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  1. Microsoft slams Amazon’s AWS over Solarwinds silence While testifying in front of the House of Representatives, Microsoft’s President Brad Smith slammed Amazon’s AWS for lack of transparency regarding the Solarwinds attack, which compromised more than 18,000 companies. AWS admitted Thursday the SolarWinds hackers used its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) in their attack. “You have other companies, some of the largest companies in our industry, that are well-known to have been involved in this, that still have not spoken publicly about what they felt,” Smit
  2. AWS: SolarWinds Hackers Used Our Elastic Compute Cloud ‘The actors used EC2 just like they would use any server they could buy or use anywhere (on-premises or in the cloud). And, in fact, the actors did use several different service providers in this manner,’ AWS tells CRN. Amazon Web Services admitted Thursday that hackers used its systems in the SolarWinds campaign but reiterated the cloud computing giant wasn’t itself infected with malware. “The actors used EC2 [Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud] just like they would use any server they could buy or use anywher
  3. Microsoft shares CodeQL queries to scan code for SolarWinds-like implants Microsoft has open-sourced CodeQL queries that developers can use to scan source code for malicious implants matching the SolarWinds supply-chain attack. In December, it was disclosed that threat actors hacked SolarWinds to modify the legitimate SolarWinds Orion platform in a supply-chain attack. This attack allowed the threat actors to gain remote access to customers' systems who use the SolarWinds Orion network management platform. Microsoft disclosed that t
  4. SolarWinds hackers targeted NASA, Federal Aviation Administration networks Image Credits: Joshua Roberts (opens in a new window)/ Getty Images Hackers are said to have broken into the networks of U.S. space agency NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration as part of a wider espionage campaign targeting U.S. government agencies and private companies. The two agencies were named by the Washington Post on Tuesday, hours ahead of a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing tasked with investigating the widespread cyberattack, which the previous Tru
  5. Microsoft says SolarWinds hackers stole source code for 3 products The company said it found no indication the breach allowed customers to be hacked. Enlarge Drew Angerer | Getty Images The hackers behind one of the worst breaches in US history read and downloaded some Microsoft source code, but there’s no evidence they were able to access production servers or customer data, Microsoft said on Thursday. The software maker also said it found no evidence the hackers used the Microsoft compromise to attack customers.
  6. White House Taps Neuberger to Lead SolarWinds Probe Deputy National Security Adviser Anne Neuberger to Oversee Investigation Anne Neuberger will now oversee the investigation into the SolarWinds supply chain attack. The Biden administration has appointed Anne Neuberger, the deputy national security adviser for cyber and emerging technology, to coordinate the investigation into the cyberattack that targeted SolarWinds and other organizations, following criticism from two senators that the probe has lacked coordination and transparency. On Wednesday
  7. Senators Demand More Coordination in SolarWinds Investigation Warner and Rubio Call for Designation of Leader of Four-Agency Effort Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia (left) and Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida Citing a lack of coordination and transparency, U.S. Sens. Mark Warner and Marco Rubio of the Intelligence Committee are urging the four federal agencies investigating the cyberattack that targeted SolarWinds and other organizations to designate a leader for their investigative efforts. "The threat our country still faces from this inci
  8. US Coast Guard orders maritime facilities to report SolarWinds breaches Image: USCG The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) has ordered MTSA-regulated facilities and vessels using SolarWinds software for critical functions to report security breaches in case of suspicions of being affected by the SolarWinds supply-chain attack. USCG's order was delivered through a Marine Safety Information Bulletin (MSIB) published on Wednesday on continued awareness regarding the ongoing exploitation of SolarWinds software. "It is critical that the Coast Guard understands th
  9. US federal payroll agency hacked using SolarWinds software flaw The FBI has discovered that the National Finance Center (NFC), a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) federal payroll agency, was compromised by exploiting a SolarWinds Orion software flaw, according to a Reuters report. NFC provides human resources and payroll services to roughly 170 federal agencies and over 650,000 federal employees since 1973. USDA confirms data breach The software vulnerability used to break into NFC's systems is different than the one used by suspected Russian n
  10. 30% of “SolarWinds hack” victims didn’t actually use SolarWinds "This campaign should not be thought of as the SolarWinds campaign," says DHS. Enlarge / This is an artist's concept of Wind, a NASA spacecraft which spent twenty years gathering data on the solar wind (no relation). US Department of State When security firm Malwarebytes announced last week that it had been targeted by the same attacker that compromised SolarWinds' Orion software, it noted that the attack did not use SolarWinds itself. According to Malw
  11. Fidelis, Mimecast, Palo Alto Networks, Qualys also impacted by SolarWinds hack Security vendors Fidelis, Mimecast, Palo Alto Networks, and Qualys revealed that were also impacted by SolarWinds supply chain attack The SolarWinds supply chain attack is worse than initially thought, other security providers, confirmed that they were also impacted. Mimecast, Palo Alto Networks, Qualys, and Fidelis confirmed to have installed tainted updates of the SolarWinds Orion app. Mimecast was the first security provider of the above ones that disclosed a major security
  12. Mimecast Breach Linked To SolarWinds Hack, Allowed Cloud Services Access Mimecast said Tuesday that its certificate compromise was carried out by the same threat actor behind the SolarWinds attack and provided hackers with access to customers’ on-premises and cloud services. Mimecast’s certificate compromise was carried out by the same threat actor behind the SolarWinds attack and gave hackers access to customers’ on-premises and cloud services. The Lexington, Mass.-based email security vendor said the SolarWinds hackers accessed and potentially exfilt
  13. UK Cabinet Office spokesman tells House of Lords: We're not being complacent about impact of SolarWinds hack Lib Dem blows raspberry at Sir Humphrey-style non-answer The British government has denied being "complacent" over the Solarwinds hack as a fed-up peer of the realm urged a minister to "answer the question". Lord True, the government's Cabinet Office spokesman in the House of Lords, described the attack as "a complex and global cyber incident" and said UK.gov was "working with international partners to fully understand its scale and any UK impact."
