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RealVNC Enterprise v5.0.6 + Viewer Plus v1.2.6


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RealVNC Enterprise v5.0.6 Incl Keygen TSZ

VNC is remote access and control software for an unrivalled mix ofWindows Mac UNIX and Linux computers With a simple peer-to-peerarchitecture no agents or centralized servers are required

Changelog v5.0.6

NEW: Support for Windows 8.1NEW: The AutoLogonOverride VNC Server parameter enables connected usersto hold down the Shift key while logging off in order to preventthe same user account being automatically logged back on


Cross-platform remote controlEnable connections to be established between computers running anunrivalled mix of Windows Mac OS X UNIX and Linux operating systemsVNC authenticationPrevent unauthorized access with a password specific to VNC. Notepasswords are always encrypted even if encryption is turned off or notsupported128-bit AES encryptionEncrypt connections using 128-bit AES for high performance encryptionThis means that all data transmitted in either direction whileconnections are in progress keystrokes and mouse movements made byusers; screen captures sent back in order to display the desktop areresistant to packet sniffing and tampering man-in-the-middle attacksand other malicious eavesdroppingSystem authenticationAuthorize users to connect using the already-familiar credentials oftheir own user accounts on a computer. Note passwords are alwaysencrypted even if encryption is turned off or not supportedOptimized performancePatented algorithms for encoding screen data enable the user experienceto be as seamless as your network connection will allowPrintingEnable connected users to print files directly to printers connected totheir own computersFile transferEnable connected users to transfer files in either direction and alsoshare with other users connected at the same timeChatEnable connected users to chat to other users connected at the sametime or with a host computer user256-bit AES encryptionEncrypt connections using ultra-secure 256-bit AES for ultra-highperformance encryption. This means that all data transmitted in eitherdirection while connections are in progress keystrokes and mousemovements made by users; screen captures sent back in order to displaythe desktop are resistant to packet sniffing and tamperingman-in-the-middle attacks and other malicious eavesdroppingSingle sign-on authenticationAutomatically authorize users to connect using the credentials they havealready entered to log on to their own computers. Note all computersmust be in a managed network environment with (for example) a Kerberosauthentication serverPowerful deployment toolWindows only (other platforms coming soon). Deploy install and licenseVNC on computers from a central location. Configure VNC from aManagement console (for example to change authentication or encryptionsettings) 

URL: http:www.realvnc.comOS : WinALLLANGUAGE : EnglishPROTECTION Candy: Keygen

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RealVNC Viewer Plus v1.2.6 Incl Keygen TSZ

VNC Viewer Plus is a premium version of VNC Viewer providingout-of-band KVM control for supported computers with Intel Core vProtechnology

Changelog v1.2.6

FIXED: An Intel AMT user who is a member of an Active Directory groupcan now authenticate automatically in a Kerberos networkenvironment


Computers with particular Intel Core vPro processors enjoy thebenefit of a VNC-compatible Server embedded directly onto the chipenabling permanent remote access and control. A RealVNC collaborationwith Intel’s ground-breaking hardware has produced VNC Viewer Plusable to connect even if the computer is powered off or has nofunctioning operating system. For more information download thedatasheet and see these use casesVNC Viewer Plus can also connect to VNC running in-band. Additionalbenefits from connecting in-band include file transfer printing chatand more. Protocol-compliant third party VNC projects may also acceptan incoming connection from VNC Viewer Plus 

URL: http:www.realvnc.comOS : WinALLLANGUAGE : EnglishPROTECTION Candy: Keygen

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