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Found 11 results

  1. FukenGruven

    WindowTabs v2013.5.23

    WindowTabs Add Tabs to Any Application Website: http://www.windowtabs.com/ Download: Official Installer Download: Official Portable WindowTabs 2013 Crack by wronce: Site: http://www.tusfiles.net Sharecode: /6fx26kgmulo3 WindowTabs 2012 with Keygen c/o mrpink: Site: http://rghost.net Sharecode: /50575629 Compatibility: WinAll Dependencies: .NET Framework 2.0. (Windows 8 requires .NET Framework 3.5) Synopsis: i used to use QTTabBar.. it worked very well.. however.. i hated installation.. it left a mess behind.. WindowTabs is exactly what i have been searching for.. Tabs when i need it.. w/out installation It's light, fast, reliable, and does exactly what you expect from having tabs.. WindowTabs has increased my productivity.. especially working off of a laptop where space is limited... This is one of those apps. i pin to my Start Menu.. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! WindowTabsPortable_2013.5.23_English.paf.exe PortableApps.comFormat Makes application portable & stealth CRC: 8366377A Size: 0.99 MB (1,048,129 bytes) Note: this is fully cracked by wronce Site: http://www.mirrorcreator.com Sharecode: /files/BARHEDSO/WindowTabsPortable_2013.5.23_English.paf.exe_links WindowTabsPortable_2012.12.20_English.paf.exe CRC32: B6887370 Size: 0.99 MB (1,047,974 bytes) Note: cracked by BRD Site: http://www.mirrorcreator.com Sharecode: /files/7BQTRPY7/WindowTabsPortable_2012.12.20_English.paf.exe_links Changelog: November 29, 2013 - removed [Activate] Registry=true.. (forgot to remove it after testing was done) - if you downloaded earlier, you can simply remove that line in the Launcher.ini. Changelog: November 30, 2013 - added 2012 edition.. sadly im experiencing memory leak with 2013? anyone else? - updated 2013 installer with version checks. Changelog: December 2, 2014 - added crack by wronce. - updated 2013 PAF installer w/wronce's cracked EXE. - added 2012 keygen.
  2. Save your Firefox tabs in a single-click with Tab Stash Managing an open browser session is no easy task. The more tabs you have, the more cluttered it gets, and if you use multiple browser windows, you may realize quickly that most browsers are not well equipped for that out of the box. Extensions that improve tab management are a solution. When you install Tab Stash, you'll see a new icon on the toolbar. DO NOT click on it, not yet. Why? If you do, the add-on will save all the tabs in the Stash and close them all. It's kind of similar to what OneTab does, but Tab Stash only hides the tabs from view, the tabs are open in the background. Tab Stash works as a side-bar tool. So what you want to do is right-click on the extension's icon and select "Show Stashed Tabs in a Sidebar". This opens the side-bar without closing your tabs. Don't like side bars? Use the "Show Stashed Tabs in a Tab"(refer to the first screenshot). This option looks a lot better, and you can view the full/extended title of tabs in the "Tab" mode. Tab Stash lists your tabs in the "Unstashed tabs" section. The list displays the tabs of the current window, so if you've multiple windows, you'll need to manage them in each instance. There are four buttons at the top of the tab list. If you have unstashed tabs, the first option can be used to stash them all or the ones you select. Use the alt button when clicking on the option to stash the tabs without closing them. Note: Select the tabs normally as you would by using Ctrl or Shift on the Firefox tab bar, and then click on the Tab Stash button. The second button in the side bar allows you to stash the active tab to the current group. Restore all tabs from the stash by hitting the third button. The fourth option does the same, i.e., it loads the tabs from the group but also deletes the group. The X button deletes the group without loading the tabs. Tab Groups When you stash some tabs, a new group is created. By default, Tab Stash assigns it a name in the format "Saved, date, time". Click on the name to rename it. Hit the arrow icon to collapse/hide the list of tabs in the group. Let's get to the tabs in the group. Right-click on a tab and the Firefox link context menu pops-up. Mouse over a tab in the list and two icons appear, use them to load the tab from the stash or to delete the tab. There are five ways to stash tabs. The first method is to left-click the toolbar icon that saves all your tabs. The second option is to right-click on the icon and select "Stash tabs" or "Copy Tabs to Stash". The latter is more useful in my opinion, as it doesn't close the tabs when stashing them. Or you may use the "Stash this tab" button in the address bar, which saves the current tab for later. The fourth method is to use the side bar or the add-on's tab to stash the tabs. You can right-click anywhere in the browser to access the Stash Tabs options. Search Tab Stash has a built-in search tool at the top of the side bar/tab interface. Enter a keyword in it and the extension will filter the list to display only the corresponding results. The search works in real time on an as-you-type basis. That's handy if you have a ton of tabs and don't want to waste time scrolling down a list. How it works Tab Stash saves your tabs as bookmarks in its own folder. This also ensures your tabs sync across devices via Firefox sync. The add-on checks existing tabs to see whether a tab from the stash is loaded before restoring it. Note: This review is mostly based on Tab Stash 2.5. The extension was updated to version 2.6 a few days ago, which added support for some additional features. This includes options to import and export tabs. The release notes and the Wiki say these options are available from the Tab Stash menu, but I wasn't able to find them. I've tried restarting the browser, removing and re-installing the add-on to no avail. Tab Stash is an open source extension. Landing Page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-stash/ Save your Firefox tabs in a single-click with Tab Stash
