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Found 21 results

  1. Surface Duo for Business availability is expanding to 10 new markets today 10 new European markets are now able to order a Surface Duo starting today. What you need to know Surface Duo is expanding to 10 new markets today. All of the new markets reside in Europe. Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central Microsoft is today announcing that Surface Duo is expanding to 10 new European markets for business customers. Businesses in these markets will be able to order the Surface Duo for Business, with all the usual business-SKU additions.
  2. Surface Duo may only get Android 11 in the summer When Microsoft released Surface Duo device in the US last year, the company was expected to release an update to Android 11 soon after. In the end even regular updates have been slow in coming, and not much has been heard about Android 11 either. Today some news about the OS update has trickled out, courtesy of DrWindows.de. According to the German blog, based on a briefing they had from Microsoft, the OS update will arrive sometime in the summer. The reason is somewhat unexpected – accordi
  3. Microsoft’s Surface Duo is coming to Canada, France, Germany, and the UK on February 18 It’s official, Microsoft’s Surface Duo will be available for purchase in Canada, France, Germany, and the UK on February 18. The dual-screen device launched first in the US back in September, and Microsoft said later in December that Surface Duo would come to more markets in early 2021. In Canada, Surface Duo will be available for purchase on February 18th through the online Microsoft Store, Best Buy Canada, and authorized Surface resellers, though pricing details are no
  4. Microsoft's Surface Duo gets its first post-release firmware update Microsoft's Surface Duo has been on the market for less than a month, as it arrived on September 10. As is typical for any Surface product, it got a day-one firmware update, but today, it's getting its first post-release firmware update. This update, which is version 2020.910.72, is only available for the unlocked variant of the device, unlike with the day-one update. According to Microsoft, it should be coming to the AT&T model soon. As you'd expect, it incl
  5. Microsoft Surface Duo launch reportedly pushed back to 'sometime this summer' Microsoft announced the Surface Duo along with the Surface Neo in October last year. The company had then claimed that the devices would be making their way to the market by the end of 2020. However, rumors started swirling around at the beginning of 2019 that the Redmond giant could get around to launching the Surface Duo earlier than usual, with the Surface Neo launch being delayed until 2021 due to issues with the Windows 10X development and the pandemic. A rumor from
  6. Microsoft's Surface Duo spotted in the wild Back in October, Microsoft finally announced a Surface phone. But this phone has two screens, it runs Android, and it's called the Surface Duo. As far as the hardware goes, Microsoft hasn't confirmed much more than that, although the company has elaborated on the software quite a bit. Today though, one was spotted in the wild on Vancouver's SkyTrain. In itself, this isn't particularly surprising. This is a smartphone in a new form factor, and it's made by a company that has little experience making phones. That means
  7. Today, Microsoft is holding its Developer Day event focused on dual-screen experiences, and with it come a few announcements. For starters, just like it had promised, the company has released the Microsoft Emulator and tools so developers can start working on developing for Windows 10X and dual-screen devices to make use of the new form factor. The emulator includes a tool that lets users view a 3D render of a Surface Neo-like device to see the effects of moving the screens around the hinge. Microsoft also updated the Surface Duo SDK, which it released last month. The new version i
  8. Microsoft's Surface Duo will reportedly come with a Snapdragon 855, 6GB RAM, and more Last October, Microsoft announced its new family of dual-screen devices, including the Windows 10X-powered Surface Neo and its Android smartphone, the Surface Duo. The Surface Neo is delayed now, but Duo is still on the way. And while Microsoft still hasn't told us much about the actual specs, Windows Central's Zac Bowden has the details. For the most part, the specs are pretty mid-range, something that OEMs often settle on when it's focusing on an innovative form factor ins
  9. Microsoft could be hammering Android 11 into shape for its dual-screen Surface Duo Another Duo rumor surfaces (Image credit: Microsoft) Microsoft’s Surface Duo team has already begun work on bringing Android 11 to the dual-screen device, according to the latest rumor. We’ve already heard that Surface Duo will launch with Android 10 on board – the first version of Google’s mobile OS to be fully optimized for foldable screens – and that Android 11 support would follow relatively swiftly. Now, according to
  10. Surface Duo gets a launch-day firmware update to address multiple issues Microsoft's long-awaited Surface Duo is finally available today, if you're in the United States, and as is usual with Surface products, Microsoft has published a day-one firmware update for the device. The company has launched the firmware updates page for the dual-screen smartphone, and it contains details of what's included in its first update. Being an Android device, you don't have to worry as much about which version of the OS you're running to know if you're getting these updates.
  11. Karlston

