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Found 11 results

  1. Tesla will dramatically expand its Full Self-Driving beta It could be available for more than a handful of EV drivers. Xinhua/Ding Ting via Getty Images Now might be your chance to join Tesla's Full Self-Driving beta. Elon Musk has revealed that Tesla's new 8.2 software is "doubling" the size of the beta test program, and 8.3 will "probably" expand the size of the program by ten times. You'll want to get in touch if you're interested, Musk said. The company chief warned that you still had to "be careful" with these newer betas, but tha
  2. Microsoft teams up with Cruise on self-driving cars, chips in for $2 billion investment The GM subsidiary is now said to be worth $30 billion Photo by Andrej Sokolow/picture alliance via Getty Images Microsoft is joining forces with Cruise, the self-driving subsidiary of General Motors, to help speed up the commercialization of autonomous vehicles. The software giant is also chipping in on a new equity investment of $2 billion for Cruise, along with previous investors Honda and GM, bringing the AV company’s valuation up to a whopping $30 billion.
  3. Self-driving pioneer Waymo dumps the term 'self-driving' Washington, DC (CNN Business)Waymo, the Google company that pioneered the self-driving car business, says it's done with the term, "self-driving." Waymo says that some automakers are using the phrase "self-driving" inaccurately, giving the public a false impression of what driver-assist systems are capable of. Waymo will instead refer to its vehicles as "fully autonomous," and hopes the shift will differentiate it from technologies meant to merely assist human drivers. "This is more than just a branding or
  4. 'Peak hype': why the driverless car revolution has stalled As Uber parks its plans for robotaxis, experts admit the autonomous vehicle challenge is bigger than anticipated From left: a Cruise self-driving car; a woman reads inside an autonomous Volvo; a Waymo driverless vehicle. Composite: Reuters/Volvo/Getty/AP By 2021, according to various Silicon Valley luminaries, bandwagoning politicians and leading cab firms in recent years, self-driving cars would have long been crossing the US, started filing along Britain’s motorways and be all set to provide robotax
  5. Tesla FSD Beta takes driver from SF to LA with no human intervention CREDIT: WHOLE MARS CATALOG/YOUTUBE A Tesla Model 3 with limited Full Self-Driving beta successfully traveled from San Francisco past the Los Angeles border without requiring any interventions–almost. The trip was not perfect, but the drive itself was impressive as it highlighted the potential of Elon Musk and Tesla’s camera-centric approach to full self-driving. Tesla owner-enthusiast Whole Mars Catalog posted a time-lapse video of an FSD trip in a Model 3 Performance. Over the course
  6. Nuro approved to become the first driverless delivery service in California Nuro, the autonomous delivery startup, has obtained the first-ever approval from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to launch driverless services in the state. The milestone achievement makes Nuro the first company to receive approval of this kind, ahead of companies like GM and Amazon who have only received testing approvals for their bids in the same technology thus far. Following the approval, Nuro can now start autonomous routine deliveries of food, beve
  7. Elon Musk announces another price hike for “full self-driving” package Musk says full autonomy is 18 months away, but past predictions haven't held up. Enlarge / A Tesla Model 3. Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images On August 16, Tesla will begin charging an additional $1,000 for the "full self-driving" upgrade, CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter on Tuesday. The option currently costs $6,000. It's the latest in a series of price changes for a package whose main function—"full self-driving"—is still largely aspirational.
  8. TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan’s SoftBank Corp said on Monday it will launch a service that uses satellite navigation data and its network of mobile base stations to help power self-driving buses, drones and farm machinery. The service, which will begin trials in Japan next month before expanding nationwide in November, aims to provide centimeter-level positioning to the autonomous tech that is beginning to be introduced across a range of industries, the company said in a statement. Kajima Corp, one of Japan’s big four construction firms, wil
  9. Why some self-driving startups reject Google’s “moonshot” approach Slow progress is forcing self-driving startups to tighten their belts. Enlarge / Aurora said Monday that it would focus on testing self-driving trucks in the Dallas area. Aurora 91 with 56 posters participating, including story author Progress on self-driving technology has been slower than many people expected just a few years ago. Google's Waymo was aiming to launch a fully driverless taxi service by the end of 2018 but missed its deadline. GM's
  10. The fatal crash in Tempe, Arizona, in 2018 comes into sharper focus Uber did not have a formal safety plan in place at the time when one of its self-driving cars killed a woman in Tempe, Arizona, last year, according to a trove of new documents released by the National Traffic Safety Board on Tuesday. Its autonomous vehicles were not programmed to react to people who were jaywalking, and the company had been involved in over three dozen crashes prior to the one that killed 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg in March 2018. These new details cast a harsh ligh
  11. With a post on its official blog today, Google is giving an update on its self-driving car initiative, showing that the latest goal is to improve driving on city streets. Google's self-driving car project has already driven thousands of miles without a hitch, but until recently has primarily focused on simple highway driving. As anyone who has driven through a busy city core before knows, there are new and drastically more difficult to handle situations in the city than on an open road. Pedestrians, bicyclists, traffic revisions, railroad tracks and downright bad drivers all throw additional
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