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  1. A first look at playing Steam PC games on Xbox with mouse and keyboard You can stream PC games from Steam in the Edge browser Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser is coming to Xbox soon, and the company has now added all-important mouse and keyboard support that will pave the way to stream PC games to Xbox consoles. Xbox testers in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring are now able to access this new version of Edge and try out a mouse in the console version of the browser for the first time. I’ve been testing this new support over the weekend, and I’ve even managed to play some St
  2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) has been rumoured to receive its own battle royale mode since last year. Aptly dubbed “Danger Zone”, Valve has made the mode official alongside making the game free-to-play, but it seems that not everyone supports the move. Danger Zone is “a fast-paced battle royale game mode built on CS:GO’s tactical gameplay where players use their wits, skill, and resources to fight to the finish,” according to Valve, including the same weapon play found in the base game. The crucial difference between Danger Zone and pre-established competitors on the ma
  3. Red Wings: Aces of the Sky is an arcade action game that puts you in the middle of WWI aerial battles. The game combines the action-packed dynamics of classic flight games with modern arcade gameplay and detailed, stylized 3D art. Key features: Play 50 story-driven campaign missions and relive the aerial combat of World War I (playable also in local multiplayer) Pilot 12 warplanes, each with their own unique skins—make your plane crackle with electricity, glow up the night sky with radioactive trails, and much more Fly with a friend in local split-screen co-
  4. Steam refuses to sell "pickup artist" FMV game Super Seducer 3 Sexiness is fine, but not in FMV form WTF?! There are plenty of "adults only" games on Steam that include sexual content. Valve doesn't have a problem with this sort of thing, but it does object when said content is full-motion video of real people. It's why Super Seducer 3, an FMV-based pickup artist game, won't be coming to the platform. PC Gamer reports that Super Seducer 3 is the third entry in a series that lets players learn "state-of-the-art seduction techniques." The FMV title invol
  5. Nier: Automata is being review bombed on Steam by players who want it patched They're demanding changes to match the Game Pass/Windows Store version. (Image credit: Valve) Nier: Automata was released on the Windows Store and Game Pass for PC on March 18 in a different edition to the one available on Steam. It's a port of the Xbox One's 'Become A God' edition, without many of the issues that affected the 'Game of the YoRHa' edition released on Steam. Those issues were never patched and can only be addressed using a mod tool called FAR. Players wer
  6. Forza Horizon 4 Is Now On Steam With Cross-Play Microsoft's 2018 racing game launches on Steam with lots of DLC available as well. Microsoft's excellent 2018 racing game Forza Horizon 4 is now available on Steam. The game was initially only available on Xbox and the Windows Store, but you can now buy it on Steam. The Steam edition of Forza Horizon 4 features cross-play support, allowing users to race with and against those on Xbox, Windows 10 PC, and via the cloud through Android. It also includes Steam Cloud saves, though cross-saves between Steam and other platfo
  7. Steam's Remote Play Together now functions without a Steam account Valve Software announced an addition to the Remote Play Together feature of the company's Steam gaming platform this week. Remote Play gives Steam users the option to play games with others, even if the invited users don't have the game in their library. Remote Play works with a selection of games only and up until now, required that every participating user had Steam installed and a Steam account. The change brings the Remote Play Together feature to users who don't have Steam installed or a
  8. A court is forcing Valve to tell Apple how much money 436 different PC games made Apple subpoenaed Valve for the data Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Valve has been compelled by a California court to provide sales data on more than 400 Steam games to Apple and possibly reveal its yearly sales, revenue, and profits to Apple as well. The iPhone maker subpoenaed Valve for the data as part of its ongoing dispute with Fortnite developer Epic Games. According to a Wednesday or
  9. Steam is encouraging developers to care about controller users About 10% of daily Steam sessions are played with a controller In total, 48 million players have used a controller for a game on Steam at some point. Valve have shared that and other big numbers in their breakdown on some new Steamworks tools that help developers see the type and prevalence of controller use for their games. For us routine controller users, that could mean developers investing time in better controller support on PC. Or just reassurance that no, we are aren't the only ones dedicated to
  10. SteamVR now supports the OpenXR standard The OpenXR specification allows developers to build cross-platform apps. SteamVR SteamVR's latest update for Windows officially adds support for OpenXR, the standard meant to make cross-platform AR and VR apps more common. The Khronos Group launched the OpenXR specification in 2019 to provide developers a way to build a single app that can run on various devices across brands instead of having to create specific versions for each one. Valve revealed its plans to transition to the OpenXR API last year and made sup
  11. 'Valheim' Sets a Record With Over Half-a-Million Concurrent Players on Steam That's good enough for #5 all-time. Believe it or not, Valheim has only been available to play in Early Access for about three weeks. In that short time, the PC survival game has notched more than 3 million wannabe vikings on its hand-crafted leather belt. That last milestone came just this past Friday and was celebrated by the relatively small Dev team over at Iron Gate. But the draugr-dashing darling of a title has achieved yet another record on the Steam charts, one that places it in t
  12. Valheim on PC sold over one million copies in its first week on Steam Early Access Valheim is as unstoppable as an actual Viking. What you need to know Valheim is a Norse-inspired survival game that has achieved incredible heights in its first week in Steam Early Access. Iron Gate Studio, the team behind Valheim, just announced that the game has already crossed over one million sales in its first week. Valheim has also been a massive success on Twitch, with over 127,000 concurrent viewers on the streaming service. It's still early days for Valheim, but
  13. Forza Horizon 4 is coming to Steam on March 9th Another Microsoft game comes to Steam Microsoft is bringing Forza Horizon 4 to Steam on March 9th. It marks the first time the Forza franchise has been available on Steam, and it will include crossplay with players on Xbox consoles, the regular Windows 10 version, and those streaming Forza Horizon 4 through xCloud. Playground Games has been gradually improving Forza Horizon 4 with expansions and a battle royale-like mode. A Halo driving experience ev
  14. Steam's concurrent user record broken again as 26.4 million people log in The in-game record still stands What just happened? Steam’s concurrent user record has been broken several times since the start of the pandemic, and the trend isn’t slowing down. Yesterday saw an all-time high of 26.4 million people connected to the service, breaking a record set last month. In March 2020, with Covid-19 forcing much of the world indoors, Steam broke its concurrent user record when 20 million people were logged into their accounts simultaneously. It took just a f
  15. Transport management classic OpenTTD is coming to Steam Management and enterprise simulation recreation OpenTTD is coming to Steam in April, an expandable and beloved classic of the tycoon style. In OpenTTD gamers run a transport enterprise, transferring passengers and cargo by way of water, rail, air, and street from place to place to develop a world and get wealthy. It first began in 2004 as an open-source remake of the 1995 recreation Transport Tycoon Deluxe and has been maintained and expanded ever since on account of its open-source nature and easy moddability.