  3. Restoring multiple closed tabs will get easier in Firefox 78 Mozilla plans to improve the process of restoring or reopening multiple closed tabs in the web browser in Firefox 78. Firefox users may restore closed tabs either with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-T or by right-clicking on the tab bar and selecting the "undo close tab" option. Another option that is available is to open the browsing history to open sites from there again. Most Firefox users may be fine with the functionality provided, but those who use the browser's options to close multiple tabs, either on purpose or by accident, may have run into usability issues in regards to restoring these tabs again. Selecting restore did not restore the last close action regarding tabs, but only the last tab that was closed. If you closed twenty or more tabs by accident, only the last tab will be reopened in Firefox 77 and prior versions of the web browser. Some users helped themselves by hitting Ctrl-Shift-T multiple times, others opened the Browsing History to locate sites that they needed to reopen. Starting in Firefox 78, "Undo Close Tabs" will be an option in Firefox's right-click tab context menu if multiple tabs were closed prior to opening the menu. The browser displays "Undo Close Tab" instead if only one tab has been closed before opening the context menu. Firefox will restore all closed tabs when Undo Close Tabs is selected regardless of number. Basically, what it means is that Firefox users may reopen as many tabs as have been closed in the last tab closing operation. The loading may put some strain on the browser for a period of time as Firefox will load all these sites when the tab restoration option is selected. Mozilla plans to move the options to close multiple tabs at once, e.g. close tabs to the right, to a submenu in Firefox 78. The organization's justification is that it wants to make sure that users don't hit these options by accident. Firefox 78 will be released on June 30, 2020 according to the release schedule. Closing Words It makes a lot of sense to link the "undo close tab" option to the last tab closing operation. While it may be less likely that users are hitting the multi-close options in the tab context menu by accident in Firefox 78, users who use these regularly may find the improved undo options useful. Restoring multiple closed tabs will get easier in Firefox 78
  4. Chrome and Edge users will never have to worry about losing tabs again Microsoft is a regular contributor to the open-source Chromium project, which benefits both Edge and Chrome (Image credit: Softulka / Shutterstock) Microsoft has announced a new addition to the open-source Chromium platform that will benefit users of both Edge and Chrome web browsers. The company has pledged to improve the browsers’ tab retention facilities, which come into play when a session either crashes or is closed out by accident. It is usually simple for users to restore lost tabs and continue where they left off, but the tab retention feature is sometimes temperamental, leading to loss of data. With a view to limiting the risk of this happening, Microsoft will make alterations to the tab retention architecture in Chromium, benefiting Edge and Chrome users alike. Chrome and Edge upgrades Since shifting from HTML-based Edge Legacy to the new Chromium-based Edge, Microsoft has been a regular contributor to the open-source Chromium project. Earlier this year, for example, the company deployed a fix for a bug that prevented Google Chrome from opening the correct web page via notifications in the Windows 10 Action Center. Microsoft also later contributed to a Chromium update that minimized the amount of battery and memory sapped by Chrome when in use. Its latest addition to Chromium will allow the platform to store a greater number of session files where before it was only able to hold two, which should prevent the loss of tab data in the event of a crash. “This change allows for a variable number of files to be stored for each session type. This helps improve the longevity and usefulness of tab data from tab restoration,” explained the firm. It is unclear precisely when the changes will take effect, but regular change log updates are available on the Chromium Gerrit page. The tab retention upgrade marks the latest in a long line of tweaks to Microsoft’s Edge browser, now the company’s flagship offering after the retirement of Internet Explorer. In recent weeks, Edge has recently received an inbuilt price comparison tool (ahead of Amazon Prime Day), a secure password generator, a new screenshot capture system and more. Chrome and Edge users will never have to worry about losing tabs again
