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Calibre 1.1.0


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Calibre 1.1.0



New Features:
· Rewrite the HTML metadata parser to make it faster and more robust.
· Book list: When sorting on a currently unsorted column, use the last applied sort for that column, instead of always sorting in ascending order.
· PocketBook driver: Scan for books files in the entire device not just in the 'books' folder

Bug Fixes:
· Fix a regression in 1.0 that could cause the dates in custom date-type columns to change in some timezones when using the edit metadata dialog to make unrelated changes.
· When replacing formats in a book with a very long title+authors on windows, calibre could leave behind the old format file, because the filename shortening algorithm has changed. Handle that case.
· Fix content server giving an error if you return to the top level page after using the virtual libraries.
· Fix calibredb not updating the running calibre instance properly in 1.0
· Fix a regression in 1.0 that broke splitting of multiple valued field like tags into many items during a rename.
· Fix a regression in 1.0 that caused an error when trying to set values for tags with the same item repeated, with different case.
· Fix a regression that broke downloading news when output format is set to PDF
· Creating a catalog with an already existing catalog in the library would cause a temporary duplicate entry in the book list. Also fix the author sort for catalogs generated in the AZW3 format not being correct.
· EPUB metadata: When changing the title in an EPUB 2.0 file that has multiple titles, remove the extra titles.
· Fix a regression in 1.0 that caused Search and Replace in the bulk metadata edit dialog to be much slower than before
· Fix a regression in 1.0 that caused incorrect sorting and searching on some composite columns (columns built from other columns).
· Fix a regression in 1.0 that prevented the moving of libraries inside calibre
· Virtual Library tabs: If the user activates a hidden tab via the Virtual Library button, change the name of the All Books tab to reflect the hidden virtual library.
· Ignore text records in the database that are damaged, instead of erroring out. Lets the rest of the data be used.
· Fix regression that broke calibredb catalog when sorting on the id field.
· HTML Input: Handle malformed OPF files when converting.
· Ensure that the Formats custom column (if present) is updated when a new format is created as a result of a conversion.
· Fix a bug in 1.0 that broke the Check Library function on computers with non-English locales.
· Content server: Fix blank username causing error on startup.
· Fix sorting of book list by multi-valued fields like tags not correct in the new backend.

New news sources:
· VFR Magazine by Krittika Goyal

Improved news sources:
· Daily Mirror

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