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Found 20 results

  1. go to official page of TWRP recovery by clicking on this link https://twrp.mec/ to download twrp recovery according to your device and model name. if in list of device name your device name not show than you need to download from other third party website. Now, copy this .img file which you just downloaded and paste it in folder of your computer and rename it to twrp.img.
  2. NEW YORK (Reuters) - The $1 trillion invested by traditional banks globally over the past three years to improve their technology has not yet delivered the revenue growth that had been expected, according to an Accenture report released on Thursday. The consultancy analyzed more than 160 of the largest retail and commercial banks in 21 countries to determine whether those making the most progress on technology were achieving better financial performance. It found that banks that had advanced the most on digital were the most profitable and highly va
  3. A researcher who studies AI principles warns that giving too much credence to Big Tech is like “asking the fox for guidance on henhouse security procedures.” When it comes to AI, Big Tech wants a hand in developing regulation. In a January 20 piece for the Financial Times calling for the regulation of the technology, Google CEO Sundar Pichai argued that his company’s artificial intelligence principles could be used as a template for future laws. Brad Smith of Microsoft said the same in a talk at the World Economic Forum earlier this week. Google
  4. Huawei introduces CableFree 5G antenna technology, reduces radiation and power utilisation Huawei says the CableFree technology has been used for a couple of Huawei devices HIGHLIGHTS The CableFree technology reduces the antenna radiation by around 20 percent UK government may remove Huawei’s equipment by 2023 Huawei has announced a breakthrough in the 5G antenna technology, called CableFree. The Chinese brand claims that CableFree reduces radiation, power utilisation and offers better quality integration between the base station and the a
  5. In just under a week, on Friday the 25th of May, the new European Union data protection directive, GDPR, comes into effect. One aspect of the GDPR is that citizens now have the right to reach out to companies to get the data that it holds on them. Despite this, actually initiating the process of getting your data can be tedious. To aid with this, My Data Request is now providing “codified” guides to get your data from various online services. My Data Request offers guides for requesting your data from over 100 online services. The list of services includes many of the most popular
  6. In start-up lore, no figure is more venerated than the tech-world founder. No mere entrepreneur, the founder is unique, sitting above the categories other people might use to order the society around them. In fact, the personage is cast as a sort of revolutionary, proposing big solutions to questions nobody else is even thinking to ask — less often because the questions are too complicated or obscure than because they’re too obvious, too expansive. In a widely read 2005 essay, Paul Graham, a founder of the start-up incubator Y Combinator and the closest thing the start-up world has
  7. The House Judiciary Committee is set to question the biggest social media companies Tuesday on their social media filtering practices, which will likely lead to accusations of political bias from Republican lawmakers Top executives for Google, Facebook, and YouTube will be present to testify. “The advent of social media has made it possible for people to connect across continents, explore vast amounts of information, and share meaningful dialogue with friends and strangers,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte said in a statement. “However, this same techno
  8. Tech workers from Salesforce, Microsoft, Amazon and Google have been putting pressure on their CEOs to cut ties and end contracts with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, and other government agencies. It's a rare occurrence for employees to tell their bosses to turn away business. But there is a growing concern among tech workers that the cutting-edge tools they create can be used in immoral ways. There's always been a kind of idealism undergirding the West Coast tech scene. Todd Gitlin, a professor of sociology and communications at Columbia Univer
  9. We dismiss claims about mobiles being bad for our health – but is that because studies showing a link to cancer have been cast into doubt by the industry? On 28 March this year, the scientific peer review of a landmark United States government study concluded that there is “clear evidence” that radiation from mobile phones causes cancer, specifically, a heart tissue cancer in rats that is too rare to be explained as random occurrence. Eleven independent scientists spent three days at Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, discussing the study, which was done by the Na
  10. Sometimes, technology unintentionally becomes a part of world politics. The same happened to Apple lately. Due to China’s dominant approach towards Taiwan, several tech companies have modified their policies to ensure not to cause a rift with the country. However, Apple seems to have unknowingly gone the extra mile with some buggy code. A researcher discovered how a Taiwan iOS bug crashed iPhones and iPads after typing ‘Taiwan’ or using Taiwanese flag emoji. Taiwan iOS Bug Crashed iOS A few days ago, a security researcher discovered an interesting bug in iOS. According to his observat