  5. Visual Tabs is a Firefox extension that places a scrollable list of tabs in a sidebar I always have a couple of dozen tabs or more in Firefox. If you do the same, you can perhaps relate to how difficult it can be to scroll through them to find a tab. There are various extensions that help you deal with this problem. Visual Tabs is a Firefox add-on that places a scrollable list of tabs in a sidebar. It reminds me of TreeStyleTabs, but it is simpler to use. A side-bar appears on the left side of the screen after you install the extension. This is the interface of Visual Tabs. The extension displays the favicon and the page's title for each tab. But on some websites such as Ghacks, Firefox AMO, GitHub, YouTube, etc., it also displays a partial preview of the web page. The Visual Tabs list is scrollable, you can use the mouse wheel or the scroll-bar. That's quite easier to navigate than using the tab bar, and the title and the tab preview are features that make the add-on special. Mouse over a tab to view an animation that displays a slightly larger preview. The extension displays tabs from the current window. Every tab on the sidebar has an X, aka the close button. You can right-click on a tab to bring up Firefox's tab menu to close, move, undo closed tab, etc. Click on the + button at the bottom of the sidebar to open a new tab. You can resize the side panel by dragging it to the left. Speaking of which, drag a tab over another to rearrange it. The Visual tabs sidebar can be hidden by clicking on its toolbar icon. To make it reappear when you need it, click on the button again. If you observe the sidebar closely, you'll notice there are some icons near the bottom of the panel. This is the extension's menu. The first menu button is to open a new container tab. Yes, Visual Tabs supports Firefox container tabs, i.e., it also displays the color of the container on the edge, just like the tab bar does (under the tab). That's a nice touch. The second option in the menu is a shortcut for the add-on's Options page. We'll get back to this in a bit. Clicking the third icon cycles between the four preview modes that are available in Visual Tabs. These are None, Minimal, Compact and Full. None is basically a preview-less mode which displays the icon and the title of the tab. The default view is "Compact" (explained earlier), Minimal displays the favicon and the tab's title, the preview appears when you mouse over it. The Full view displays a larger preview of the page. There is one more preview mode, default. The fourth button collapses the menu. The sidebar has one more menu, which can be accessed by clicking on the words "Visual Tabs" at the top of the panel. Use it to switch the sidebar to the right side of the screen, or to access your bookmarks, history, etc. Visual Tabs options You can change the background theme of the add-on to Default, Light or Dark. The add-on's options let you toggle the scrollbar, change the new tab behavior, default preview mode, etc. The extension is an open source project. Visual Tabs is very useful and simple to use. Landing Page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/visualtab/ Visual Tabs is a Firefox extension that places a scrollable list of tabs in a sidebar
  6. Microsoft Edge will now warn you when you close multiple tabs When Microsoft made a shift to the Chromium framework, the Edge team promised to bring all the features of Legacy Edge to the new Chromium Edge browser. While the company did deliver on that promise, it missed the option that warned users when they try closing multiple tabs. Now, Microsoft Edge has updated its Canary branch to add support for the same. The feature is currently hidden behind a flag and can be enabled by searching for “Ask before closing multiple tabs” in edge://flags (via Techdows). Once found, you will need to enable the feature and relaunch the web browser. You will then need to follow the steps below to enable the feature: Open Microsoft Edge Canary click on the three dots on the top right corner Navigate to Settings > Appearance Enable the “Ask before Closing multiple tabs” option Once done, Microsoft Edge will warn you when you are trying to close multiple tabs. You can then either click on "Close All" to close all the tabs or click "Cancel". If you no longer want to get the pop-up warning then you can either select "Don't ask me again" or follow the aforementioned steps to toggle off the option. The feature is currently available on Microsoft Edge Canary version 89 which is expected to hit the stable channel in March 2021. Microsoft Edge will now warn you when you close multiple tabs
  7. How to import tabs from Chrome to Firefox and vice versa So, you have decided to switch from Chrome to Firefox, or maybe it's the other way around. The problem is you have a lot of tabs opened, and you can't abandon the session. Or, you use both web browsers regularly and want to push tabs from one browser to the other; this may also be useful for developers who need to test their sites in different browsers. What do you do? Manually copy and paste each URL from one browser to the other? That could take a long while depending on the number of tabs that you want to push to the other browser. The browser extension OneTab offers a solution that improves the process especially if you need to push multiple tabs to the other browser. Things you will need: Firefox and Chrome OneTab extension for Firefox and Chrome. Tip: you can check out our OneTab review for Chrome here. How to import tabs from Chrome to Firefox and vice versa Note: Please be advised that the following process will close all of your tabs and save the session to a list. But don't worry, you can restore the entire session just as easily. 