CD. (3rd option of the main boot menu).
For example Acronis Disk Director can be started in 4 ways:
* Boot the CD, select "Dos Programs", "Restored Utilities" and then
"Acronis". (useful if we wish to clone or restore the main hard
disk and there is not enough memory to boot Mini Windows XP).
* Boot the CD, and from the main menu from the "Hard Disk
Utilities" select "Acronis".
* Boot the CD, select "Mini Windows XP" or Mini Windows 7 and then
select "Acronis Disk Director" found under "Partittion/Boot/MBR"
in the HBCD Program Launcher menu.
* Boot to your windows operating system, insert the DVD (or the USB
stick) and select Acronis Disk Director from the HBCD Program
Launcher menu.

Changes between V1.0 and V1.1

This edition of the Restored HBCD is a bug fix release of the previous version (V 1.0). Mini windows has been further improved, Kaspersky Rescue Disk is finally perfected and boots equally well from DVD or USB. Several new utilities have been added or upgraded and some faulty ones have been fixed. The aim of this Hiren's Boot CD Rebuild is to provide an austere but convenient and usable interface to the utilities whilst keeping faith with Hiren's original concept. No fancy splash screens or wallpapers. Just hotkeyed menus to get you quickly to the utilities you want to use.

Kaspersky antivirus Simplified booting for DVD and USB. No more ULA.
Updated definitions to 9 January 2013
Mini Windows 7 Rebuild to run faster. Include +rasphone.pbk+
SystemRescueCd Linux Updated to Version 3.2.0 (7 Jan 2013)
EaseUS Partition Master Updated to Version 9.2.1
Active Boot Disk Updtated to Version 6.5.2
HD Low Level Format Updated to Version 4.25
WinkeyFinder Added Version 1.73
Clonzilla Autostart when selected from main menu.
DOS environment 'M' menu Fixed to start restored utilities too.
Remove WGA Fixed 'File not found'.
WinNTSetup Missing BootICE button. Fixed.
Acronis utilities Boot from NTFS on USB flash drive.
Program Launcher Added new category +USB Tools+ and fixed various bugs.
Grub4Dos Fixed errors in menus.
usb-installation.pdf Updated and corrected.
Teracopy Do not reload program when in PE.
Raid Reconstructor Not in Program Launcher. Fixed.
Rufus (USB Formatter) Added Version
Card Recovery Updated Version 6.00.1012
CMOSDeAnimator Added Version 2.1
Driver Forge Added Version 5.0
Windows Surface Scanner Added Version 2.0
Flash Memory Toolkit Added Version 2.00 Professional
SD Formatter Added Version 3.1
USB Write Protector Added Version 1.2


This Restored DVD includes all the utilities found in the latest

Hiren's Boot CD 15.2 (December 2012). [1] with many of the utilities
updated to their latest version. It is called Restored because it
contains all the commercial utilities omitted from the official
releases (since version 11.0.) It also includes other tools such by
Acronis, Paragon, [email protected], and other useful software fully integrated
within Hiren's menus.
Below are listed only the additional or updated programs and
utilities found in this DVD. The numbers in square brackets [..] are
referring to the URLs listed at the bottom of this file. For the
complete list of utilities in the official Hiren's Boot CD, read the
files HBCD.txt and changes.txt

Restored DOS Menu utilities

These are found within the HBCD DOS menu. These utilities were
included in the official but were left out since HBCD version 11.
* Acronis Backup & Recovery, UR 11.5 (build 32308)
* Acronis Disk Director 11.0 Advanced (build 12077)
* Acronis True Image 2013 (build 5587)
* Active Partition Recovery 3.0
* Active Password Changer 4.0
* Active Undelete 5.5
* DiskGenius 3.5.0 Professional
* GetDataBack for FAT/NTFS 4.0
* Image For Dos 2.77
* HDD Regenerator 2011
* Norton Ghost 11.5.1
* Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 (
* Paragon Mount Everything 3.0
* PC-Check 6.21
* Synantec ImageCenter 5.6

