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AIMP 3.50 Build 1247 Beta 3


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AIMP 3.50 Build 1247 Beta 3

AIMP v3.50 Build 1247 Beta 3 (10.04.2013) + General: Added support for the pan gesture lists

- Fixed: The installer launches the installed applications as administrator

- Fixed: Station directory - error when closing a window during startup list

- Fixed: Scheduler - Error using playlist as a ringtone for the alarm clock

- Fixed: Player - in some cases the wrong plays music in tracker formats - Plays only samples

- Fixed: Player - a list of hot keys are not redrawn after the removal of the combination with the keyboard

- Fixed: Player - Error when trying to play Audio CD autorun menu

- Fixed: Player - Error when moving a file with Drag-n-Drop from the drop down window with a tab in the third-party application

- Fixed: Playlist - the file name is cut while keeping the tracklist in some cases

- Fixed: Playlist - the list does not scroll when the quick search to the desired track, if it is in a collapsed group

- Fixed: Skin engine - error when trying to detach the tray-control from the edge of the screen

- Fixed: Skin engine - visibility is not stored containers with elements

- Fixed: Audio Library - the songs in your library file can not be deleted

- Fixed: Audio Library - do not update the cache files were deleted from the table

- Fixed: Minor errors and omissions

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