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Found 3 results

  1. Gamers’ Delight: GameFly Launches New Subscription Offerings and Console Drop Notifications GameFly is rolling out several new tiers and offerings for gaming and movie fans everywhere. From budget-friendly to the works, GameFly’s new plans give gamers access to the entertainment they crave at a range of price points. One important thing will remain the same, however: GameFly’s Standard Subscription will stay at the same price, even as the service’s offerings improve. “GameFly is listening to our customers,” says GameFly President Tim Hinsley. “We’re committed to constantly improving our service and offerings to our members. We are especially glad that we are able to do this without having to increase our standard plan price,” something the company has avoided for more than ten years. GameFly is offering more ways to access games and entertainment than ever before. Though still focused on games and gamers, GameFly is expanding its movie/DVD service with new movies-only subscription tiers. The Elite level of movies-only membership gives members access to 4K discs, a much loved format that’s become increasingly hard to rent, as retail rental outlets close. (GameFly is now the only online reservation option for fans of 4K.) Gamefly’s main focus, as always, remains games and gamers. It has unveiled a new Elite tier for its gaming members, with additional perks, and a Budget tier for the cost-conscious (the Elite and Standard tier game plans also include 4K disc availability). To help members take full advantage of the service’s members-only PS5 and Xbox Series X console sales, GameFly has just launched an email registration page, just for subscribers looking to purchase next generation consoles. (More info here.) “We’ve been taking multiple steps this year to meet our members’ needs, starting with our GameLock feature, which for the first time, offered members a guaranteed rental,” explains GameFly Marketing Director Joe Slepski. “Secondly, we’ve shouldered more inventory costs on our side, by increasing our inventory on almost all games across the board. This breaks from the traditional rental model going back over 40 years, where 1:1 fulfilment was not possible. Additionally, we’ve added more service levels, giving members even more control on how we fit into their gaming styles.” About GameFly Subscriptions: GameFly has thousands of new releases and classics available to rent for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS5, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Switch, Wii U, and 3DS, as well as older systems, as well as 4k, Blu-ray and DVDs. GameFly members can rent as many console and handheld games as they wish, delivered to their mailbox for one monthly fee. Members can keep games they love for a low used price. There are never any due dates or late fees. Source: Gamers’ Delight: GameFly Launches New Subscription Offerings and Console Drop Notifications
  2. SacredCultivator

    YouTube Subscriptions (PC/Mobile)

    Hello, I don't know when this started happening as I thought it was just a hiccup, but now it's just kind of annoying. Anyway, the strangest thing, when it comes to Subscriptions, sometimes there is quite some delay before they appear on my feed (ranging from 20mins up to 2 hours!). And this is when I'm on desktop (tested Firefox / Chrome), where I'm using the Subscription Feed URL ( youtube.com/feed/subscriptions ). Weirder part is even if I go to that person/group's page, the video that should be appearing isn't shown on the page either (until some time later (20~ mins.)) Here's the kicker, when I'm using the YouTube mobile app, it appears on there.. and at times I actually send that link to myself (gmail) in order to download it. Unsure if anyone has been facing this issue. And I know one method is to change the Bell icon to "all" instead of "personalized" but I don't want that since I don't want a notification of the video, I want to see it on my feed like before. Anyone got any ideas? {I did try clearing cookies / cache without luck. Thought maybe uBlock, but disabling it and refreshing didn't do anything.}
  3. Keep track of all subscriptions on your Android device Subscriptions - Manage your regular expenses is a free application for Google's Android operating system to keep an overview of subscriptions. Subscription-based services, apps, games and other products are on the rise on the Internet and in technology. You may subscribe to media services such as Netflix, storage services, subscribe to Office and other software solutions, to game streaming and flatrate services, online news services, and more. Add traditional products and subscriptions such as mobile phone, Internet and TV plans to the mix, and you end up with an ever increasing number of subscriptions that you need to track. It is difficult to keep an eye on the monthly and yearly expenses as well as renewal periods. Do you know how much money you spend monthly/yearly on subscriptions? The free Android application Subscriptions - Manage your regular expenses, yes that is the name, provides you with options to manage all subscriptions. Managing subscriptions on Android When you start the application on an Android device for the first time you are asked to pick a currency; this is the main currency that the app sets automatically when you add or edit subscriptions. You may create subscriptions in other currencies but need to switch to these manually during creation. A tap on the plus icon opens the "add subscription" page. There you add the monthly, yearly or one-time fees, pick a name and add optional information such as a description and notes, date of first payment, the payment method, and a colour or label. The application lists all subscriptions in the main interface. It highlights the monthly cost of each subscription by default but you may switch that to the yearly view instead. The overview page displays the total that you pay per month or year depending on your selection. Subscriptions - Manage your regular expenses supports filters on the page that you may activate. It is possible to filter by label, if you added them or by payment method. The latter is quite useful as it could help you list all services that may need updating, e.g. when the used Credit Card expired or is about to expire. Subscriptions may be sorted by name, price, or next billing date in ascending or descending order. A tap on the settings button displays all available options in an overlay. You may hide or show the time until the next payment is due, display labels, turn on night mode, change the default currency, or back up the data. Closing Words Subscriptions - Manage your regular expenses is a useful application for Android to keep track of subscriptions. The app displays monthly and yearly totals, highlights upcoming payments, and supports labels and notes to make things more comfortable. Keeping track of subscriptions is the primary purpose of the application but it can in theory also be used as a reminder application. The application lacks notifications and synchronization options on the other hand which means that you need to open the app whenever you want to check upcoming subscriptions. Source: Keep track of all subscriptions on your Android device (gHacks - Martin Brinkmann)
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