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Survey Finds Windows Phone May Overtake iPhone Sales in 2014


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By Surur January 29, 2014

What type of operating system will your next mobile phone have?

Rewards company Jana Mobile, who concentrates on emerging markets, has posted the results from their survey of 1500 panellists in 9 countries on their intent to buy regarding their next smartphone.
They found in quite a few countries interest in Windows Phone exceeded that of the iPhone. This was due to Nokia producing high quality low cost handsets less than $200, and Nokia’s strong brand in the emerging markets.
What brand of mobile phone will you buy next?

The above table shows the strength of the Nokia brand in many emerging markets, with the company often 1st or 2nd on the list of buyer preference.

They also found the Windows brand itself was a reason buyers wanted to buy a Windows Phone, with some users saying:
•“I want to use Windows on my next phone. I love to use Windows phones” (34, male, India)
•“It will outperform my previous mobile operating system” (34, male, Indonesia)
•“It is a smart operating system and is convenient for surfing the web” (25, male, Vietnam)
•“Conversant with windows and can sync with my PC” (45, male, Kenya)
•“I enjoy having Windows functions” (18, male, Nigeria)
•“I like the Windows brand” (24, male, Brazil)
•“It connects well with my PC” (22, male, Mexico)
•“Because Windows is a good operating system. It is easy to create emails and access the Internet more like a laptop does” (23, male, South Africa)

In their survey 74% of respondents said they plan to spend less than $200 on their next phone, putting handsets like the iPhone completely out of the picture.

Jana notes multiple low cost OEMs like Huawei, Micromax, and others are coming on board, which should help support the expansion of Windows Phone.

They conclude:

With multiple handsets priced below $200, and a swell of popularity in emerging markets, 2014 could be the year that Windows phone establishes itself as the second most popular smartphone OS worldwide.

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