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Process Lasso


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32bit : http://bitsum.com/files/processlassosetup32.exe

64bit : http://bitsum.com/files/processlassosetup64.exe

Changes : Addition GUI Added new log filter for easy searching and filtering of the displayed process log entries Fix GUI Fix a user reported crash Fix InstallHelper Fix minor cosmetic issue when upgrading from very old versions and the core engine is configured as a service Fix Core Fix average historical process CPU utilization as shown in termination log events could be represented as '1.#J', a floating point notation Fix Core Crash dumps disabled in final build Change Core Refactored more highly trafficked code blocks for increased efficiency Change Core Improved error handling on log write failure Change Core After so many sequential non-sharing errors while trying to write to the log, give up for the duration of the instance Change GUI Improve graph tooltip text alignment within window Change GUI Remove an unnecessary refresh/repaint of the graph legend Change GUI

Set elevation state to true when the user checks 'Manage processes of all users', so that the user doesn't have to toggle both

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