  14. Russian government warns of US retaliatory cyberattacks The Russian government has issued a security warning to organizations in Russia about possible retaliatory cyberattacks by the USA for the SolarWinds breach. Last month, the SolarWinds network management company disclosed that they suffered a sophisticated cyberattack that led to a supply chain attack affecting 18,000 customers. The US government believes that this attack was conducted by a Russian state-sponsored hacking group whose goal was to steal cloud data such as email and files from
  15. Biden Orders Intelligence Agencies to Assess SolarWinds Hack Just days into his leadership role, U.S. President Joe Biden has instructed U.S. intelligence agencies to provide him with a detailed assessment of the SolarWinds hack, which fueled a global cyber espionage campaign impacting many high-profile government agencies and businesses. The U.S. government and others have said Russia is likely behind the highly sophisticated attack on SolarWinds. “Even as we work with Russia to advance U.S. interests, so too we work to hold Russia to account for its reckless and
  16. Microsoft shares how SolarWinds hackers evaded detection Microsoft today shared details on how the SolarWinds hackers were able to remain undetected by hiding their malicious activity inside the networks of breached companies. This previously unknown information was disclosed by security experts part of the Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team, Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC), and Microsoft Cyber Defense Operations Center (CDOC). The report they published earlier today shares new details regarding the Solorigate second-stage activat
  17. Malwarebytes said it was hacked by the same group who breached SolarWinds Malwarebytes becomes fourth major security firm targeted by attackers after Microsoft, FireEye, and CrowdStrike. Image: Malwarebytes US cyber-security firm Malwarebytes today said it was hacked by the same group which breached IT software company SolarWinds last year. Malwarebytes said its intrusion is not related to the SolarWinds supply chain incident since the company doesn't use any of SolarWinds software in its internal network. Instead, the security
  18. SolarWinds Hackers Used 'Raindrop' Malware for Lateral Movement The threat group behind the supply chain attack that targeted Texas-based IT management company SolarWinds leveraged a piece of malware named Raindrop for lateral movement and deploying additional payloads, Broadcom-owned cybersecurity firm Symantec reported on Tuesday. The SolarWinds attack involved the delivery of trojanized updates for Orion, an IT monitoring product, to as many as 18,000 of the company’s customers. These malicious updates delivered a piece of malware named Sunburst, which the attackers
  19. New Sunspot malware found while investigating SolarWinds hack Cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike has discovered the malware used by the SolarWinds hackers to inject backdoors in Orion platform builds during the supply-chain attack that led to the compromise of several companies and government agencies. Sunspot, as it was dubbed by CrowdStrike, was dropped by the attackers in the development environment of SolarWinds' Orion IT management software. After being executed, the malware would monitor and automatically injecting a Sunburst backdoor by repla
  20. Continuous Updates: Everything You Need to Know About the SolarWinds Attack A global cyber espionage campaign has resulted in the networks of many organizations around the world becoming compromised after the attackers managed to breach the systems of Texas-based IT management and monitoring solutions provider SolarWinds. Specifically, the attackers compromised the build system for the company’s Orion monitoring product, which enabled them to deliver trojanized updates to the company’s customers for at least three months. The attackers delivered
  21. Sealed U.S. Court Records Exposed in SolarWinds Breach The ongoing breach affecting thousands of organizations that relied on backdoored products by network software firm SolarWinds may have jeopardized the privacy of countless sealed court documents on file with the U.S. federal court system, according to a memo released Wednesday by the Administrative Office (AO) of the U.S. Courts. The judicial branch agency said it will be deploying more stringent controls for receiving and storing sensitive documents filed with the federal courts, following a di
  22. SolarWinds hires Chris Krebs, Alex Stamos to boost security in wake of suspected Russian hack Software provider SolarWinds, which was breached in a suspected Russian hacking campaign against U.S. companies and federal agencies, has hired former senior U.S. cybersecurity official Chris Krebs and former Facebook security chief Alex Stamos to help respond to the hack and improve its security practices. Krebs and Stamos will work as consultants for Texas-based SolarWinds as it continues to deal with the fallout of a hacking operation that has roiled Washington
  23. DoJ says SolarWinds hackers breached its Office 365 system and read email Department discovered the intrusion 9 days after SolarWinds hack came to light. Enlarge Gregory Varnum 72 with 41 posters participating The US Justice Department has become the latest federal agency to say its network was breached in a long and wide-ranging hack campaign that’s believed to have been backed by the Russian government. In a terse statement issued Wednesday, Justice Department spokesman Marc Raimondi said tha
  24. JetBrains denies involvement in the SolarWinds supply-chain hack JetBrains' CEO, Maxim Shafirov, denied reports from multiple news outlets that the company played a role in the SolarWinds supply chain attack. The privately-held software vendor was founded in Prague, Czech Republic, in February 2000, and it has more than 1,200 employees. JetBrains' products are used by over 9,000,000 developers from more than and 300,000 companies worldwide, including 95 Fortune 100 companies and 79 Fortune Global 100 companies. The company's customer
  25. US intel agencies blame Russia for massive SolarWinds hack A group of U.S. intelligence agencies on Tuesday formally accused Russia of being linked to the recently discovered hack of IT group SolarWinds that compromised much of the federal government. The FBI, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) attributed the effort to Russia. The group had set up a cyber unified coordination group in December after the compromise of SolarWinds was revealed. “
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