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  1. LocalFolders is a Thunderbird extension that helps you create local mail storage directories Mail boxes can fill up quickly depending on how often you communicate, newsletters, notification emails land in your inbox. This results in a cluttered mess. One way to deal with this is to archive old mails, which helps preserve the contents without deleting them permanently. Another option, is to use folders to categorize mails based on their content. This also helps you find specific content quickly, looking for a receipt? Check the shopping folder. Where is that
  2. Thunderbird 78.8.0 security update is out Thunderbird 78.8.0 has been released on February 23, 2021. The release schedule of the email client follows that of the Firefox web browser as code is shared between the two browsers. It is often the case that both products are affected by the same security vulnerabilities, and that security patches are released for both around the same time. The new version of Thunderbird 78.8.0 is available already. Users should see it being installed automatically in client versions provided that automatic updates are enabled. To verify the i
  3. View a mail's contents quickly without clicking on it with the MessagePreview extension for Thunderbird How many mail accounts do you have in Thunderbird? The more you have, the more cluttered it becomes, doesn't it? And if you have a ton of mails, it's not any easier to manage them. When you want to find something that you need, you either use the search tool, or take the manual route, i.e., you select the mail and it loads in the message pane at the bottom of the program's interface. Want a faster way to view your mails? The Thunderbird extens
  4. Highlight text in your outgoing mails with the Textmarker extension for Thunderbird Maybe you're communicating with your bank, or mailing your colleagues regarding a project, or you're responding to a business inquiry. You may want a way to keep track of the conversation, and see how it evolves. Let's say the mails contain specific points or questions that you want the recipient to respond to. Usually, we read the reply and refer to the previous message for context. There is a quicker way to get this last part done, if you could highlight the co
  5. Thunderbird team outlines plans for the email client The next major Thunderbird release is version 91; it is scheduled for a release in the third quarter of 2021. The developers have published a roadmap in which they list new features and improvements that they consider integrating in Thunderbird 91 and beyond. The roadmap is a work of progress and subject to change, but it still provides a good overview of what the team has planned for Thunderbird in 2021. Thunderbird roadmap: major changes The address book will r
  6. Thunderbird 78.7.1 released with CardDAV improvements Thunderbird 78.7.1 is now available; the new stable version of the email client includes fixes, CardDAV improvements, and a change that affects extensions that use legacy APIs. Thunderbird 78.7.1 can be downloaded from the official project website or installed via the email client's automatic updating functionality. Select Help > About Thunderbird to make use of the latter (may need to press the Alt-key to display the menubar), or run the setup file after the download completes to upgrade the existing version to t
  7. Add post-it notes to your mails in Thunderbird with the XNote++ extension Do you have the habit of saving draft mails to serve as reminders? Many people do that, and sometimes, these are related to messages that you may have received or sent earlier. For example, a reminder about responding to a business query, a support request, an upcoming appointment, communication with your colleagues, etc. What if instead of saving drafts, you could save a post-it note to your mails? That would be a better reminder, wouldn't it? That's what XNote++ does. Th
  8. Thunderbird 78.7.0 is a security and bug fix update (for the most part) The email client Thunderbird 78.7.0 has been released on January 26, 2020. The new version of Thunderbird fixes security issues, improves the extensions system, and fixes several bugs on top of that. The new version is already available and will be downloaded and in stalled automatically on many systems. Thunderbird users may select Help > About Thunderbird (press the Alt-key if the menubar is not displayed) to display the currently installed version and to run a manual check for updat
  9. Thunderbird will use multiple processes in the future If you are using the Nightly version of the Thunderbird email client, called Thunderbird Daily, then you may have noticed that recent versions of Thunderbird Daily use multiple processes. Stable and Beta versions of Thunderbird use a single process on the other hand. Thunderbird, being based on code that Mozilla Firefox uses, will follow the Firefox web browser. Mozilla introduced support for a multi-processor architecture in Firefox in the year 2016 to improve the browser's stability. Downside to using
  10. Thunderbird 78.6.1 is a security and bug fix update Thunderbird 78.6.1 has been released on January 11, 2021. The new version of the open source cross-platform email client fixes a single critical security issue (the same that affected the Firefox browser and got patched in the browser in a recent update), and several non-security related issues next to that. The new version is already in distribution and most Thunderbird clients should be upgraded automatically to the new version as the default setting is to download and install updates for the email client automatical
  11. Windows Taskbar Unread Badge displays a dynamic icon to indicate the total number of unread mails in Thunderbird It's been a while since I wrote about Thunderbird extensions. Here's one that I've been using to ensure I don't miss new mails that land in my inbox. The add-on is called Windows Taskbar Unread Badge. That's quite a mouthful, but it also explains its functionality. The extension places a dynamic badge on Thunderbird's icon on the Taskbar. The badge indicates the number of mails that you've not read yet. That's a neat thing to have, a
  12. Reduce the size of email headers in Thunderbird with Compact Headers Compact Headers is a long-standing extension for the open source Thunderbird email client that gives users options to reduce the size of email headers significantly, up to a single line. One of the devices that I use Thunderbird on is a Surface Go device; it has a rather small screen and it is quite difficult to read emails in Thunderbird because of the huge header that the client displays in the reading pane. While I could open emails individually to get more space, I tend to read
  13. Thunderbird 78.6.0 is out: here is what is new Thunderbird 78.6.0 has been released today. The new version of the email client is available for all supported operating systems -- Windows, Mac OS, and Linux -- as a direct update from within the client and a standalone download. Thunderbird 78.6.0 is a security update that includes new features, changes, and a lot of fixes. Users may select Help > About Thunderbird to run a manual check for updates from within the clients (note that the update may not be available right away and that it may take a few hours before Thu
  14. You need to use a Master Password in Thunderbird if you use OpenPGP Thunderbird email client users who use the program's built-in email encryption functionality need to set a master password in Thunderbird to properly protect their encryption keys. Thunderbird introduced support for encrypting emails using OpenPGP in the major version 78. Previously, Thunderbird users relied on extensions such as Enigmail to use encryption when reading and sending emails in the client. The introduction of native support made things a lot easier, as it meant
  15. Email client Thunderbird 78.5.1 released A new version of the open source email client Thunderbird is available. Thunderbird 78.5.1 is a bug fix and security release. The security issue that is addressed has been rated as high, the second highest severity rating after critical. The new version of the email client is already available. Thunderbird users should get it offered to them automatically; those who don't want to wait can select Help > About Thunderbird in the email client to run a manual check for updates. The "About" window displays the currently installed
  16. Thunderbird 78.4.3 is out with a handful of fixes Two Thunderbird releases in a single week; after Thunderbird 78.4.2, released on November 10, 2020, comes Thunderbird 78.4.3. Unlike the first release of the week, this one addresses non-security issues only in Thunderbird, and it raises an interesting question: should bug fixes be released right away or should they be included in the next major release instead, if they are not critical? Thunderbird 78.4.2 fixed a critical security issue in the email client that affected Firefox as well.
