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WinPatrol v24.1.2012.0


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WinPatrol v24.1.2012.0


Delayed Start

While not everyone had the same experience some folks reported that Delayed Start was no longer working with WinPatrol 2012

This update will resolve this error and give back one of your favorite features.

Hidden Files 64 bit

This update also helps fix a bug in the display of hidden files on 64 bit versions of Windows. It doesn't affect any other versions and has no impact unless you're using Windows 64 bit version. You'll know you have Windows 64 bit if you notice the you have both a Program Files folder and one called Program Files (x86).




Site: http://www.mediafire.com/

Sharecode: ?e2ci284uhyae4j0 [?]

Tested/working. Registration is saved OK unlike with keygen from AT4RE. Also less false positives.

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