1. Once you have installed the add-on, you should see its icon in the browser's toolbar. 2. Click on the button to open OneTab (this closes all open tabs) 3. Select the "Export/Import URLs" option on the right side of the page. 4. You should see an Import/Export tab that has a list of all the tabs that you had opened. It has the URL and web page title for each tab. 5. Copy this list to the clipboard. 6. Open Firefox and repeat steps 2 and 3. 7. Now you should be on the Import/Export tab. Paste the list of tabs from step 5 in the Import text field. 8. Click on the import button. OneTab should open a new tab which displays the tabs that you just imported. Click on the "Restore all" option, and the add-on should open all the tabs at once. You can also choose to restore only the ones that you want, by clicking on the tab titles individually. That's it. How simple was that? The process works the other way too, i.e., if you want to export tabs from Firefox to Chrome. Note that it is theoretically also possible to send the list of exported URLs to a contact. May be useful to share research or let someone pick off where you stopped. Another use for this method: Backup your sessions I use this method for a different purpose. Over the course of a week or two, I accumulate several dozens of sites in tabs that I find interesting or have opened for future research purposes. When I don't have the time to go through the list just yet but want to start fresh because the browser's tab bar gets convoluted, I use the extension to save the entire list of open sites in a text document. You can use the import option to restore the tabs anytime you want to. You can even backup your session, clear the browser's data and cookies and restore the tabs right back. This has been helpful for me quite a few times over the past few years. Note: OneTab hasn't been updated for a while on Chrome, but it still works perfectly. The Firefox version is updated frequently. There is an open source alternative for OneTab, called better-onetab, which I haven't used much since it was pulled and re-released by the developer. This post was inspired by something I saw on reddit's Firefox sub yesterday. It was an interesting post, but they used the developer console to move tabs from Chrome to Firefox and it also involved using two different extensions which made it a slightly more complex method. Source: How to import tabs from Chrome to Firefox and vice versa (gHacks)
  8. Protect your tabs in Firefox with Don't Touch My Tabs! (rel=noopener) The Firefox add-on Don't Touch My Tabs! (rel=noopener) adds the link attribute rel=noopener to all links encountered in the web browser with the exception of same-domain links. The extension addresses a long-standing issue that affects all modern web browser: when a linked resource is opened in anew tab, it gets control over the page that it was loaded from. That's a problem, as it opens the door for manipulation, tracking or malicious attacks. Visit the About rel=noopener website and activate the first link that says "click me..". It opens a new page in a new tab and while that in itself is not that exciting, going back to the originating page is because it has been manipulated by that site. Websites may add the rel=noopener attribute to links to avoid this. Most should, considering that control is handed over to the linked resources. These could do all kinds of things, from changing form field destinations to loading tracking pixels or displaying advertisement. Sites may implement rel=noopener to protect users and their own data from such attacks or manipulations. The problem is that this needs to be implemented by each site individually as browser makers have been reluctant to make the change. Mozilla did test rel=noopener for target="_blank" links in 2018 but did not activate the change for users of the browser. Check out the linked article for instructions on enabling noopener for blank targets. Note: The preference appears to have the same effect as the Firefox add-on. It may require further testing to be really sure about that but a quick check of a couple of sites suggests that it works equally well. When you check external links here on Ghacks, you will notice that noopener is used for all of them. Ghacks external links The Firefox add-on Don't touch my tabs! (rel=noopener) steps in by enabling noopener sitewide for any link you encounter after installation of the extension. The only exception to the rule applies to links that point to the same domain (as the site in question already has full control over its own pages). The extension does the following, basically: Searches for hyperlinks on active pages and checks if they have the "target="_blank" attribute. For any found It adds the rel=noopener attribute if no rel attribute is used already. It adds noopener to the attribute if rel is already used leaving any other attributes untouched. Breakage should be minimal and the extension works automatically in the background once it is installed. The extension is open source; you can check out its GitHub webpage to check out its source. Chrome users can check out No Opener instead which does the same. Source: Protect your tabs in Firefox with Don't Touch My Tabs! (rel=noopener) (gHacks - Martin Brinkmann)
