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HyperSnap v7.16.00


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HyperSnap v7.16.00


Changes/new features:

- Display pixel size of the blinking rectangle during Window capture

- End region capture with 'C' key to copy color code (crosshair stage) or size (outline rectangle stage)

- Added an option for turning text smoothing off and on again for text and callout items.

- Changed the way Copy in HTML format works. Now if the image was previously saved in GIF/JPEG/PNG format, (including Quick Save upon new capture) and not modified, that file will be used in HTML code. Otherwise,

- a temporary file will be generated as before, but this time taking into account the format specification last used under File/Save As... - if that format was GIF or JPEG or PNG. Else HyperSnap auto-selects GIF or PNG.


- Move or delete selection - clears to background color but ignores transparency (alpha).

- Make a freehand selection and finish it, cursor still in freehand selection mode - Del and BS keys don't clear selected area.

Download setup:


Frontpaged license from SupaSta still works

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