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Google shows off new Google Maps


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Google showed off a new version of its Maps platform today, featuring an updated design, Google Earth integration and many other features. Preview invites are set to go out tomorrow.


While some details about the next version of Google Maps leaked out on the Internet ahead of today's Google I/O keynote, the company did confirm that it will be offering some members of the public a chance to check out those new features starting tomorrow.


The Google Maps presentation confirmed that the new version will include satellite pictures that were taken originally for Google Earth. However, the keynote expanded on those reports to show that Google Maps can expand its view to show the entire planet from space, complete with real time clouds.

The Earth in Google Maps can also be rotated to show the night side of the planet, with glowing lights of cities. The stars in the background are also all in their correct positions relative to Earth.

Members of the general public can go ahead and sign up for the preview of the new Google Maps right now. The company also confirmed that it will be adding more and better recommendations for locations on a map, a way for people to upload their own images that could be used in Google Maps, and the retirement of the sidebar in favor of a new search bar inside the map.

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