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Notepad++ 5.9.7 (updated 2012-01-03)


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Notepad++ 5.9.7 (updated 2012-01-03)





Notepad++ v5.9.7 new features and fixed bugs:

1. Add drag and drop capacity in Project Manager (only inside of Project Manager).

2. Add "Move Up" (Ctrl+Up) and "Move Down" (Ctrl+Down) commands in Project Panel.

3. Edit Zone border can be customizable via "Editing" tab of Preferences dialog.

4. Fix an aesthetic problem in incremental search bar.

5. Fix "Save all" GUI bug.

6. Make plugins in "%APPDATA%\Notepad++\plugins\" override les plugins in Notepad++ installation directory. (Plugins loading from %APPDATA%\Notepad++\plugins\ is enabled only if "NPP_INSTALLED_DIR\Notepad++\allowAppDataPlugins.xml" is present)

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Thanks for the update. Added the update to the current posting. Kaspersky does not report anything with this.

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