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  1. Xbox Series X DRM Makes It Near Impossible to Play Games Offline It seems that Microsoft’s digital rights management decisions for the Xbox Series X are a serious cause for concern. According to a video from YouTuber and game developer Modern Vintage Gamer, the Xbox Series X is unable to play games without connecting to Microsoft’s servers. He tried games off a disc like Rise of the Tomb Raider as well as Hitman 3 and both refused to work offline. While Microsoft recommends keeping your Xbox Series X as your ‘Home Console’ in its settings, it’s a solution that’s described as a ‘ban
  2. Xbox Series X will be in short supply until at least June, Microsoft admits 2021 will be full of console and GPU shortages Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge Demand for Microsoft’s latest Xbox Series X console is high, but supply isn’t likely to keep up until at least through June now. In an interview with The New York Times, Microsoft’s head of investor relations, Mike Spencer, revealed supply of its new Xbox consoles will be constrained at least through June. Microsoft had warned that the Xbox Series X would be in short supply until at least
  3. If you’re one of the many people who tried to get an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 earlier this week, you probably have some strong words for Microsoft, Sony, and every major retailer in your region right now. There’s no two ways about it: these launches have been disasters from the perspective of the consumer, and at this point, it seems likely that PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S are going to have stock issues for some time to come. Obviously, we’d expect new consoles to be popular, fast-selling items regardless of when they launch, but the pandemic we’re current
  4. The Xbox Series X has been out for just over 48 hours, but already some users are reporting technical issues. A help thread on the Microsoft community help forum reports that the new console is shutting down spontaneously shortly after starting a game. According to the thread, the console is shutting down just a few seconds after starting a game. A full reinstall and a full reset of the console haven't helped, says the user. A few others have reported similar experiences in the comments, while others have offered potential troubleshooting tips. At le
  5. There might be a systemic hardware fault with the Xbox Series X after all, as reports emerge of problems with the disk drive and possibly the fan. Although videos of the Xbox Series X with smoke coming out of the top have been labelled as fake it seems there are real hardware issue with the console, with stories of it refusing to accept disks and Blu-rays. The console launched on Tuesday, November 10 worldwide and now reports are beginning to pile up on Twitter and Reddit of the disk drive not working. There seems to be some variation in exactly
  6. Xbox Series X could seriously disappoint PC owners thanks to this missing feature Next-gen Xbox consoles don’t support local game streaming to Windows 10 PCs (Image credit: Microsoft) Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S consoles have just been released, but it turns out that there’s some sad news for previous Xbox owners who used the streaming feature to play console games on their PC via their local network (using Wi-Fi or a wired connection). For those not in the know, this local streaming feature works via the Xb
  7. iFixit found Microsoft's chunky next-gen console is designed to be cool and quiet. iFixit revealed all of the Xbox Series X parts. The Xbox Series X and Series S came out Tuesday, and iFixit wasted no time in opening up the more expensive Series X. The repair site's teardown revealed that Microsoft included plenty of parts to keep the next-gen console cool, including a sizable fan, a heat sink and thermal paste. It found that the console's modular design should make the fan, power supply unit and wireless board easy to replace. However, the
  8. Microsoft publishes known issues for Xbox Series X|S Microsoft's next-generation consoles, the Xbox Series X|S, are set to launch tomorrow, November 10. As we lead up to the launch, Microsoft has revealed a list of bugs and issues you might run into on your new consoles when you get them in your home. Perhaps the most notable issue is that you may experience corrupted images or no signal on your TV if you set the console to 4K resolution at 120 frames per second with variable refresh rate enabled. This can happen even if your TV supports this input, and the
  9. If you haven’t managed to pre-order a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X yet, don’t sweat it. Don’t fret. Don’t worry, be happy. Okay, maybe not happy. For early adopters of shiny new gadgets, not being able to track one down by launch can be disheartening and frustrating. That might be even more pronounced thanks to everything else going on in the world—a tense, divisive election here in the States; the COVID-19 pandemic and resurgent lockdowns; probably an alien invasion or something worse in the near future. I get it. I’m not here to brush off your sadness.