  17. Firefox 82.0.3, Firefox 78.4.1 and Thunderbird 78.4.2 patch a critical security issue Mozilla has released new stable versions of the Firefox web browser and the team behind the Thunderbird email client has released a new stable version to address a critical security vulnerability. Firefox 82.0.3 and Firefox 78.4.1 ESR are already available. Firefox users may select Menu > Help > About Firefox to run a manual check for updates to download and install the new version automatically. Thunderbird users may select Help &g
  18. Email client Thunderbird 78.4.1 is out A new version of the cross-platform email client Thunderbird has been released on November 6, 2020. Thunderbird 78.4.1 is an update for the stable channel of the email client that addresses several issues in previous versions and adds a new feature on top of that. It updates the current branch, Thunderbird 78, to the latest version. The new version of Thunderbird is already available via the clients's automatic update feature and as a direct download from the official project website. Just download the latest version from the proj
  19. Thunderbird 78.4.0 email client with fixes and extensions capabilities Thunderbird 78.4.0 is now available. The new version of the email client includes several important fixes and extensions improvements. Thunderbird 78.4.0 is available for all supported operating systems (Windows, Linux and Mac OS). Existing installations should pick up the new version automatically and install it. Users may run a manual check for updates by selecting Help > About Thunderbird. If the main menu is not displayed, press the Alt-key to display it. The page that opens
  20. Thunderbird 78.3.3 is out. Find out what is new The Thunderbird email client development team has released a new version of the latest version of the desktop client for all supported operating systems. Thunderbird 78.3.3 is a minor bug fix release that addresses issues in the client's OpenPGP implementation and in the built-in calendar. Thunderbird installations should pick up the new version of the email client automatically as it is available already. Administrators who don't want to wait for that to happen can select Help > About Thunderbird to run a manual check
  21. Thunderbird 78.3.2 update is out Thunderbird 78.3.2 has been released on October 7, 2020. The new minor update for the browser includes several non-security fixes as well as a change in the updating behavior of the desktop email client. Thunderbird 78.3.1 was released on September 26, 2020. The email client's automatic update functionality should pick up the new version right away, but you can run a manual check by selecting Help > About Thunderbird from the menu. If the menubar is not shown, use the Alt-key to display it temporarily. Thunderbird displays the instal
  22. Mozilla's mail reader Thunderbird has implemented a feature first requested 21 years ago. The somewhat garbled request – "I'd appreciate a plugin for PGP to ede and encrypt PGP crypted messages directly in Mozilla" [sic] – appears to have gone unimplemented due to concerns about US laws that bar export of encryption, debate about whether PGP was the right way to do crypto, and other matters besides. Thunderbird eventually chose to use Enigmail and its implementation of OpenPGP public key email encryption. However, it was an add-on rather than integrated. Co
  23. A look at some of the changes in Thunderbird 78 The team behind the desktop email client Thunderbird has released version 78.0 of the program officially today. The new version introduces major changes and is only offered as a direct download at the time of writing and not as an in-client upgrade. The team advises users to stay on the previous version if they run Enigmail. It notes as well that Thunderbird 78 supports only MailExtensions, and that any extension not updated by its developer will not work in the new version of Thunderbird. Last but not l
  24. Thunderbird continues to be one of the most advanced email clients available for download on desktop platforms, and despite Mozilla originally planning to give up on the app, the company now wants to improve it substantially with updates released during the course of 2019. In an announcement published a few days ago, Mozilla says one of the areas where the development team would focus is making the application substantially faster. “This is an area where I think we will see some of the best improvements in Thunderbird for 2019, as we look into methods for testing and measuring slowne
  25. Thunderbird users who use a Master Password in the application to protect passwords may have been exposed to a password deletion issue in recent versions of the email client. The release of Thunderbird 60.3.3 fixes the issue on all affected systems. The issue was introduced in client version 60.0 released in August 2018. The major release introduced new functionality and made some changes to Thunderbird; one of those changes migrated the security databases key3.db and cert8.db used to store passwords and certificates to key4.db and cert9.db. Thunderbird inst
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