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Calibre 1.23 [07 Feb, 2014]


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download http://status.calibre-ebook.com/dist/win32

New Features
  • Edit Book: Highlight the closest surrounding tag when editing HTML/XML
  • Edit Book: Add a tool to easily change the current paragraph (the paragraph containing the cursor) to a heading. Simply click the button with 'H1' on it and choose the heading level you want the current paragraph changed to.
  • Edit Book: When running Replace All add a button to the replaced message to show exactly what changes were done and allow them to be undone
  • Edit book: When checking book, detect case mismatches between links and the filenames of the files they point to and offer to auto-correct the links
  • Adding books: Implement a copy to clipboard button for when duplicates are found during the adding process. Useful if you wish to review the list of duplicates later.

    Closes tickets: 1276918

  • Linux installer: Install appdata files for integration with software stores.

    Closes tickets: 1271974

  • Edit book: Auto add a checkpoint when the book is first opened for editing
Bug Fixes
  • Edit Book: Fix a bug in AZW3 support that could cause images/fonts to get mixed up when saving and re-opening the book multiple times.

    Closes tickets: 1276726

  • Edit Book: Fix individual find and replace not working in regex mode if the search expression uses lookbehind/lookahead operators
  • Compare books: Fix unchanged lines at the start of a change block being sometimes marked with a blue background, even though they contain no changes
  • Compare books: Fix incorrect scrolling when viewing all text and a large amount of text is present after the final change.
  • PDF Output: Fix a zero division error when the transformation matrix has a zero diagonal

    Closes tickets: 1277102

  • calibredb add_custom_column: Fix a spurious error message when adding custom columns caused by the new db backend
  • calibredb list: Fix error if one of the requested fields is empty for all requested books
  • calibredb set_metadata: Fix setting series_index with the -f argument not working
  • Markdown input: Fix handling of very large files.

    Closes tickets: 1212330

  • Edit book: Do not create savepoints when no changes are performed by automated tools such as smarten punctuation, remove unused css etc.
  • Edit Book: Fix a bug that would cause an error when a global operation like find/replace or polishing fails.

    Closes tickets: 1275366

  • Metadata download: Workaround edelweiss.com no longer being able to search by author name. Search only by titles and filter the results returned by edelweiss to only include matching authors.
  • HTML 5 parser: Preserve non-core namespace declarations on the <html> tag
  • Workaround broken file chooser dialog on Ubuntu that does not auto-insert the specified extension.

    Closes tickets: 1275125

  • Compare books: Fix error when previously different files become identical after beautifying
  • Edit Book: Fix subsetting embedded fonts not processing fonts included in a stylesheet that is itself referenced only by an @import rule
  • Edit Book: Fix the remove unused css tool changing the namespace prefix used for the XHTML namespace in the CSS sheet, if any
  • Conversion: Fix CSS selectors using the epub namespace being ignored
  • Compare books: Fix double clicking in the right panel not opening the correct file in the editor
New news sources
  • Disinformatico by isspro
  • Les Echos by Krittika Goyal
Improved news sources
  • Kathimerini
  • Cosmopolitan UK
  • wired.it
  • Gosc Niedzielny
  • New York Times Book Review
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