  9. Simple Tab Groups is a Firefox extension for organizing your tabs Simple Tab Groups is a Firefox extension that can help you organize your tabs. The extension was inspired by one with a similar name, Tab Groups. The extension includes five plugins (add-ons from the same developer) merged into one for a functioning Tab Group manager extension. After you install Simple Tab Groups, it opens a local web page with a screenshot to guide users how to "Enable the restore previous session" option in Firefox. That's because when you restart the browser, the add-on will load the last accessed tab group. You will see that the extension added a button to the toolbar. Click on it to see three options. Create New Group This is the option you will be using the most. Selecting it will prompt you to assign a name, and this creates an empty Tab Group. To add tabs to the group, mouse over to the tab bar and right-click on a tab. Select "Move Tab To Group". This adds the tab to the created group and hides it from view. If you have multiple groups, you'll have the option to select which group you want to move the tabs to. You may also create new groups from the menu. Once saved, a group can be opened anytime. This works in new windows too. Managing Group Settings Let's get back to the Tab Groups' toolbar menu. Now that we have some groups, we can manage them. Right-click on a group's name to view its context-menu. This allows you to open all tabs in a group in a new window, sort the groups alphabetically, export the selected group to bookmarks, and to reload all tabs in the group. You can discard the selected group or all other groups, or delete the group completely. Select the Group Settings. Here you can rename a group, select its icon style. The tab's icon (the website's favicon), can be set as the Group's icon, do this from the tab bar. The Group Settings panel also has options to mute tabs when a group is closed/restored, make a sticky group (tabs are never moved from the group), show/discard tabs after moving. Simple Tab Groups works with Firefox Containers, and can be configured to automatically move specific containers to a particular group. For e.g. If you have a container for shopping websites, and you have created a Tab Group called shopping, it may be a good idea to move the tabs in the Shopping container to the group. The extension also supports RegEx for capturing tabs from the same domain. Add-on Settings The main menu of the add-on has a caret icon, click on it to view other tabs (not part of the group). There are 3 options here all of which perform a single-click action to: close all these tabs, move these tabs to the current group, or create a new group with these tabs. The gear icon in the menu can be used to access the add-on's options. You can customize the open, close, discard behavior of tabs, optionally discard a tab after hiding it or enable a dark theme and more from this screen. The Manage Groups option opens a new tab with a speed-dial like representation of each tab groups, you can right click on a group to manage it. The extension is an open source project. The add-on is compatible with Gesturefy, though it needs a little tinkering to get it working. Note: Simple Tab Groups is NOT a session manager. If you have many tabs in a group and close it before exiting other windows, you will lose the tabs. To prevent this, you should close all the other windows first. I recommend using the Bookmarks option. You can also use OneTab, which does save a history of the tabs and has a restore option. Simple Tab Groups provides an easy way to de-clutter your browser and organize your tabs. It does not interfere with the new tab page, so add-ons like Group Speed Dial work alongside perfectly. Landing Page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/simple-tab-groups/ Source: Simple Tab Groups is a Firefox extension for organizing your tabs (gHacks)
  10. Edge's Dev and Canary versions now let you add multiple tabs to new collection Microsoft Edge's Canary and Dev versions already allow you to add several tabs to a collection, but this capability didn't have a quick method in the previous iterations of the browser, especially if you are dealing with multiple tabs. Microsoft today rolled out a new update that makes that feature a breeze. Candice Poon, a product manager at Microsoft, posted a screenshot on Twitter that illustrates how to add multiple tabs in Edge Dev and Canary to a new collection with just a single click. This can be done simply by right-clicking on a single tab and then choosing the option for adding all open tabs to a new collection. This can prove useful at times when you're shopping online and you want to collect and compare products before making a purchase. If you're preparing for your next trip, you can quickly add all your travel information to a single collection of tabs for a streamlined view. There's no word as to when this new capability will roll out to everyone. That said, you can download the latest version of Edge via its official website. Source: Edge's Dev and Canary versions now let you add multiple tabs to new collection (Neowin)
  11. I have noticed recently that NSANE tabs are very slow to switch between if I have more than 1 NSANE tab open. All other tabs are fine. It is only NSANE tabs that are affected. I am using Firefox 64-bit on Windows 10 64-bit. I have just switched to IPS Default theme, and it seems to be quicker.
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