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Nokia Lumia 525 goes on sale for $100 in China


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The recently announced Lumia 525 (a version of the Lumia 520 with 1GB RAM) has just made it to select markets putting an end to our guessing about its price. The surprise is that it's got an even more cutthroat pricing than the Lumia 520 right out of the gate.
Online Chinese phone retailer Tmall has priced the 525 at ¥629, which is the equivalent of around $100.
Amazon China, which sells both the Lumia 525 and Lumia 520 has the first listed as ¥699 ($115), making it the cheaper of the two despite its better specs.
These prices are very appealing, considering what buyers get: a 4-inch display with the latest Windows Phone 8 and 1GB RAM. The boost in RAM is perhaps the biggest draw of the 525 over its 520/521 counterparts. 1GB of RAM would allow users access to all of the apps in the Windows Phone marketplace (some high-profile apps won't run on any less than that). The expandable storage and the free voice-guided navigation are also very enticing.
There's no official date as to when the 525 will be made available in the US and Europe, but when it comes, we expect the phone to sell just as well, if not better, than the 520 and 521. (Note: Even though the picture at Tmall reads "520" the description indicates it is indeed the 525).
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Sounds a bit too good to be true, but if this really holds true in the rest of the developing world without any caveat (carrier lock, monthly contract etc.), then the low end Android market is as good as dead. Maybe Motorola/Google has to come up with a $99 Nexus Lite or Moto E (for Emerging markets) for Android to even think of competing against Nokia/WP8 for the attention of first time smartphone buyers, or as gifts for kids and the elderly. :)

Not that I mind though, even being an Android guy. More competition is always good, even if it comes from Redmond or Cupertino :p

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I don't think this should be a problem for Android, Motorolla has already started to provide lower end smartphones with the Moto G.

But I don't think its because of WP8's that is why they manufactured that phone. WP8 is not an Android competitor. (Which I think)

What MS should be doing is to hire/recruit more developers to develop hugely for WP's. In that way you can get the market.

I bet you 99.99% will choose Android over WP because of its availabilty to apps as compared to the struggles of Apps on the Windows Market despite the price is 2x/3x WP devices.

Or Windows Phone OS should be Opensource. <_<

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