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Sysinternals Suite (2013-05-16)


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Sysinternals Suite (2013-05-16)


AccessChk v5.11: AccessChk, a command line utility for

dumping the effective permissions and security descriptors for files, registry

keys, processes, tokens, object manager objects, now prefixes Windows 8

application container SIDs with the word “Package”, and includes minor several

bug fixes.

Procdump v6.0: Procdump is an advanced utility for

capturing process memory dumps based on a variety of triggers including CPU

usage, memory usage, performance counter values, and exceptions. Version 6.0 is

a major upgrade that adds the ability to specify multiple filters, attach to a

process by service name, and display/filter on the message text of a CLR or

JScript exception.

RAMMap v1.22: RAMMap is a graphic utility that shows

the breakdown of physical memory usage across different dimensions. This

release fixes a bug that could cause a crash when accessing the cached files

page when a cached file’s name exceeded a certain length.

Strings v2.51: This update to Strings, a command-line

utility that prints a file’s embedded Unicode and ASCII strings, fixes a signed

file offset printing bug.

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