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Sandboxie v3.66 Final


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Sandboxie v3.66 Final

These are the changes to Sandboxie since version 3.64.

This version is primarily a compatibility release which resolves a few recent issues:

Improved compatibility with Google Chrome and Firefox plugin for Firefox version 11.

Improved compatibility with Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer.

Improved compatibility with SpyShelter, Kaspersky PURE

Improved compatibility ASUS CapsHooks, UltraRecall, Wacom Tablet devices.

New write-only feature:

Files and registry keys outside the sandbox can be hidden, similar to the closed paths feature.

Programs in the sandbox can create new files or registry keys within the write-only locations.

For more information, please see Resource Access Settings.

Improved compatibility with Windows 7 taskbar:

Programs in sandbox will display the sandbox name when right-clicking the task bar button.

Windows which belong to programs in different sandboxes will not be combined into the same task bar button.

A middle-click on the task bar button will start a copy of the program in the same sandbox.


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