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WinRAR 5.00 Beta 3

Tyan Tiger

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Tyan Tiger

WinRAR 5.00 Beta 3

   Version 5.00 beta 3   1. Fixed XZ archive support, which did not work in beta 2.   2. "Convert" command did not allow to use compression dictionaries      exceeding 4 MB.   3. If both encryption password and archive comment were specified      when creating RAR archive, archive comment was not added.   4. "View as Unicode (UTF-8)" command in internal viewer did not work,      so UTF-8 files were displayed correctly only if their encoding      was detected by viewer automatically.   5. Maximum compression dictionary size when running in Windows XP x86      is reduced to 128 MB. WinRAR cannot allocate enough memory to      create archives with 256 MB dictionary in Windows XP x86.   6. Corrections in relative path processing, such as "..\arcname.rar" name      in archiving dialog or "WinRAR foldername" in the command line.



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