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Found 5 results

  1. An 18-year -old male is in police custody after a drug deal gone wrong in Layton. It was over $250 worth of marijuana, police say. Layton Police deployed a SWAT team to serve a warrant for an 18-year-old accused of robbing a person he was trying to sell the marijuana to. Sgt. Scott Clark of the Layton Police Department tells 2News the suspect pistol-whipped the victim, causing the unregistered gun to go off. No one was hit by the shot, but the victim suffered bruising from the incident, which happened at the Quail Cove apartments at 2375 North 490 West in November. The victim is cooperating with police who say the robbery was over $250 worth of marijuana. Layton Police are not aware of any history of violence with the 18-year-old suspect. Source
  2. A Texas teen shot herself in the foot with an allegedly stolen AK-47 that she had stuffed down her pants, according to police. Police responded to the scene of the shooting in Harris County on Tuesday at around 4:15 p.m. They found three teens: two 17-year-old females and a 16-year-old male. Preliminary reports and witness statements indicated that the male had taken the AK-47 from his home and that the teens were handling the gun when one of the females accidentally pulled the trigger, shooting herself in the leg, according to Constable Mark Herman of Harris County Precinct 4. Further investigation determined that the gun had been stolen, he told ABC News. “We have found out since then that the gun that was used was stolen in a home burglary just hours before that shooting,” Herman said. The girl who shot herself was in critical condition and sent to Memorial Hermann Hospital. She is being charged with unlawful carrying of a weapon and burglary of a habitation. The male was also arrested and charged with tampering with evidence and burglary of a habitation, Herman wrote on Facebook. "We filed tampering with evidence because they threw the gun down a storm drain after the shooting,” Herman told ABC News. Video obtained by ABC News affiliate KTRK shows a girl lying on the road and neighbors coming to assist her. "She had some pretty good wounds. She blew off the heel of one foot,” Don Sievertson, a 68-year-old veteran who ran out to help the girl, told ABC News. "She was in excruciating pain and she had every reason to be. She had very severe wounds, very severe. "She was thrusting backward and forward, side-to-side screaming in pain and you know, [saying], ‘I need help.’” As police continue to investigate the case, they also plan to determine if the other girl was involved. “There were two females. The other one, we're still investigating that aspect of it. But if she was involved in the burglary, she'll get filed on, too, eventually,” Herman said. Source
  3. This probably isn’t the best way to get the FBI’s attention. Multiple outlets in India reported over the weekend that an unnamed 18-year-old boy from the Jalaun district is being charged with multiple crimes after he called the FBI about 50 times with bomb threats against the Miami International Airport. Local authorities were contacted by the American law enforcement agency and said an investigation revealed the boy was upset that the FBI was unresponsive to his claims that a fraudster had conned him out of around $1,000 worth of Bitcoin. A representative for the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) told reporters that investigators tracked down the accused through his IP address. They said that he’d photoshopped a fraudulent Aadhaar identity card which he then used to set up an email account under a false name. Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), he reportedly proceeded to make about 50 calls to the FBI through the phony email account between October 2 and 31, and also called the Miami airport directly on five occasions. According to the Times of India, officials quoted the boy’s confession. He reportedly admitted: The Hindustan Times reports that the boy was given $1,000 by his father to invest in Bitcoin and he’d been doing well with the investment before meeting a stranger online promising to increase his returns. The person allegedly made off with all of his Bitcoin and the boy attempted to get the FBI to track the conman down, to no avail. But officials from the ATS claimed that the FBI had taken the case and was in the midst of its investigation when the threats started. The charges he faces do not require arrest and authorities pointed out that he’s known to be “a bright student.” As prices of cryptocurrencies have taken a dive over the last year, we’ve seen horror stories of people going into debt and losing their life savings in the failing market. Theft also continues to be rampant. In June, Carbon Black, a cybersecurity research firm, estimated that $1.1 billion worth of cryptocurrencies had been stolen in 2018. The boy in India’s reaction was obviously over the top, ridiculous, and counterproductive. But it’s an example of the ways in which the chaos of cryptocurrencies can have ripple effects across so many peoples’ lives. More at: [Times of India, Hindustan Times via The Next Web] Source
  4. Ukrainian teen arrested last month for taking down a local ISP with DDoS attacks. Ukrainian police have arrested a 16-year-old from the city of Odessa last month for attempting to extort a local ISP (internet service provider) into sharing data on one of its subscribers. Ukrainian authorities say that when the service provider declined, the teen used distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks to take down the ISP's network. The attacks, which took place last year, were severe enough that the ISP contacted law enforcement. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Internal Affairs told ZDNet officers from Ukraine's cyber police tracked down the teen to the city of Odessa, where they arrested the 16-year-old last month, in January. Ukrainian cyber police say they searched the teen's home and seized his devices. Authorities said that during a preliminary review of the suspect's computer they found software used to perform DDoS attacks, along with details for 20 accounts on various hacker forums. According to Ukraine's criminal code, the suspect faces up to six years in prison for launching the DDoS attacks. He was not charged for the attempted extortion. Ukrainian officials declined to comment further on the case, such as whose data the attacker requested, citing an ongoing investigation. The Ukrainian teen is certainly not the first case where a suspect has taken down an entire ISP's network using a simple DDoS botnet. Similar instances of DDoS attacks taking down ISPs have happened in Liberia, Cambodia, and more recently, South Africa. In most cases, attackers either use botnets capable of launching massive waves of junk traffic (Liberia), or are using a clever technique known as carpet-bombing (South Africa). Source
  5. Vaping may or may not be healthier than smoking conventional cigarettes, but a recent incident involving a teenage boy, in which an exploding e-cigarette blew out several of his teeth and cracked open his jaw, is a serious cause for concern. A one-paragraph-long case study published today in The New England Journal of Medicine describes the extensive damage that can be caused by exploding e-cigarettes. Around a year ago, a 17-year-old male showed up at the emergency room with pain and swelling in his jaw. Two hours previously, a vape had exploded in his mouth as he was using it. The doctors treating him observed a circular puncture to his chin and large gashes inside his mouth. A 3D scan of the teen’s head revealed the true extent of the damage. “The vape blew up his lower jaw causing a major fracture and bone loss,” said Katie Russell, a pediatric trauma surgeon who treated the boy at the University of Utah Health Care and Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. “He also lost multiple teeth, had a large cut in his mouth, and some lip burns.” 3D scan of the teen’s head (left) and a photograph of the injuries inside the teen’s mouth (right). The hospital’s ear, neck, and throat surgeon added a plate to the teen’s lower mandible and wired the jaw shut. A dentist installed a small device (as shown in the photograph above) to secure the teen’s teeth while the jaw healed, explained Russell. Six weeks later, an assessment revealed the teen was recovering well, and the wire ligature was removed. More than a year later, the teen “is still missing teeth but hopes to get implants this summer,” Russell told Gizmodo in an email. She added: “He quit smoking after this.” When asked to comment on the sudden surge in vaping, Russell did not mince words, describing the trend as an “epidemic.” “Vaping hit the market with storm and millions of youth are using these devices,” she said. “It seems like the overall feeling is that vaping is more innocent than smoking conventional cigarettes, but I’m not sure we know that. Nicotine is detrimental for the developing brain. In addition to that, these devices can explode causing major harm. This is becoming more and more common.” Source
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