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FrostWire 5.2.8 Final


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FrostWire 5.2.8 Final


frostwire (5.2.8) stable; urgency=high

* Smart search updates uses less DHT resources and fixes logic bugs

that results into faster and better search results.

* New Internet Radio functionality on the Library. Play, Add, Remove

and bookmark your favorite Internet Radio Stations.

* Book/Document search now crawls for .cbr, .cbz, .cb7, .cbt and .cba

file formats.

* New "Show in Library" action for finished transfers. It is now the

default action when a finished transfer has been double clicked.

* Clicking on the currently played audio control should always take

the user to the currently played audio file.

* Top Library tree nodes re-arranged.

* When downloading a single partial file, the transfer manager shows

the proper icon based on the file type of the file being downloaded.

* Add partial downloads, and multiple transfers that contain audio files

to playlists right from the transfer manager.

* The library can now be configured to scan any folder the user desires.

* Files can be added to playlists right out of search results.

* New explore action button on the Library tab.

* New send to friend action button on the Library tab.

* Faster loading of Finished Downloads.

* Library search behaves as expected for all kinds of searches.

* A lot of bug fixes.

-- FrostWire Team <[email protected]> Mon, 7 Nov 2011 17:02:29 -0500

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