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InnoExtractor Final [Unpacker for Inno Setup-based installers]


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"Extract data from any Inno Setup installer"

InnoExtractor is a powerful tool that you can use to extract the internal files of Inno Setup installers.

The application can be useful if you don't have administrative privileges to run a setup pack, for example. It does not have a wide range of features available, but InnoExtractor can be easily figured out, even by less skilled users.

The app is wrapped in a user-friendly interface with an intuitive layout. You can load an executable file by using either the file browser or "drag and drop" method; its contents are automatically displayed in the main frame, and you can simply open a file, just like you normally would in Explorer.

These files can be extracted to a user-defined location and format, whether we are talking about a local folder, ZIP archive or SFX module.

Aside from locating a specific file, you can decrypt a password-protected Inno installer or view its properties (total files, size, compiler version, compression method, encryption status), disable the detection of embedded files, switch to a different language for the UI, as well as integrate InnoExtractor into the shell and empty the application cache.

InnoExtractor is low-demanding concerning the CPU and system memory, and it has a good response time. We have not come across any issues throughout our evaluation; the app did not hang, crash or display error notifications. Thanks to its intuitive features, InnoExtractor pleases the entire audience who prefers a straightforward method to extract files from Inno setup packs.



Download up-to-date installer (clean / toolbars free installer edition):






- Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1.

- Inno Setup-based installers.


- Added new powerful features: Dump the INI and Registry sections of the script of any Inno Setup installer and export it to a Windows Registry File (*.reg) and to Windows Initialization File (*.ini), respectively. These options are available in "File/Dump" menu. Also, these options are shown in the list as independent files ("dump_registry.reg" and "dump_initialization.ini"), respectively.

- Improved application interface: Changed toolbar buttons size; changed button images to 32x32 pixels and caption texts was added, like WinRAR toolbar style. Also now is possible to resize and maximize the form/window of the application. All these values, including current position of the form, are saved and stored in the file "Config.ini".

- Improved InnoExtractor Viewer: Now you can edit and save the content of the file in the same windows. in addition, you can to perform text searches in the opened document, resize and maximize the window and other actions.

- Improved History list: The icons of the installers are displayed with 32x32 pixels instead 16x16.

- Improved many other visual, such as Find bar, status bar, forms, and more.

- Improved saved configuration proceduresin the file "Config.ini".

- improved separate support for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1.

- Improved various internal issues of application: Performance, behavior and more.

- Improved application installer.

- Changed the way to get the decompiled code: This content is stored as independent file and is shown in the list as "dump_code.txt".

- Changed "Select All" and "About InnoExtractor" buttons functions of the toolbar to "View Script" and "Show Properties" procedures, respectively.

- Updated all language files and new sections was added. Some languages are incompleted for this version and needs to be translated.

- Fixed various bugs discovered on previous versions.

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