  16. World of Tanks is coming to Steam The game will launch on Steam this year World of Tanks is coming to Steam War Gaming has announced that World of Tanks is coming to Steam, bringing the popular PVP MMO to PC gaming's largest storefront. No longer will PC gamers need to use the game's dedicated launcher, making the game a lot easier to access for newcomers to the series. Sadly, War Gaming has not released a firm release date for World of Tanks on Steam, only giving gamers a vague "2021" release timeframe. War Gaming has confirmed that the Steam versi
  17. Valve May Launch Chinese-Specific Version of Steam Next Week The future is still uncertain for Chinese gamers. (Image credit: Shutterstock) Valve will potentially release a public beta for a Chinese-specific version of Steam starting on February 9th, according to Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad, who specializes in the Asian and especially Chinese game industries. This would be the culmination of efforts Valve began in 2018 alongside Chinese developer Perfect World and would see the fulfillment of a promise the company made earlier this January
  18. The best Steam games 2021 New gems and bona fide classics We’ve dug deep for you to find the best Steam games 2021 has to offer. (Image credit: Future) Don’t struggle looking for the best Steam games of 2021. Steam’s game inventory is massive – over 23,000 titles to be exact, and you’ll spend days hunching over doing so. We’ve got you covered anyway, doing all the work by spending countless hours testing all the top and popular games so we can narrow down your prospects. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got
  19. Here are the 100 bestselling Steam games of 2020 Towards the end of each year, Valve traditionally reveals the bestselling Steam games of the past 12 months. Although the company does not disclose exact sales figures or dollar values, it divides games into categories such as Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Now, the company has unveiled the list of 100 top-selling games on its platform for 2020. The 100 bestsellers for 2020 have been measured in terms of gross revenue. 12 games fall in the Platinum category, 12 in Gold, 15 in Silver, and 59 in Bronze. The
  20. Patch released - Puppet Warping, Timeline Animations & HDR Bloom (Build 1.4.109) Hey everyone, today we are releasing Wallpaper Engine 1.4 with a ton of new features, various improvements and bug fixes. On top of that, we are launching our new designer documentation website, which provides in-depth guides for the Wallpaper Engine Editor and should make wallpaper creation much more accessible to newcomers and existing users alike. Puppet Warping The first major new feature we are introducing is
  21. AMD takes more of Intel’s market share in latest Steam Hardware Survey Team Red is chipping away at Intel's CPU lead (Image credit: AMD) AMD continues to still chip away at Intel’s lead in CPU market, having gained yet more ground in the latest Steam Hardware Survey. It's no secret that AMD has been closing the gap on Intel in the Steam Survey for some time now. In September, AMD claimed a quarter of the market for the first time, having held just 18% of the market in June 2019. The most recent figures
  22. The Outer Worlds is getting a Steam release on October 23, shedding Epic exclusivity Obsidian Entertainment's most recent RPG, The Outer Worlds, released in October last year across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. However, the PC version skipped Steam due to an exclusivity deal by the publisher Private Division with Epic Games, though Xbox Game Pass received the game on day one on PC without any trouble. After a year-long wait, today it was revealed that the game will finally be arriving to Steam on October 23. The highly-rated scie
  23. How to block game news and offer notifications in the Epic Games and Steam clients Most gaming clients that you install on your desktop machines or laptops set themselves up to be loaded during start of the operating system. While that is appreciated by computer users who use the machine to play games most of the time, it has some unforeseen issues for users who play games occasionally only. Apart from extending the loading time of the system and using up some resources while running in the background, it may also lead to game news, offers, or advertisement b
  24. Valve has announced that it will hosting the first-ever Steam Digital Tabletop Fest later this month. The festival will explore titles that cross the boundary between physical and digital games, highlighting a number of digital board games or games that were inspired by board and tabletop games during the five-day event. While it sounds like the final pieces about the festival are still falling into place, Valve has already shared some early details about it. For starters, the Steam Digital Tabletop Fest will run from Wednesday, October 21st to Monday the 26th. Valve won’t be
  25. Gamers fear Valve’s PC gaming platform will be heavily restricted in China Valve officially signs with Shanghai’s government to launch Steam China in Shanghai, as well as bringing the next The International for Dota 2 to the city. Right now, the global version Steam is in a weird position in China. It’s not officially approved for the country, and yet it’s there -- despite the fact that China has blocked thousands of websites ranging from Facebook, Google to Twitch, Steam somehow remains accessible. But Steam hasn’t been immune to China’s censorship, either. C
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