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Avant Browser 2013 Build 21 Final


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Avant Browser 2013 Build 21 Final




Avant Browser 2013 build 21, Released 3.11.2013

[update]firefox engine:19.0.2

[update]chrome engine:25.0.1364.160

[Fix]print preview problem under IE engine

[Fix]roboform:couldn't fill form using content menu

[Fix]some focus problem

[Fix]close tab problem when using different ways to open tabs

[Fix]Avant covered the taskbar when in maximize state

[Fix]Avant frame did not respond under certain situation

[Fix]link tooltip didn't show up sometimes under IE engine

[Fix]three buttons missed under full screen/desktop mode

[Fix]detach tab problem

[Fix]the auto hided taskbar didn't pop up sometimes

[Fix]taskbar didn't pop up when pressing Windows key under full screen mode
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