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LastPass Password Manager 2.0.26

Mr Orus

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LastPass Password Manager is a free password management program that makes web browsing easier and more secure. It is available as a plugin for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari. Passwords in LastPass Password Manager are protected by a master password and are encrypted locally and are synchronized to any other browser. The program also has a form filler that automates password entering and form filling. The software also allows you to easily create a LastPass account and import your existing passwords. LastPass Password Manager also supports password generation, site sharing and site logging. LastPass Password Manager offers a premium subscription (for only $1 per month) that includes iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, WebOS and Symbian applications, enhanced support, multi-factor authentication and no advertisements. Protect yourself against phishing scams, online fraud, and malware.

LastPass Enterprise offers true Single Sign On capability to your organization. It allows your users a simple and secure method to login to both websites and applications. It is browser neutral, and platform agnostic. Powerful centralized administration tools allow you to manage, control, and audit end user actions. Simply put, LastPass Enterprise is SSO done the right way.
Designed and built from the ground up by an experienced team of highly-talented developers, LastPass Enterprise finally delivers on the long-desired — but rarely delivered — promise of Enterprise SSO. LastPass Enterprise brings a new technical approach to Single Sign-On, designed and delivered the way YOU have always envisioned it.

Changes in LastPass Password Manager 2.0.26 – June 7th 2013 — Firefox:
# New: Weak and duplicate password notifications in Firefox.
# New: Awesome Bar Autocompletion integration, now matches Chrome (Open a new tab and type: lp sitename) quick searching your vault to login to sites.
# New: Binary speedup for PBKDF2 calculation on Firefox Mobile.
# Resolved: Firefox 22 change broke loading of binary component.
# Resolved: Firefox 23 broke autofill functionality.
# Resolved: No more erroneous (N) on notification bar.
# New Enterprise Feature: Secure note logging.
# Improved Enterprise Feature: Link personal account now present in local vault.

Homepage – https://lastpass.com

Size: 10.5 MB

Download Installer 32bit

Download Installer 64bit

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