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3x invites Iptorrents


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I am willing to giveaway 3 IPT (Iptorrents) ^_^

I don't want to get banned by giving invites to irresponsible person. :huh:

Requirements to get the invite from me:

1. must be active in nsane with min 50 posts B)

2. must be at 1 month old in nsane -_-

3. post your ratio here from any other private torrent site you have :wub:

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IPT is very good all-round. I was using Torrentleech (also very good) before I got into IPT, now I rarely use TL.

They have a lot of "freeleech" torrents on large files which is great.

They have weird rules like no swearing, yet they have porn uploads, and a huge banner that takes up too much space.

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Be careful about giving IPT invites out publically

If a power user allows his ratio to drop below 1.05 the system will automatically demote them and remove all invites. Once the user gets their ratio back above 1.05 the system will automatically promote and you will get 1 invite.
  1. What are Invites for and how can i use them?
    Invites are for giving to people you know and trust. If you invite a cheater you could also be banned. The sale of invites to this site is strictly forbidden and results in both the inviter and invitee losing their accounts. If you come across an auction from someone claiming to have permission to sell invitations to this site, it's a lie. Do not believe positive feedback ratings; if you buy an invite, we will know about it and you will lose your account.
  2. How does this invite thing work anyway?

    User Class How to get invites
    No invites will granted
    Power User
    1 invite/month + upon donation more will be granted
    5 invite/month + upon donation more will be granted
    3 invite/month + upon donation more will be granted
    If an invite is not confirmed within a few days message the help desk. Mention the email address you sent the invite to and staff will delete it and add the invite back to your unused total.

    Note: Hotmail accounts might have problems receiving invites.

    You can view how many given/available invites by going to your "User details" page and looking at the number next to "Given"/"Available." To invite someone select "Available", enter an email/message on the following page, and press "Invite!" A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you have entered and the person will be given 3 days to confirm it.

  3. Can invites be traded for upload gb?
    No, in the past this was done but not anymore. Invites are important since you can invite your friends into the site now that we are invite only.
  4. I was demoted to user, Where did my invites go?

Just a heads up for all of you.

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