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7-Zip Portable - w/ShellExtension - PortableApps.comFormat


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I was inspired by mrpink, and oozy to integrate custom themes..

which i used to do by default..

Thanks to both of them for the kind words & inspiration :)

- Updated December 3, 2013...


CRC32: 2247DF30
2.50 MB (2,631,415 bytes)


CRC32: 989A75EB
758 KB (777,121 bytes)
Note: only compatible with nSane edition...
How to apply:

  • Install 7-ZipPortable
  • launch patcher.. if you have PortableApps directory.. it will auto-detect.. otherwise.. select 7-ZipPortable directory.
  • apply ...
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FYI: Found & fixed a bug in PAF Launcher which did not save settings if user is not admin!

- this caused an exorbitant amount of additional coding to get around, which caused poor performance for non-admins.

This fix should improve non-admin users' performance dramatically.

- especially when launching application.

* if you're a non-admin user.. i highly suggest updating.

If someone is close to PortableApps.com.. you might want to mention it to John T. Haller.

- it's a major bug. (probably why he chose NSIS vs. using PAF Launcher for his official version.)

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