Self booting utilities

* Acronis
+ Backup & Recovery 11.5 (build 32308)
+ Disk Director 11.0 Advanced (build 12077)
+ True Image 2013 (build 5587)
* Active Boot Disk 6.5.2 [6]
* BootIt Bare Metal 1.85 [12]
* Clonzilla 2.0.1-15 [13]
* Eassos PartitionGuru/Disk Genius 3.5.0 Pro & 4.2.0 Free [14]
* EaseUS Partition Master 9.2.1 Server
* GParted 0.14.0
* Hardware Detection Tool (HDT) 0.5.0.
* HDAT2 (HD Diagnostics & Testing) 4.9.2
* HDClone Professional Edition 4.1.4
* Kaspersky Rescue Disk, Updated 9-Jan-2013 [4] Note:
KAV10 works on top of a very competent Gentoo linux environment.
Very handy if you know how to use it.
* KonBoot version 2.
* Macrium Reflect Professional 64 bit 5.0 4354
* OneKey Ghost 6.5
* Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 ( [8]
* Plop Boot Manager 5.0.14 (20.12.2012)
* Parted Magic Linux 2012_12_25. Modified to boot in systems with
non PAE CPUs.
* QuickTech Pro SB 5.90.00 Hardware diagnostics and stress test.
* R-Drive 4.7 (4726)
* Spinrite 6
* Super Grub2 Disk Version 2.

Important Items

* Mini Windows 7. It is based on the excellent WonderShare LiveBoot
2012 Windows 7 PE. It is heavily modified to look as close as
possible to Hiren's Mini Windows XP. It includes everything from
Mini XP, has better suport for wireless and ADSL modems, and many
extras. [22]
* SysRescueCD 3.2.0[2] A live Linux Gentoo based rescue CD (choice
of 32 or 64 bit) that offers more choice than Parted Magic. It
includes many tools for rescuing and managing Linux and windows
systems. Hundreds of utilities. e.g. Clam antivirus, Gparted,
ntfs-3g, wifi access, syslinux, telnet, ssh, PXE boot, Midori,
vim, MC?
* Kaspersky Rescue Disk If you require a language other than
English you need to edit antivirus.cfg and set the parameter
kav_lang to your language. For example kav_lang=fr for French.
* BackTrack (optional). An Ubuntu based Linux live CD for digital
forensics and penetration (sic) testing. It includes many well
known security and reversing tools, e.g. Aircrack, Ophcrack,
Gerix Wifi Cracker, disassemblers, sniffers, etc., as well as
commonplace applications such as browsers, file managers,
editors, torrent clients, etc. There is a menu entry for BT5
(under Linux), but you need to download and include in the DVD
the files. Detailed instructions as to how to do this are
included. Read document add-BT5.pdf.

