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Google Chrome 25.0.1364.87 Stable


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Release Highlights:

  • Updated Flash to 11.6.602.169
  • HTML5 Content Decryption Module (CDM) with WebM support
  • Extended Desktop Mode (multi-monitors) now supported
  • App Launcher now supports re-ordering
  • Intelligent Window positioning (if you don't manually move your windows, we will arrange them to show you more at all times)
  • Tap dragging is now a user preference.
  • Encrypted Media Extensions are enabled by default
  • Modifications to the system tray to display accessibility options.
  • Improved accessibility controls in the status area, out of box experience, and login page
  • Numerous crash fixes, stability improvements, security enhancements, and more

might Staff or Mod have a look and provide download page for stable

They never fix little bug while updating via "About Google Chrome". It still shows 0%..... :)


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  1. Moved to Frontpage Updates.
  2. Thread closed.
  3. Credited on frontpage. :)
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