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Found 4 results

  1. New Winamp Community Update Project (WACUP) preview released Back in early 2019, a first preview of what the developers called Winamp Community Update Project was released; designed to improve the original Winamp music player through its extensive plugins system, WACUP did fix bugs, added features and updated existing features. A new preview is now available that introduces another batch of improvements to Winamp. The new release is based on Winamp 5.666, like the previous one. You can download an installer from the project website or a portable version. The installer will download Winamp 5.666 if it is not found on the device as it is the base requirement for WACUP. The developers recommend to install WACUP into a separate directory and not over an existing Winamp installation at the time of writing. A portable version is also available which will always be installed separately. WACUP is not compatible with Winamp 5.8 Beta which was released by Radionomy, the current owner of Winamp, in 2018. The first public preview of WACUP introduced lots of crash and security fixes, improved the performance of the player, made improvements to the plugin system and media format support, and added support for new skins. WACUP Preview version1.0.20.7170 introduces changes, bug fixes and new features to Winamp. The changelog is divided into three sections that list more than 150 different changes introduced in the release. As far as fixes are concerned, there are plenty in the new release. The latest WACUP preview improves stability by patching code that could lead to crashes or hangs, improves compatibility with certain plugins, and updates several DLL libraries to a new version. Nothing stands out when it comes to new features introduced in the version, they all appear to be light changes or changes made in preparation of new features that will be added in future releases. To give a few examples: Shuffle's session restoring can be turned off now in the preferences to restore classic Winamp functionality, a new Windows 10 preferences page has been added to disable on-screen media controls, and the Volume Logic output plug-in should now be usable with the new release. You can check out the entire changelog here for a full rundown on all the changes, improvements and fixes in the new release. Closing Words WACUP is available as a preview only, and that means that it is beta software at this point. My initial reaction to the release still stands: it is an interesting project, especially for die-hard Winamp users, until a final version gets released. I keep on using AIMP and MusicBee for the time being though, as these suit my needs better. Now You: what is your favorite music player, has it changed in the past two year period? (via Deskmodder) Source: New Winamp Community Update Project (WACUP) preview released
  2. After 15 years of llama-whipping, AOL shuts down Winamp for good. Former Winamp employees blame AOL mismanagement that began over a decade ago The Dulles-based Winamp team, as of 2012. Winamp, the storied MP3 player bought by AOL in June 1999 for over $80 million, is set to shut down in exactly one month. According to a post that went live Wednesday at 12:00 pm Eastern Time on the Winamp website: "Winamp.com and associated Web services will no longer be available past December 20, 2013. Additionally, Winamp Media players will no longer be available for download. Please download the latest version before that date. See release notes for latest improvements to this last release. Thanks for supporting the Winamp community for over 15 years." On Wednesday, Ars confirmed the announcement with Geno Yoham, Winamp’s general director since October 2008. He declined immediate comment but said that he would try to arrange a future interview. Ars wrote an extensive feature on the rise and fall of Winamp in June 2012, detailing AOL’s mismanagement of the property since its dotcom-boom acquisition. As we reported then, Winamp continued to receive updates and make a tiny amount of money for AOL throughout the last 15 years. AOL even released the first Android version in 2010 and a Mac version in 2011. While the company has declined to release official figures, former employees who worked on Winamp estimate its current revenue at around $6 million annually. And Winamp still has an estimated user base of millions worldwide, a small fraction of which live in the United States. All of that appears to be water under the bridge now. “There's no reason that Winamp couldn’t be in the position that iTunes is in today if not for a few layers of mismanagement by AOL that started immediately upon acquisition,” Rob Lord, the first hire and first general manager of Winamp, told Ars in 2012. Justin Frankel, Winamp's primary developer, seemed to concur in an interview he gave to BetaNews. (He declined to be interviewed by Ars in 2012.) “I'm always hoping that they will come around and realize that they're killing [Winamp] and find a better way, but AOL always seems too bogged down with all of their internal politics to get anything done.” Felser added that he recently seriously considered buying Winamp from AOL, too. "I spoke with the [corporate development] folks at AOL a couple times. Even reached out to [Winamp creator] Justin [Frankel] who was totally not interested. I think we talked about $5 million with some trailing equity." Original Article
  3. WACUP -- the Winamp Community Update Project -- released a preview version of the music player to the public yesterday. WACUP is a third-party modified version of the music player Winamp that is based on Winamp 5.666 patched and not the recently leaked Winamp 5.8 Beta. Radionomy, the owner of Winamp, released the beta officially as a reaction to the leak to provide interested users with a clean copy of the application to avoid malware abuse. The company revealed that it had plans to release a new version of the music player in 2019; whether that will be the case or not remains to be seen. Considering that there have not been any new releases, except for the release of the leaked beta since Radionomy acquired Winamp, it is anyone's guess whether 2019 will see the release of a new official Winamp. Winamp Community Update Project The first preview release of WACUP requires Windows 7 or newer. The program will install Winamp 5.666 patched on the system if not installed already as it requires that version. The lead developer of the project suggests that users install the preview into a separate directory to avoid conflicts with existing Winamp installations. WACUP is provided as an installer at this point in time that may install Winamp WACUP edition on the system or copy it for portable use. It includes the following features that set it apart from Winamp 5.666: Includes crash and security fixes. Support for Big Bento modern skins and native cPro skins. Tweaks that improve the loading and shutdown time of the program. Plugin, command-line, and media format support improvements. You find the most recent changelog here. WACUP displays a skin selection screen on first run. It features classic and modern skins for Winamp. Note that there is also a checked box that allows the program to check for updates for tools used by WACUP; you can disable that and either update manually only or run manual checks for updates in the application. The player opens with the iconic Llama Whippin jingle and the classic Winamp interface (using the selected skin). If you used Winamp before you will feel right at home; nothing changed interface-wise, every feature and button is still there. What you may notice is the improved startup and shutdown speed, and better stability while running the audio player on the system. Obviously, you have to integrate your music library in the player again if you did not upgrade an existing installation of Winamp on the device. The project team plans to release bi-weekly beta versions and new preview versions once a month. Closing Words WACUP is an interesting alternative for Winamp users if the project team continues development and manages to release new versions regularly. There is certainly a market for classic media players like Winamp. I stick to AIMP and MusicBee for now. Source: Winamp Community Update Project releases first Winamp Preview (gHacks - Martin Brinkmann)
  4. Radionomy, the current owner of Winamp, promised further support for what was once the world’s leading multimedia player, but up to this point, the only thing we got was a small beta with no new features. In the meantime, an effort called Winamp Community Update Project, or WACUP, is supposed to provide us with a third-party port of Winamp 5.666 that would get more frequent updates. And today, the very first preview version becomes available for download with a bunch of improvements and lots of bug fixes. Now at version, WACUP delivers the same familiar Winamp experience, and at the same time, it’s supposed to receive improvements and keep the famous media player alive for a little bit longer. Faster loading and improved performance This week’s release comes with support for Discord, as well as with a change that’s meant to help deal with missing files in library playlists in a more efficient manner. “Added initial support to indicate missing files in library playlists to complement the option for the main playlist editor (this will just show a cross before the playlist item number / title depending on settings instead of changing the background colour at this time),” the changelog reads, and you can find it in full in the box after the jump. When running this particular release, it’s pretty clear that not much has changed in WACUP from the familiar Winamp experience, but on the other hand, the application should run a bit smoother and load faster. Of course, these are all welcome improvements, but at the same time, there’s no doubt that more new features should be added very soon. Radionomy promised an overhaul of the current Winamp version in the course of 2019, but it remains to be seen when exactly the highly-anticipated release takes place. source
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