  10. Improved performance and new features Epic on Monday revealed new information about what performance benefits Fortnite players should expect day one if playing the game on the new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X / S consoles, all of which launch next week. We already knew some of these — specifically the 4K and 60 frames per second targets — but Epic is also detailing some behind-the-scenes upgrades the new hardware should allow for. For the new Xbox, you’ll get that bump in resolution if you’re playing on the more powerful Series X, while the Series S is ca
  11. Xbox Series X won’t have next-gen exclusives for a while All early Series X releases will also be playable on previous Xbox One models. First image of article image gallery. Please visit the source link to see all 9 images. Back in the middle of 2016, Microsoft was just revealing the first details of Xbox One Scorpio (which became the Xbox One X), and Sony was just confirming the rumored existence of the PlayStation 4 Neo (which became the PS4 Pro). At the time, we had a simple question for the console industry's near future: In 2021, will developers still
  12. Microsoft unveils full Xbox Series X specs with 1TB expansion cards Microsoft is revealing the full specs for its Xbox Series X console today, and it includes support for removable storage and much faster load times for games. The software giant will be using a custom AMD Zen 2 CPU with eight cores clocked at 3.8GHz each, a custom AMD RDNA 2 GPU with 12 teraflops and 52 compute units clocked at 1.825GHz each. This is all based on a 7nm process and includes 16GB of GDDR6 RAM with a 1TB custom NVME SSD storage drive. Microsoft is using two mainboards on this Xbox Ser
  13. Another port bites the dust: Xbox Series X drops S/PDIF audio Infrared TV remote functions also won't be supported on upcoming hardware. Enlarge / S/PDIF connections like this one that have worked since the Xbox 360 won't be compatible with the upcoming Xbox Series X. 135 with 78 posters participating, including story author The Xbox Series X will be missing the optical S/PDIF audio output that was present on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 hardware lines. The digital audio port was visible on images of a prototype
  14. PS5 vs. Xbox Series X: a complicated battle of SSD and GPU speeds Sony has opted for SSD speeds, while Microsoft has gone for raw GPU power Sony has finally unveiled its PlayStation 5 specs today, and there are some surprisingly big differences between the PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. Both consoles are still arriving at the end of the year, and we’re now starting to get a better idea of what both Microsoft and Sony have prioritized for next-gen games. Sony has picked different CPU, GPU, and even SSD speeds that will impact how next-gen
  15. Microsoft says it can still make Xbox Series X despite coronavirus concerns But the company is still watching “the demand side” and “safety in terms of people.” First image of article image gallery. Please visit the source link to see all 6 images. Earlier this month, when Konami announced it was delaying the launch of the TurboGrafx-16 Mini, we wondered if similar supply issues caused by coronavirus-related quarantines could impact Sony's and Microsoft's planned console launches for later in the year. In an interview with CNBC yesterday, though, Microsoft CEO Saty
  16. Microsoft reveals more Xbox Series X specs, confirms 12 teraflops GPU More specs and performance hints for the next-gen Xbox Microsoft is revealing more specifications about its next-generation Xbox Series X hardware today. The biggest new confirmation is that the Xbox Series X will include 12 teraflops of GPU performance, which is twice what’s available in the Xbox One X and eight times the original Xbox One. This type of performance puts the Xbox Series X beyond most mid-range graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia, and it’s an impressive jump
  17. Here are the first 13 games optimized for the Xbox Series X Thirteen new games are coming to the Xbox Series X with optimizations Microsoft is detailing the first games that will be optimized for its next-gen Xbox Series X console today. All of the games included in Microsoft’s Xbox 20/20 show will sport a new Xbox Series X Optimized badge, which signals that a game has been improved and optimized for the new console. Optimizations include 4K support at up to 120fps, DirectStorage support, hardware-accelerated ra
  18. Rumor suggests Microsoft could show off Xbox Series X gameplay later this week Microsoft and Sony both have next-generation consoles coming out this year, and while Sony has been keeping everything under wraps, Microsoft has been quite outspoken about the Xbox Series X. The company surprised everyone when it revealed the console's design during the Video Game Awards, and last week, it also dropped a bunch of technical information about the console. Now, a rumor started on Reddit suggests that we may hear and see more later this week. The unidentified user cl
  19. Xbox Series X games to finally be revealed next week X gon’ give it to ya (Image credit: 343 Industries) After Xbox head Phil Spencer hinted that we might see Xbox Series X games in the near future, Microsoft has now finally given us a date. On May 7 at 8am PT/11am ET/4pm BST, gamers who bat for the green team can tune in to a special episode of Inside Xbox, where Microsoft and its global partners will showcase next-gen gameplay running o
  20. Some Xbox Series X games won’t hit 60fps “performance target” Dropping to 30fps, as in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, is a “creative decision.” Enlarge / This Assassin's Creed Valhalla screenshot is running at one frame per all of time (or 1 fpat). 105 with 78 posters participating With the added power of the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has been touting 4K resolution gaming at 60 frames per second as a new console standard. In recent days, though, we've been learning that not all Series X titles will be achieving that standard.
  21. Microsoft announces Xbox Series X games event for July 23rd Halo Infinite will be the big star of Microsoft’s show Microsoft will hold its Xbox Series X games event on July 23rd at 9AM PT / 12PM ET. The company is planning on showing games made by its Xbox Game Studios, including Halo Infinite. 343 industries briefly teased Halo Infinite in a trailer a couple of weeks ago, revealing that The Banished antagonists are returning for the next big installment in the Halo franchise. There will be more than just Halo, t
  22. The PS5 and Xbox Series X games price hike is unpleasant – but not surprising Opinion: it's a necessary evil (Image credit: 2K Games) 2K Games has been the first company to commit to next-gen game pricing, setting the price of NBA 2K21 on Xbox Series X and PS5 at an eye-watering $70 – $10 more than its price on PS4 and Xbox One. But it looks like 2K Games isn't the only publisher that will implement a price hike on Xbox Series X and PS5 games, as research company IDG told GamesIndustry.biz that other major publishers ar
  23. Ever since Microsoft announced pricing and release dates for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, we’ve known that the company is planning to open up pre-orders for both consoles on September 22nd. If the PlayStation 5 has taught us anything, it’s that precise timing will likely be crucial for those who want to secure an Xbox Series X/S pre-order as soon as possible. Microsoft has now confirmed when pre-orders will open up on September 22nd, so get ready to set your alarms and mark your calendars. The time to write down is 11 AM EDT/8 AM PDT on the morning of the 22nd, Micros
  24. A first look at Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X console The next-gen Xbox will arrive on November 10th priced at $499 Microsoft’s Xbox Series X console demands to stand upright, loud and proud. At least that’s my immediate impression after getting an early look at a nonfunctional Xbox Series X unit, supplied by Microsoft. It’s not as big as I expected from the Series X photos, but the dimensions could make positioning it in your living room a challenge. The console is 151mm (5.9 inches) wide or deep and 301mm (1
  25. Microsoft Xbox Series X and Series S pricing detailed, launches November 10th Microsoft has already revealed a fair bit about the Xbox Series X including its detailed specifications. The only aspects of the gaming console that still remain unknown are its price and exact retail availability date. A report from Windows Central has now revealed the pricing of not just the Xbox Series X but that of the Xbox Series S as well. The Xbox Series X will cost $499, with Microsoft also offering a $35/month Xbox All Access financing option. As for the Xbox Se
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