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  1. An IT researcher who hacked the recently released Nintendo Game & Watch allowing it to play additional games is feeling the corporate presence of the Japanese gaming giant on YouTube. After publishing a hacking video on the platform, someone working for Nintendo issued a curious and relatively rare manual Content ID copyright claim to have it taken down. Using any amount of copyrighted content in a YouTube video can result in a claim by a copyright holder, even when fair use exceptions should be applicable. This type of action is often t
  2. How to browse hashtags on YouTube Google introduced a change to its YouTube video site this week that brings dedicated hashtag pages to the site. Hashtags are used by video publishers to label content; a tech video could get the hashtag #tech, a video about finance the #finance tag. You could search for hashtags previously on the site, but the search results returned matching videos, those with the hashtag, and videos that YouTube's algorithm determined to be related to the query. An option to only browse videos and channels with a specified hashtag was missing until no
  3. ‘Dracula’, ‘Frankenstein’, and Other Classic Universal Monster Movies Will Briefly Be Available for Free on YouTube This Month If you made a movie-related New Years resolution to catch up on some old horror classics, here’s some good news: Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, and several more classic Universal monster movies will be available to stream on YouTube for free later this month. Find out when you can stream these titles – and when they’ll once again disappear like a bat on a foggy night. NME (via Bloody-Disgusting) reports that seven mov
  4. This Cat Betrayed His Girlfriend just funniest vid ever! If we could refrain from using quotes in replies here pls?
  5. Looking for YouTube's Autoplay option? Google moved it! Google released updates for the company's YouTube application for Android and Apple's iOS operating system recently. One of the changes of the update moved the autoplay toggle; it is now displayed in the media player. YouTube users who use the web version, e.g. on a desktop operating system such as Windows, will get the same change. Google is rolling it out currently to all users who access YouTube on the web. Most users should see a prompt the next time they play a video on the site stating "loo
  6. The creator of popular TV show Cheaters is now engaged in legal action to prevent the series from being viewed on YouTube illegally. Targeting more than two dozen channels that uploaded episodes, lawyers for Bobby Goldstein Productions wants YouTube to hand over their identities and an account of the profits generated. With millions of users uploading huge quantities of content every day, YouTube is the largest video platform on the planet. Of course, not all of this content is licensed for upload and as a result, YouTube regularly finds its
  7. Facebook and YouTube detailed their anti-piracy measures during a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property hearing yesterday. To the frustration of lawmakers, Twitter was noticeably absent. The RIAA had little positive to say about the social media platform either, accusing it of doing nothing to stop "industrial-scale" piracy on its network. At the same time, domain registrars were accused of protecting pirates. The US Senate’s Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property is looking for better ways to tackle the ever-present threat of online
  8. Germany's Federal Court of Justice has ruled that YouTube does not have to hand over the email or IP addresses of users who uploaded pirated movies to the platform. The decision is part of a long-running case that saw three YouTube users upload Scary Movie 5 and Parker to the site resulting in thousands of views in breach of copyright. With more than two billion logged-in users every month, YouTube is the world’s most dominant video platform. Every day people watch over a billion hours of videos, together generating billions of views. Over t
  9. Major online course provider Udemy has used the DMCA to delete a video on YouTube that showed students how to legally access 6,000 courses for free via a schools and public libraries partnership. According to the course provider, using screenshots containing the Udemy logo amounts to an infringement of the company's copyrights. With more than 35 million students, 57,000 instructors, and 400 million course enrollments, Udemy is a huge player in the online learning space. Accessing the company’s content obviously comes at a price too so when o
  10. Increasingly, homepages of popular pirate sites are disappearing from search engines. In some cases, however, search engines help pirate brands to stand out. Bing, for example, highlights YTS movies with a fancy poster reel and it even manages to spot some full-length pirate releases on YouTube and the Internet Archive. For years, entertainment industry groups have been frustrated by the fact that “infringing sites” show up in search results. In fact, some see search engines as a fertile breeding ground for new pirates, as they can direct ne
  11. During the summer, Grammy award-winning musician Maria Schneider and Pirate Monitor sued YouTube in an attempt to gain access to its Content ID tools. YouTube then fought back, claiming that Pirate Monitor had already proved itself untrustworthy. However, in a motion to dismiss, Pirate Monitor now says that YouTube has provided zero evidence to back up its claims. During the summer, Grammy award-winning musician Maria Schneider and Virgin Islands-based Pirate Monitor Ltd teamed up to file a class-action lawsuit targeting YouTube. The complai
  12. The company is rolling it out on a ‘limited number of videos’ Starting today, YouTube will begin running ads on some creators’ videos, but it won’t give them a portion of the ad revenue because they’re not big enough to be enrolled in its Partner Program. When advertisements run on YouTube videos, those creators typically receive a portion of the revenue through their role in YouTube’s Partner Program. With the new monetization rules, a creator who is not in the partner program “may see ads on some of your videos,” according to an update to the pla
  13. Google introduces audio ads in YouTube, targeted at music streamers Google is today introducing a new format of ads for YouTube – audio ads. The firm is touting this format of ads as a way to reach users that leverage YouTube for listening to music, or what the firm calls “ambient listening”. The format targets users that may not be watching music videos or concerts – but listening to them in the background, leading to visual ads not being as effective. The company says that such ads will have a static image or a still frame of a video, with the “
