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Passware Kit Enterprise 11.1/ Forensic 11.1

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In other words, we list only paid / full version of this particular software, that hasn't released / leaked yet. When it does, the frontpage will be updated with it. Moreover, if you have the links for the full version for this version, feel free to share it here. :)

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I'm informing, also, saying that even you can share it here (for frontpaging) if you have it before us. ;)

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Site: http://www.multiupload.com/

Sharecode: DJAPOBB54A [?]

thanks to sternog

can't test it sad internet speed.

If you're referring to how it downloads, WOW.

I, actually, may have a biased result, as my [FSC] account is premium and I'm running on 16Mbps down. (Gigabit / DOCSIS 3.0-compliant modem.)

However, with those settings, multi-upload worked like a gem and FSC got the whole thing to me in under 20 seconds. With regular LAN access/speed, I'd estimate less than 3 minutes. (Also once your timer finishes counting-down for a non-premium account. I can only speak on behalf of MU/US/WU/FSC, as those are the ones I use. RS is also fast as free.) F**k hotfile.



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Also, ANYTHING related to this will always e wanted here (if thaat's what you're asking for.)

This is a hot app., especially this "edition," and that's absolutely awesome what you said about the latest version and exclusivity.

For some reason, more & more places (not sure why) are REQUIRING their downloaders to get some sort of Xieve or Brute-Forcer program, as finding the RAR code isn't as easy as the old/usual criteria.

Files_Tube and other like sites include the source blog or site or whatever, but that doesn't always help.

I recommend downloading (JDownloader's) "RAR PASSLIST" .txt from FilesTube.com.

I believe "hulikanza" may be a name with it.

It's simply a text file, as said above, with JDownloader.org's list of RAR Passwords found & used to-date (as of, say, 08/2011.)

Feed those into a program like this somehow if you can. It's at LEAST some sort of start.

For those who need RAR passwords, always try the following:

(usual criteria, that is)

- site you got it from like: www.downloads4me.com, or like downloads4me, or downloads4me.com

- uploader's name (after the name of file):

file is called Movie_Title_RePaCk-NFO-FiLe - try these to unlock it: NFO, NFO-FiLe, nfofile, (etc.)

- common upload and re-up sites (www.dl4all.com, with the www,) (andystonecold,) (freeandfull,) (freeandfull.blogspot.com,)

or others. I keep track / keep a list, as I watch for certain uploaders.

- simple, easy stuff that you'd be VERY surprised people still use from time to time: password, pass, RAR, rarpass, (or the filename)

I hope this helps at least one person save a little time.

BTW, if your RAR (if that's the target file type, that is, or ZIP,) and program detects THREE or less characters, use RAR Password Recovery Magic (not the Release Candidate / RC version, just reg.,) as it's VERY quick adn gets the short passwords faster than Passware.


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