  11. LC Technology International, Inc. is a global leader in data recovery, photo recovery, data recovery services , and SD card/flash media data recovery. Our mission is designed to help our clients resolve catastrophic problems. LC Technology International maintains the highest quality standards with award winning customer service and support as noted by the many awards and articles in the media. We have developed outstanding products that recover data and files in the event of data loss or hard drive failure. Home: https://www.lc-tech.com PHOTORECOVERY PRO 20
  12. Apple finally admits Microsoft was right about tablets The iPad Pro now looks even more like a Surface Pro Apple has spent the past 10 years trying to convince everyone that the iPad and its vision of touch-friendly computing is the future. The iPad rejected the idea of a keyboard, a trackpad, or even a stylus, and Apple mocked Microsoft for taking that exact approach with the Surface. “Our competition is different, they’re confused,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook as he stood onstage to introduce the new Macs and iPads six years ago. “They chased a
  13. The former president chats with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff at the annual Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. President Barack Obama, pictured in an October talk, spoke Thursday at the Dreamforce conference. No one was allowed to photograph or record the talk. As a former president of the United States, Barack Obama has stayed in a lot of presidential suites. Though the rooms are beautiful and spacious, he says, they also exemplify a couple of things: People don't need that much, and technology can overwhelm them. "Michelle once spent half
  14. Sunway has introduced its smart parking system in a preview at Sunway Pyramid, which is the largest fully integrated license plate recognition system to embrace multiple e-wallet payment methods, according to the group, and aims to further enable hassle-free experiences for its patrons. The e-wallet partners named include GrabPay, Boost, WeChat Pay, Alipay, Touch N’ Go Digital, and Maybank QRPay, in addition to credit partners MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB, UnionPay, and MyDebit. The Sunway Smart Parking system will be deployed within Sunway City, which comprises Sunway P
  15. In 2011, Apple unveiled its first iPhone with artificial intelligence, a personal assistant named Siri that could answer questions and help keep track of our daily lives. The AI revolution had begun, and it gave way to higher resolution cameras on phones, such as the then-new iPhone 4S, microphones and cameras in the home, everything from connected speakers, security devices, computers and even showers and sinks. By the end of the decade, we were carrying and or living with devices that are capable of tracking our every movement. Counties and
  16. Benefits of Rooting Android Devices and a How To Root without a Computer To root or not to root? It's a question that most people don't ever ask themselves, because Android devices are powerful and customizable from the get-go, and rooting can be risky. But it's not that risky. And if you want to really unlock the full potential of your device—if you want to be able to control everything, backup everything, customize everything, and do all sorts of fun things like install custom ROMs and get Android Lollipop ahead of the pack—you'll need to root your phone. I'm not say
  17. For more than a million years, the simple stone hand axe was one of our most important tools, but in the age of smartphones and virtual reality it can be hard to understand how revolutionary it really was. In their design series "Man Made," Dov Ganchrow and Ami Drach use 3D printing to make the tool's importance a little more clear. With help from Dr. Leore Grosman from the Institute of Archaeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the design duo started out by collecting rocks of just the right size and shape from the Negev desert in southern Israel. Once the stones were sufficiently chi
  18. Hi friends, I've started a new Forum: http://g2g4.com This forum is dedicated to Computing, Technology, Mobile and Entertainment. here you can discuss/share about softwares, new technology, computing, programming, mobile apps and Entertain yourself. friends, I'm not advertising anything, I'm just telling you about my site, if you are interested, then you can visit it, otherwise, if you have problem with my post, then forgive me and remove my post. and If you feel anything bad with my this post, then I'm extremely sorry. once again friends, you can visit my site: http://g2g4.com/
  19. There is a growing sense of unease among many smartphone owners about the amount of time we're spending on our devices. Google told me that around 70% of the Android users it spoke to wanted to "find a better balance" in their tech use. But this puts the tech sector in an awkward spot. How can it help its customers detach from their phones when, for many firms, their business model relies on them doing the opposite? Both Apple and Google have this year released digital tools - called Screen Time and Digital Wellbeing respectively - which let iPhone and Android users see how much
  20. The AchieVer

    Tech that died in 2018

    Sitikka/iStock As 2018 draws to a close, we bid adieu to many products and services in our beloved world of consumer technology. Some were old stalwarts that finally gave way to the passage of time. Others were short-lived trends, or ideas quickly abandoned. Here’s our look at this year’s greats and "not-so-greats"—those that passed into the history books or were sent straight to null. Social Media Fizzlers Thinkstock Social media is always a wasteland of detritus, as Facebook and Twitter ( mostly Facebook) continue to drag us slowly toward
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