    Review: Microsoft Surface Duo

    Review: Microsoft Surface Duo The company's first dual-screen phone points to a future for mobile technology that is both exciting and disappointing. Photograph: Microsoft Rating: 4/10 WIRED: Two screens are the future. The hinge is very sturdy, and the whole package feels wonderfully slim. The screens get plenty bright outdoors. Includes a bumper case. Good battery life. I like Microsoft's user interface.
  12. Microsoft's Surface Duo handset is available today for $1,399 Microsoft finally announced its Surface Duo smartphone on October 2 of last year, promising to deliver it during the holiday season of 2020. It's finally here, and you can purchase it starting today for $1,399 or $1,499 with 128GB or 256GB of storage, respectively. The Surface Duo is the first in Microsoft's venture into dual-screen devices. In fact, it was supposed to arrive alongside the larger Surface Neo, but Neo has been delayed indefinitely with Microsoft claiming that it's not quite the rig
  13. How Microsoft built its folding Android phone From Surface Mini to Surface Duo MicrosoftMicrosoft is returning to making phones this week, as part of an ambitious project to usher in a new era of dual-screen and folding devices. The company has spent around six years developing Surface Duo, its Android-powered device that folds out to be a phone or a miniature tablet. It’s taken Microsoft years to get the hardware and software right, but the company firmly believes now is the ideal time for something new. When it goes on sale tomorrow, we’ll see if the company got it right.
  14. Microsoft’s Surface Duo looks like it’s ready to launch FCC and Bluetooth listings appeared this week Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge Microsoft has spent the past few weeks teasing the Surface Duo on Twitter, and it now looks like the dual-screen device is ready to launch. Microsoft’s new Android-powered device first appeared at the FCC earlier this week, and today it has shown up on the Bluetooth SIG certification page. Devices typically appear in FCC and Bluetooth listings just a few weeks away from la
  15. Surface Duo benchmark spotted, slightly outperforms other Snapdragon 855 devices Almost 10 months after unveiling the Android-running dual-screened Surface Duo, Microsoft finally launched the device this month for a whopping $1,399. For that money, the phone sports – in addition to two screens – last generation specs such as the Snapdragon 855 SoC. It also omits NFC, wireless charging, and 5G support. However, the company’s main selling point for this new form factor is productivity thanks to the two screens. While the performance of the device should be sim
  16. Microsoft details the Surface Duo's camera app and features One of a phone’s most used features is its camera, and yet relatively little was known about the Surface Duo’s camera. However, in a private Q&A livestream held by the Microsoft Store today, Microsoft has revealed a little more about what we can expect from the unique handset’s camera. A series of screenshots detail the camera app that the phone will ship with, and there’s nothing unusual here. The
  17. Surface Duo internals show Microsoft’s fanatical commitment to thinness Get a peek at the Duo's unique construction with a single-sided motherboard. First image of article image gallery. Please visit the source link to see all images. Microsoft is certainly marching to the beat of its own drum with the Surface Duo. In a world of cookie-cutter slab smartphones and cutting edge foldable display devices, Microsoft is slapping two transitional smartphone screens next to each other and pushing dual-app usage as the way to use its first-ever self-branded
  18. Microsoft promises three years of feature updates for the Surface Duo Yesterday, Microsoft took the wraps off of its Surface Duo handset. It's the company's first Android device, also making it the first Microsoft hardware to not run Microsoft software, or at least software where the company doesn't control the whole stack. When it comes to Android devices, the question always comes up about how long they will be supported with updates. Microsoft told Android Authority that Surface Duo owners will get three years of OS and security updates, an impressive pro
  19. Microsoft releases Surface Duo press event video with 30 minutes of demos Demos of everything Microsoft’s Android phone is capable of Microsoft has published a full 35-minute Surface Duo press briefing video that it held with journalists earlier this week. Microsoft typically holds in-person events for its Surface products, and this year’s press briefing was essentially a virtual version of a Surface event. Panos Panay, Microsoft’s Windows and Devices chief, discusses e
  20. Google really loves Microsoft’s Surface Duo dual-screen phone Google believes in Microsoft’s dual-screen future (Image credit: Hiroshi Lockheimer) One of the most senior Android executives has shown off his Surface Duo device, hinting that Google is mightily impressed with Microsoft’s upcoming dual-screen phone. While we’ve seen the Surface Duo being shown off by various Microsoft employees, including Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella back in January, the fact that it’s being shown off by people at Google suggests that the com
  21. The new Microsoft Surface Duo — the surprising foldable device powered by Android that marks the tech giant’s return to the smartphone market — is not quite Microsoft enough for some fans. Just a few days after the unveiling of the new device, which isn’t coming out until the 2020 holiday season, a petition popped up on change.org asking for a Windows-powered version of Surface Duo. Microsoft revealed a new operating system, Windows 10X, to power the new foldable tablet/laptop hybrid Surface Neo. And the petition wants that operating system expanded to Surf
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