Added to HBCDMenu program launcher

* AIDA64 Extreme Edition 1.85.1600 [15]
* Acronis [3]
+ Backup & Recovery 11.5 (build 32308)
+ Disk Director 11.0 (build 2343)
+ True Image 2013 (build 5551)
* Active Password changer professional 4.0
* AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional 5.1
* Atlantis Word Processor Pro [10]
* Avast Antivirus 1.0.3 updatable (updated 07-05-2012)
* Avast Registry Editor
* Calculator (Micro$oft calc.exe is very good why not have it in
* CardRecovery 6.00.1012 [16]
* CMOSDeAnimator Reset/Backup/Restore CMOS
* Crystal Disk Info
* Data Recovery Wizard Pro 5.5.1
* DRevitalize 2.42 Repair bad sectors.
* Driver Forge 5.0
* DSynchronize (Drive/directory synchronizer) 2.30.2
* DTaskManager (Powerfull process control) 1.51.
* Dynamic Disk Converter, Server Edition 3.2
* Eassos PartitionGuru/Disk Genius 3.7.0 Pro & 4.2.0 Free [14]
* EFS Advanced Data Recovery 4.42, Recover data from encrypted
* GetDataBack NTFS & FAT 4.22
* HDClone Professional 4.1.4
* HD Low Level Format 4.25
* HitmanPro, Easily remove ransomeware + antimalware.
(KickStart function needs USB flash Drive).
* HWiNFO32 3.65-1065
* Internet Download Manager 6.12 Build 26 (autogrubs links from
* Isobuster 3.0
* LookInMyPC 2.12-11-24
* MalwareBytes (updatable)
* MiniTool Power Data Recovery 6.6
* Mozilla Firefox 17.0.1
* Norton Ghost 11.5.1,
+ Ghost Cast Server
+ Ghost Image Explorer
* Outlook Express Backup 6.5
* Paragon Alignment Tool
* Paragon Hard Disk Manager server [8]
* Partition Wizard Server edition 7.6
* Passware Kit Enterprise 10.3.2585 (Crack any password). [7]
* PowerCmd 1.9 [11]
* PSPR 6.3.1 (Proactive System Password Recovery) [20]
* Raid Reconstructor 4.25 [21]
* Registry Workshop 4.6.0
* Rufus USB formater
* SD Formatter 3.1
* SkyIAR 1.2 Install ACHI/SATA/IDE controller drivers. [19]
* Terabyte
+ Image For Windows 2.7.7
+ Image Explorer (TBIView) 4.30.0
+ TBIMount 1.08
* TeraCopy 2.27
* Total Commander 8.01
* UltraISO Premium [17]
* USB Write Protector 1.2
* Windows Surface Scanner 2.0
* WinMount 3.5.1018
* WinNTSetup 2.3.1 Install Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/2003/2008
anywhere, fast, integrate drivers, include customizations.
* WinRar 4.01
* WXHexEditor 0.11 (Hex editor. Can handle Terabyte files/disks).
* WinHex 16.8 Advanced Hex Editor, Disk/Ram Editor
* WinKeyFinder 1.73
* +Many other minor updates (e.g. CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva,
etc.). We have tried to update to current versions as many of the
utilities as possible).

Installation Instructions and Important Notes

* Burn (preferably at the lowest possible speed) the iso image to a

dvd, insert the dvd in a computer and boot from it.
* For installation to USB read document usb-installation.pdf
* For keyboards other than English you can still apply Hiren's
keyboard patch.
* To add the forensics distro BackTrack, read document
* To reduce size of DVD to CD or to fit in a smaller GB USB stick
read file trim-dvd.txt
* Read document install-win-with-hbcd.pdf, a guide for how to
install windows from USB.
* Mini Windows XP and Mini Windows 7 run from RAM. If you start one
program after another you will soon run out of memory. So clean
the temp folder from time to time.
* The HBCD program launcher (and many portable utilities) are
incompatible with 64 bit Windows 7. Use them only within 32 bit
windows, Mini Windows XP and Mini Windows 7.


Kudos and thanks to:
* Ha Canh Son, for the idea and development of using WinMount for
running portable utilities in WindowsPE and for his numerous
tips, suggestions, testing and scripts.
* DimTam, for supplying many updates, testing, corrections and

Proteus. January 2013

Note on virus alerts

Compressed files such as Nirsoft.7z, Mix.7z and possibly others, may
contain utilities such as, commands which can alter registry or
system files, password scanners, ip sniffers, registry scanners etc.
These utilities, although are legitimate, are often employed by
trojans, malware, etc, and as such may raise erroneous virus alerts.
Although these utilities by themselves pose no real threat, if you
are concerned about this, you may delete them from the DVD/USB but
you will have reduced functionality. For example, without Nirsoft's
nircmd.exe Mini Windows will not function properly.
See also: http://www.hirensbootcd.org/faq/

Download Links


Peace and Enjoy

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Why Hiren Restored Edition do not have any updates any more? :(

Or, at least, update the last version to day...some programs are now ancient xDDDDD

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Part 1 can't be downloaded :( It stop at ~ 50%... tested from two different IP's :(

Edited by TestPoint
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Checkout hbcd-15.1-Restored-V2.0-dvd-proteus on google.

