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Posted ImageOnline Armor personal firewall protects your computer’s internet connection (inbound connections and outbound connections), stops unknown programs from running and detects keyloggers – plus lots more! Online Armor is a full security system for your computer, but has been designed to be very easy to use. You can check out its features in detail by looking at the menu on the left. In standard mode, most decisions are made completely automatically based on Online Armor’s whitelist – meaning that you never need answer a complex firewall prompt again. Online Armor firewall is designed to be easy to use, right out of the box – but that doesn’t mean it lacks in power. Slip into advanced mode, and additional options for power users are present. Import blacklists from bluetak directly into the firewall and apply them against rules. This allows protection of P2P programs or web browsers, without applying these lists against every connection.You can also use this feature to block countries or networks known to host malware, zombies or other dangerous content.

If you want to limit the connectivity of your computer to known systems (for example, VNC to your home computer from the office network only) you can restrict it in Online Armor easily. You can also restrict connections by country (“Don’t allow connections to this country”) or, alternatively, only open up certain countries (“Only allow my browser to connect to sites in the USA or Australia”).

There are two different versions of Online Armor Firewall available.

Online Armor FREE is our powerful windows firewall – the only FREE firewall to offer 100% leak protection out of the box! It’s easy to use, powerful – and completely free. Online Armor is straightforward, and simple to use.

Online Armor includes powerful “HIPS” functions, which give you the ability to stop all unrecognised programs from running on your computer unless you say so, making it possible to protect yourself against these new attacks. Of course, programs Online Armor knows are safe will be allowed to run, no problem.

This is different to a pure Antivirus program – these let any program run, unless they know it is a virus. This means that it must have that that exact threat in its database before it can do anything about it. Your antivirus will completely ignore programs it does not recognise – which unfortunately includes new viruses.

Online Armor – like Online Armor FREE, Online Armor is also a powerful windows firewall – and also offers 100% leak protection right out of the box. It is easy to use, and powerful just like it’s free cousin.

Online Armor combines all of the features you’d expect from a personal firewall, plus adds several useful enhancements. Online Armor’s advanced mode lets you adjust the firewall settings precisely to your liking, import blacklists. If you perform transations online, Online Armor’s banking mode protects you by only allowing you to go to legitimate bank websites.

Online Armor also provides powerful protection against keystroke records and even filters your email messages to weed out banking scams. While you’re surfing the web, Online Armor filters web pages that you visit to remove potentially dangerous content. If you choose to purchase Online Armor, you’ll receive a lot of extra benefits over the already powerful free version.

• Easy to use

• Light on Pop-ups

• Doesn’t slow down your PC

• Personal Firewall

• Online Banking Protection

• Identity Theft Protection

• Safe Browsing

• Prevent Spyware

• Remove Spyware

• DNS Checker

• Hosts Checker

• Autoruns Management

• Tamper Protection

• Keylogger Detection

• Mail Filter

• Web Filter

Online Armor runs on Windows XP SP3 (32bit), Vista SP2 (32bit) and Windows 7 (32bit & 64bit).

Changes in Online Armor

* DLL hijacking protection – added

* Known trust status copying (from rule(s) for the same program in different locations)

* Several repeated popups – fixed

* License extension handling – fixed

Homepage http://www.emsisoft.com

Size: 28.2 MB

Download Online Armor FREE

Download Online Armor Premium Trial

Download Online Armor ++ Trial

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