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FrostWire 5.6.0 Build 2 Beta


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Changes in FrostWire 5.6.0:
* New Application Header.
* Search is the core feature of the app, now there’s a single search box in the application, depending on the context it will search the internet (soon locally WiFi shared files by FrostWire instances, desktop or android), or your local Library files.
* Improved unicode support
* Now we let you know something we always did, FrostWire always searches for all kinds of files, in the past this wasn’t obvious. See the number of search results per file type shown at the top of the search results, click on those buttons to show the found files for that type.
* Now the upper search box can be used to search within the library, something that wasn’t very obvious in the past.

Download : http://dl.frostwire.com/frostwire/5-beta/frostwire-5.6.0.build2.windows.exe

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Are you cereal? Isn't frostwire a malware? Or at least,it was used to be a companion 'product' of limewire.

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