I've had it a good while and infact use it as USB bootable rather than dvd.

Edited by Dodel
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Part 1 can't be downloaded :( It stop at ~ 50%... tested from two different IP's :(

Here is a torrent :) Download speed > 19.1 MB/s :D


Why Hiren Restored Edition do not have any updates any more? :(

Or, at least, update the last version to day...some programs are now ancient xDDDDD

Hbcd-15.1-Restored-V2.0-dvd-proteus, use rufus to install to usb rather than dvd.


I've been running this for a while now, works perfectly.

Edited by Dodel
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Above is v15.2 v1.1 (JANUARY 2013) and the last is v15.1 v2.0 (MAY 2012)

So v15.2 is newer than 15.1 !!!

Do not post old versions if you don't know what are you posting !!!


I made a bootable USB stick from ISO with the latest version of Rufus using v15.2 Restored Edition 1.1 and it show me Hiren's Boot CD 15.2 only instead of the below screenshot :(


Why ? v15.1 Restored Edition 2.0 is working fine, but is too old (MAY 2012) :((

After booting it show me like this:



Is working fine, but you must write a DOS command before restarting windows.

Leave your USB Stick in the USB port the run the command prompt.

Example: X: is your USB Stick

In the console window type the command:


syslinux.exe -maf -d isolinux X:

Remember X: is your USB Stick :)

Restart the computer, the boot from the USB :)

Voila :) Now you have the real Hiren's Boot DVD 15.2 Restored Edition 1.1 - Proteus.

For more info read the USB Installation.pdf

Enjoy all ;)

Edited by TestPoint
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torrent link


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my link is working and tested just now

copy and paste into your browser > go

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well. there are so many useful bootcds/dvds/usb out there. i can't tell you what is the best cause i didn't use/test them all!

imho the best is a "do-it-your-self" boot dvd.

get a WinPe & add all the tools you need to it. WinPESE 8.1 is a good start for example (http://win81se.cwcodes.net/)

it can handle both bios & uefi & is bundled with some useful tools (customized one x64)

of course you can find other bootcds that fit to your needs. search nsaneforums & pick the one you want ,-)

a good one: http://www.nsaneforums.com/topic/250427-gandalfs-windows-10-pe-bootcd-x86x64-14082015/?hl=bootcd

take a look here too: http://www.nsaneforums.com/topic/247643-gandalfs-windows-81-x86-u1-pe-with-updateable-usb-portable-apps/

Edited by jordan4x
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my link is working and tested just now

copy and paste into your browser > go

I'm sorry to tel you that I tested it again and again isn't works.

here how is looks like


so many %. I replaced "%3a" by ":" and "%2f" by "/" still doesn't works

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you have to copy and paste my entire link, not just the part that you said ;)

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All links are dead :( Anyone can RE-up?


as stated above, it's quite old. direct link: http://cz-boot1.atlex.ru/iso/hbcd-15.1-Restored-V2.0-dvd-proteus.iso

Can you recommend a good alternative please?


oh, i forgot this one! thank you for reminding me ,-)

sergei has released an update but only in russian for now.

Link for russian users: http://www.sergeistrelec.ru/news/boot_usb_sergei_strelec_2015_v_8_4_win8_1_x86_x64_russkaja_versija/2015-10-19-231

Edited by jordan4x
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WinBuilder and Win8.1se are too hard to use.

I made 50 try unsuccessfully, there is always a new problem.

AOMEI PE Builder is a good alternative to make a WinPE iso, but it is plenty of bugs.

I wait for the next update with pleasure !

It is easier to make a multiboot USB Key or drive with Easy2boot.

Fast and simple to update the iso's.

Before Easy2boot i was using the great Hiren's Boot DVD 15.2 Restored Edition 1.1 from Proteus.

Before HBDVD i was using the original Hiren's Boot CD and Corporate Modboot.

But today all my CD and DVD are in my Sandisk Extreme 64 Gb USB key prepared with Easy2boot.

If there is best alternatives to Easy2boot i want to try them.

Edited by tester51
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