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O&O Defrag Pro 15.0 Build 99 (x32/x64)


O&O Defrag puts is a replacement for the standard Windows defragmenter, that offers a much advanced set of features. It puts fragmented files together and maximizes your system speed and offers five different defragmentation strategies, as well as OneButtonDefrag technology for automatic adjustment of the settings best fitting for your system. The program can defragment drives manually, or fully automatic in the background, keeping your system at peak performance by avoiding build-up of file fragmentation. Defragmentation jobs can also be scheduled, using various criteria. Additional features include status reports, cluster inspector, command line interface, optional MMC integration, boot time defragmentation, special support for mobile systems and more. Due to the fact that the hard disk is the slowest component of a computer, its optimization is an especially important issue. By using O&O Defrag, files can be read and written much more quickly.

What at first seems to be lost performance can easily be rediscovered and realized again with O&O Defrag, giving you the peace of mind that your hardware is in good health and operating optimally. Performance gains of up to 100% are not uncommon!

In the new version of O&O Defrag, you can now see what the program does for your system thanks to graphics and statistics, which give you a before-and-after Defrag contrast!

Basic functions:

• Performance increases of up to 100%

• Prevents new fragmentation efficiently in advance

• Organizes related file fragments on your hard drive

• Faster system and program starts

• Extends the life of your hardware

• Speeds up your Internet browser

• Increases the chances of recovering lost data

• Automatic defragmentation in the background

• Speeds up your backup and restoration processes

• Defragmentation of your PC at the push of a button

Advanced Settings:

• Defrag multiple drives simultaneously

• Adapts itself to system load (O&O Activity Guard)

• Vendor-independent optimization of solid state drives (SSDs)

• Classification of drives into zones (Optional)

• Execution of Windows commands (Batches)

• Defragments individual files and directories

• A total of eight defragmentation methods

• Defragmentation during startup and at runtime

• Automatic check for new versions

• Power Management for Notebooks

• Assistant to schedule regular defragmentation

• Screensaver mode defragments in your absence

• Support for USB sticks and memory cards

Evaluation and analysis functions

• Display of fragmentation levels

• Display of the most fragmented files

• Before-and-after display and statistics

• Dynamic block view during defragmentation

• Detailed report management

• Suitable for Windows 7, Vista and XP

Homepage - http://www.oo-software.com



Download Link


O&O Defrag Pro 15.0 Build 99 x32 + reg ZWT

Download: Site: http://www.mirrorcreator.com/

Sharecode: /files/EQKARG2M/setup_x32_15.0_Build_99.rar_links [?]

O&O Defrag Pro 15.0 Build 99 x64 + reg ZWT

Download: Site: http://www.mirrorcreator.com/

Sharecode: /files/1JJ1ZFT3/setup_x64_15.0_Build_99.rar_links [?]

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Site: Multiupload

Sharecodes: /BS7K6JTI4K


Site: Multiupload

Sharecodes: /7ZCGN9363K




³°³ SOFTWARE NAME : O&O Defrag Professional v15.0.99






³°³ RELEASE DATE : 2011-11-09 ³ PACKER : TEAM Z.W.T


³°³ LANGUAGE : English ³ SiZE : 05 x 5.00MB


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Windows' disk defragmentation tool is an old workhorse that recent upgrades haven't really improved. In fact, more than a few users were disappointed that the strangely mesmerizing block-by-block progress display had vanished from newer versions. You can get the old view back and much more with O&O Defrag Professional, a powerful automatic utility that can not only improve your system's performance by defragmenting data but also keep it running smoothly by preventing data fragmentation before it happens even as it runs unnoticed in the background.

The software's installation wizard lets you make Defrag Pro your system's default defragmentation tool; you can also deselect background defragmentation when you first run the program. An attractive, businesslike dialog is built around an updated, fully customizable version of the classic data-block display. Clearly labeled icons are grouped by function, and there's an extensive disk information list as well as tabbed selections for both the software's features and the main display. The Jobs and Reports feature simplifies both scheduling and reporting results, compared with the built-in Windows tool. Defrag Pro's most significant departure from the Windows utility may well be its Background Defragmentation feature. With this feature enabled, Defrag Pro manages data as its written to the disk, which keeps it from becoming fragmented in the first place. Unlike past programs designed to run in the background, Defrag Pro didn't seem to slow things down. The acid test of a defrag utility is how well it cleans up your disks. Defrag Pro offers three levels of defragmentation, Optimize, Optimize/Quick, and Optimize/Complete. The disk analysis and error checking stages were noticeably quicker than the Windows tool, and a roughly 5 percent fragmented, 150GB primary partition hosting a copy of Vista took mere minutes to completely defragment.

Regular disk defragmentation can keep your system running fast and smooth, but the Windows tool takes so long that many users don't take advantage of it, even with scheduling. Defrag Pro's speed, flexibility, and ease of use combined with its unique ability to prevent data fragmentation answers every shortcoming.



Setup here :


(please note : the current version displayed was 15.0.73 but don't worry the latest version is in the link)

Keygen here: (32 and 64 bit )

site : http://www.multiupload.com

sharecode : /B4FJGJ0185

(rar password was "nsane" without quotation for antivirus not to false alarm about this keygen ... it was LZO)

Changelog not yet displayed cos it's too early update

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The setup file on the O&O servers is still 15.0.73. When it will be updated to 15.0.99, please post here and we will update the listing.

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