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Found 4 results

  1. The test was carried out at the company’s DevLoop site in Nevada. Virgin Hyperloop has taken a massive step closer to realizing its new form of transport with its first crewed test. At the company’s DevLoop facility in Nevada, two passengers were fired through the 500-meter tube on Sunday evening. The company says it marks a new frontier in the development of the vacuum tube technology. Company co-founder Josh Giegel and head of Passenger Experience Sara Luchian were on board for the first run. Giegel’s involvement, as head of the project, was an obvious choice to show how confident he felt about the work, while Lucian was one of 40 employees who volunteered to ride in the capsule’s other seat. The company says that both were given extensive tests and training to ensure they were healthy and prepared for the trip. In a call with Engadget ahead of the test, Virgin Hyperloop’s representatives told us there was a heavy focus on safety, given the level of attention the journey was likely to provoke. Both were walked through the tube and shown the various exit points and procedures to ensure that, should things fail, they could get out of the capsule. Hyperloop said that the pair would be in constant contact with the company’s control desk throughout the test. The pair traveled in a brand new, second-generation Hyperloop pod, codenamed XP-2, the “Pegasus Pod.” XP-2 was designed to comfortably seat and support two passengers. Both seats have beefy five-point harnesses, the sort you’d find in race cars, but they’re the only modification used for the test. That’s because the pod was designed to mirror a real Hyperloop journey in as many ways as possible, and the real things are envisioned more like a subway ride than a rocket. n order to maintain a comfortable experience for acceleration and braking, the capsule’s speed in this test was limited to 107 miles per hour. That’s less than half of the pod’s top speed in the tube, which maxed out at 240 miles per hour during tests at the end of 2017. This is mostly down to the length of the tube: 500 meters isn’t long enough to reach the sort of speeds that the company promises to reach. But greater speeds are likely to be demonstrated when the second Hyperloop facility is built in West Virginia. As one company representative told Engadget, “This is our moon landing.” Demonstrating that the pod is safe for human consumption is a big milestone in its journey. It may also encourage more investors and regulators to get on board to help bankroll the next stage in its evolution. Source
  2. krkanna

    5.1 Surround Speaker test

    5.1 Surround Speaker test These 2 audio files are very simple to use to check the connectivity of your 5.1 speakers which have front left, center, front right, rear left, rear right and sub-woofer. Check your connectivity now with below link. Download: https://shared.com Sharecode: /gtlf71g8ji
  3. European and particularly German Data Protection Regulators have been having a long-running issue with Microsoft regarding the data its operating system sends back to Microsoft. The concern is that the telemetry the OS sends back can include personal information, such as email addresses and text snippets being sent back in keyboard and auto-correct telemetry data. This has resulted in German data protection agencies announcing that Windows 10 is not GDPR-compliant and was not fit for use in schools and government work for example. Microsoft has made efforts to be compliant with the rules, for example moving their servers into the EU, and today Microsoft scored a significant win, after the Bayerischen Landesamts für Datenschutzaufsicht — Bavarian agency for data protection, announced that Windows 10 Enterprise version 1909 (and Education) does not send back any telemetry data to Microsoft when properly configured for this purpose. This testing was completed in December 2019 and was done in a laboratory environment with Microsoft staff in attendance. It included setting the telemetry settings to ‘security’ and using recommended Microsoft tools and settings to further adjust what data is collected. Monitoring the network the computers were placed on showed no data was being transmitted except for certificate requests (though even this could be deactivated), though the agency noted that this needed to be confirmed in a real-world setting. The agency was not able to configure Windows 10 Pro (and Home) in a similar fashion, but this should mean that where data privacy is essential telemetry collected by Windows 10 Enterprise should no longer be an issue, saying: Should this result in real use of Windows 10 at companies confirm then at least dealing with telemetry data in Windows 10 Enterprise (also in managed environments) does not constitute an obstacle to data protection law of this operating system. The information is contained in a report which can be seen here. MSpoweruser
  4. At the end of a robotic test, the difference was considerable. Dark mode is a key feature on iOS 13, but can it really extend your iPhone's battery life? If it's an OLED model, the answer seems to be a firm yes, according to tests done by PhoneBuff. They used robotic devices to perform identical tasks on two iPhone XS test devices, one in light and one in dark mode. That included watching a YouTube video, using Twitter, navigating with Google Maps and chatting on the Messages app. At the end of the test the "light mode" iPhone XS was dead, while the one running dark mode still had 30 percent battery life. That result is a pretty good justification for switching if you often drain your iPhone's battery. Keep in mind that these aren't exactly official tests and that real life usage might vary. Also, the phones were run at a fairly bright 200 nits, so you're bound to get different results at different brightness levels. Finally, the test only used dark mode-compliant apps. All that said, it's an impressive result. Dark mode is likely to impact OLED phones a lot more than regular LCD phones. When OLED pixels are shut off, they use zero power, while dark pixels on regular LCD phones emit some light. (This is also why OLED phones -- including the new iPhone 11 Pro and Pixel 4 models -- have better contrast ratios than LED models.) Having 30 percent of your battery could be the difference between needing to recharge during the day or not. So, while dark mode isn't everyone's cup of tea, it's good to know it's there when you need it. Source
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