  14. The RIAA and other music groups recently accused youtube-dl and related stream-ripping tools of circumventing YouTube's 'rolling cipher' protection. While that may sound complex, anyone can download full audio and video files from YouTube, using nothing more than a web browser. It's surprisingly easy and we failed to spot any ciphers. Downloading audio and video from YouTube is generally not allowed, as the video service clearly states in its terms of service. Despite this restriction, there are numerous ‘stream-ripping’ tools available on t
  15. YouTube's mobile apps get player UI updates, gesture to toggle full-screen, more YouTube today announced a bunch of new enhancements making it to the service’s mobile apps that improves usability and adds a few new features. These improvements include a new gesture for switching to a full-screen view, additions to the video player and the Video Chapters feature, and much more. The first of the improvements is to the recently introduced Video Chapter feature that lets creators segment videos into parts for easier viewing. The fir
  16. Utubster downloads YouTube playlists, MP4 videos and MP3 music from almost any website including YouTube and Facebook. Then convert it to any video or music format in just two steps. === Homepage: https://www.utubster.com/ Download Freeware: https://www.utubster.com/kits/UtubsterSetup.exe
  17. Every day millions of people use YouTube rippers, tools that are often used to download music for free. Music industry insiders are sounding the alarm about this piracy threat but YouTube itself is not very vocal about the issue. Behind the scenes, however, YouTube is fighting an ongoing battle to block these sites, one that they're not winning just yet. It’s no secret that the music industry sees stream-ripping as today’s single biggest piracy threat. While there are sites and services covering many platforms, those that allow the public to
  18. YouTube announced in a blog post Thursday morning that it would begin banning QAnon conspiracy theory content that harasses or threatens others. The company said it had already removed thousands of QAnon videos and taken down hundreds of channels, but that the new measures would lead to even more moderation of the conspiracy theory The announcement, which stops short of an explicit QAnon ban, comes just days after YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki failed to commit to a QAnon ban on CNN following a wave of actions against the conspiracy theory by other tech companies.
  19. Clarence Thomas reckons web giants need to do more to curb abuse Analysis US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has unexpectedly weighed in on the debate over internet giants' legal protections from the consequences of user-posted content, arguing this litigation shield should be removed or limited in future. In a statement [PDF] attached to the top court’s case list, where a related case citing Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act was rejected for consideration, Thomas noted on Tuesday that the Supreme Court has yet to interpret the legal
  20. (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc’s YouTube said on Wednesday it would remove videos from YouTube that promote misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines, expanding its current rules against falsehoods and conspiracy theories about the pandemic. The video platform said it would now ban any content with claims about COVID-19 vaccines that contradict consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organization. YouTube said in a blog post that this would include removing claims that the vaccine will kill people or cause infertility, or that microchips will be
  21. Every toy, gadget and good you see on YouTube could soon be for sale online -- not on Amazon, but right on YouTube itself. The world’s largest video site recently started asking creators to use YouTube software to tag and track products featured in their clips. The data will then be linked to analytics and shopping tools from parent Google. The goal is to convert YouTube’s bounty of videos into a vast catalog of items that viewers can peruse, click on and buy directly, according to people familiar with the situation. The company is also testing a new integr
  22. It’s no secret that YouTube is very pushy with its Premium subscription promotion, something that involves repeatedly showing users prompts (and sometimes full-page ads) encouraging them to sign up for the premium experience, promising background playback, offline downloads, and a lack of advertisements. Soon after reversing the PiP restriction on iOS 14, YouTube has introduced a new change — experimental features are now only available to users who pay. Until now, YouTube tests would appear for some users regardless of whether they were Premium subscribers. However, only Pre
  23. The update is rolling out gradually. As promised, the Apple TV is finally starting to play YouTube videos in 4K — with caveats. Users on Reddit and elsewhere (via FlatpanelsHD and 9to5Mac) are starting to see YouTube 4K support enabled on the media hub when it’s using at least tvOS 14. However, you can only watch in Ultra HD at 30 frames per second, and without HDR. Don’t expect to make full use of that posh new TV just yet, although 60FPS video will play at up to 1440p. YouTube confirmed the limitations to T
  24. YouTube's mobile site now supports iOS 14's picture-in-picture even with no Premium account Picture-in-picture (PiP) mode was one of the newest iOS features introduced by Apple when it announced iOS 14 in June. For YouTube's mobile site users, it had allowed them to watch a video on Safari on top of other tasks they could do on their iPhone at the same time. However, that capability disappeared last month, except for those with YouTube Premium subscriptions. Now, YouTube's mobile website appears to be supporting the native PiP mode on iOS 14 once again even
  25. Vid platform has biased its takedown procedures in favour of copyright owners, says lawyer YouTube broadcaster Gareth Evans, who has 770,000 subscribers for his guitar tutorial channel, had an unwelcome surprise on 28 August. He received a "copyright strike", meaning a copyright owner sent a "complete and valid legal request", according to YouTube's description, to take down a video. The killer question is this: "If you get 3 copyright strikes your account, along with any associated channels, is subject to termination. All the videos uploaded to
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