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How fast is your internet speed?


how fast is your DSL speed?  

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  1. 1. how fast is your DSL speed?

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On 5/21/2020 at 9:11 AM, PLASMA said:

Not so happy....had to downgrade my internet contract....



That's great speed, i wish such speed was available in my country!!!!

What internet subscription did you sign up for ? and how much do you pay to have this speed ? is it fiber ?

You say that you downgraded your internet contract ? why did you downgrade ? and what was your original internet contract ? how much did you pay for it ?

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I have FTTH 1gb simetric fiber Vodafone. Spain.

Pretty well this morning . All details remained unchanged.  

1000 MBit/s both ways and very happy with it

Is this a private contract?

My ISP only offers 50Mbit Upload max with 1GBit Down, which kinda sucks.. I think there would be a lot more possible since we have FTTB. A symetric connection should not be a problem with these conditions. So basically restricted by some obsolete policies to not offer better upload speeds

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20 Mbps FTTH. (ISP also offers 30 and 50 Mbps plans and soon 100 Mbps). U$S 20.53/month.



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Now is 10Mbps paid. Received average around 8 Mbps DSL provider.

Tried 16 Mbps but have serious intermittent internet dropping connection. ISP recommended to return to 10Mpps. So far so good, but only 10Mbps. For he price I am paying it is reasonable for me.

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Happy with this speed... its ok for Home use.... or else like a noob unnecessary will get addict of downloading...downloading & downloading

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How depressing! There I was until just happy that I have since a few days suddenly about 8 Mbps more speed when downloading and then I see here values of over 1000 Mbps! Unfortunately, it does not go faster here at the moment. Therefore, my 56 Mbps will have to do for now.

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What crazy ass third world options are these? DSL? Wut?
10Mb/s in 2020, seriously?

I think I had 10Mb/s internet around 2006/2007 with DOCSIS cable.

Imagine still being on DSL technology, over a freaking phone line in the age of 5G and AI.. What a blast from the past.

I am on fiber now with about 850Mb/s up and 500Mb/s down. Most of the time the internet servers are affecting the actual speeds you get at this point

so unless your transferring files via p2p or via fast servers chances are you aren't seeing much of a benefit going beyond gigabit speeds.

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