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  1. Sony thinks the PS5 shortage could continue into next year Sony has reportedly warned that it could struggle to meet PS5 demand next year too. The news comes after Nintendo warned of possible Switch shortages later this year. Credit: Oliver Cragg / Android Authority Getting a PS5 is a rather tough challenge right now due to the ongoing industry chip shortage. But there’s bad news for those hoping the console becomes easier to find. Sony held a private briefing with analysts after reporting its recent financial resul
  2. Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Giveaway on PS Store Sony Interactive Entertainment has released the following game, as part of its Play At Home program, which is now free to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users. Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition CONTENTS: • Game Horizon Zero Dawn - an action game in the world of the post-apocalyptic future, in which the world is inhabited by robotic dinosaurs that destroyed modern civilization. • The plot add-on The Frozen Wilds. • Storm tracker costume and powerful bow of the Karha tribe. • Set of the merchant of the Karha tribe. • Pioneer co
  3. First PS5 update adds USB system storage for games, new social features Free up SSD space with external storage for PlayStation 5 software Photo: James Bareham/Polygon The first major system update for PlayStation 5 arrives Wednesday, April 14, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced Tuesday. That update will add new features, including external USB storage support for PS5 games and new social features that enable cross-generation Share Play between PS5 and PlayStation 4. The biggest new feature coming in Wednesday’s software update i
  4. The Last of Us PS5 remake reportedly in development Naughty Dog is apparently working on a remake of their 2013 hit (Image credit: Naughty Dog) A The Last of Us PS5 remake is reportedly in development at Naughty Dog. That's according to a new, extensive report which was published earlier today by Bloomberg. Chiefly, the report claims that a small development unit was set up at Sony Visual Art Services Group to work on a remake of The Last of Us, but that the development unit has since ceased being the lead developer on it, with the pro
  5. Huge PS5 restock from Amazon expected soon This could be your best chance to get your hands on Sony's elusive next-gen console TL;DR: Amazon is expected to offer a huge PS5 stock drop in the immediate future, offering gamers their best chance yet to secure a next-generation PlayStation console. If you're part of the majority who've yet to bag a PS5, keep a close eye on Amazon's product page over the coming hours and days. Sony's PS5 might have broken launch records, but its release was marred by scalpers who rapidly bought up stock to resell at inflate
  6. Sony reveals next-gen PlayStation VR controller for PS5 PlayStation 5 VR controllers will incorporate DualSense tech Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment Sony gave PlayStation fans a peek at the next generation of its PlayStation VR controllers on Thursday, promising “stronger immersion with adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, [and] finger-touch detection” for the PlayStation 5 virtual reality system. Hideaki Nishino, senior VP of platform planning and management at Sony Interactive Entertainment, described the next-gen PSVR controlle
  7. Modders improve Sony's PS5 design by adding a water block and LED lighting The custom faceplates and detachable controller holder are nice touches, too Cool (pun intended): The first thing that most people want to do after receiving their extremely hard-to-get PlayStation 5 is hook it up and try it out. Modding Cafe had another idea for its unboxing. The Vietnamese modding team had a plan from the start to rig up the world's first water-cooled PS5. Modding Cafe started its project by completely disassembling the PS5. Pretty much everything not soldered
  8. Death Stranding PS5 & PS4 Extended Edition is “Ready and Done”, Insider Says; Expected to be Announced Soon The rumored extended edition of Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding for both PS5 and PS4 has been ready for quite some time now and is expected to be announced soon, an insider has said. Earlier this year we reported that an extended edition of Death Stranding for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 should be on its way. Although not officially confirmed by either Sony or Kojima Productions in any way, this version is said to pack new story content as
  9. PS5 DualSense teardown reveals potential causes of controller drift No easy fix. A new PlayStation 5 DualSense teardown has revealed the potential causes of controller drift. The YouTube video, below, from iFixit looks inside the DualSense to find out what is causing the drift that some users have reported. According to iFixit, the DualSense as well as the DualShock 4, the Xbox One and Xbox One Elite controllers all use off the shelf joystick hardware "with a long history of predictable, preventable issues". iFixit's investi
  10. Sony May Be Working on a Back Button Attachment for PS5's DualSense Controller Bringing it back. Sony is seemingly looking at developing its back button attachment for the PlayStation 5's DualSense controller, according to a new patent. A new 'controller add-on device with customizable presets' document was published on the World Intellectual Property Organization database on February 4, which suggests that Sony wants to develop the accessory to function with the PS5's gamepad. According to the patent, Sony filed the required paperwork on June 29, 2020, and the doc
  11. PS5 is officially launching in China in Q2 The PlayStation 5 will officially be sold in China before the second half of the year. Sony’s Chinese arm has announced that the PS5 will be made available in the country at some point in the second quarter (March-June). The news was revealed in a Chinese New Year greetings video. As pointed out by Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad, Sony actually got hardware approvals back in December, for both the standard PS5 as well as the Digital Edition. Sony is currently working on getting software approvals
  12. 'Final Fantasy XIV' PS5 beta starts on April 13th The 'Final Fantasy' MMO will come to its third generation of PlayStation consoles with 4K and improved performance. Square-Enix More than ten years after its troubled PC and PS3 launch, Final Fantasy XIV is coming to yet another PlayStation console. During a reveal event Friday night, Square-Enix announced an open beta for PS5 will start April 13th. On the new system, the MMORPG will run in 4K resolution, and promises vastly improved performance. It’s already playable in backwards compatibility mode,
  13. Sony sold 4.5 million PlayStation 5 consoles last year A similar figure to the PS4 launch Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge Sony shipped 4.5 million PlayStation 5 units worldwide in 2020, as revealed by information published alongside the company’s latest earnings report. The number highlights Sony’s current ability to mass-produce the console, which has been extremely difficult to buy since its launch in November. Demand for the PlayStation 4 dropped dramatically year-on-year, with 1.4 mi
  14. God of War PS5 Patch With 60 FPS and 4K Coming Tomorrow Kratos never looked so good. Santa Monica Studio has officially announced that God of War's PS5 patch will be released tomorrow, February 2, and will bring a 4K/60 FPS mode to the PlayStation exclusive. Announced on Santa Monica Studio's blog, this free update will replace the current video graphics mode option with a new default setting that "will offer the best of both performance and resolution to our PlayStation 5 players." On the PlayStation 4 Pro version of 2018's God of War, players would ha
  15. Police called as Tokyo PS5 sale descends into chaos Staff pushed and cash registers knocked over: "I've never seen that kind of insanity in japan" Police were called to a popular Tokyo department store on Saturday after the intended sale of new PlayStation 5 consoles descended into chaos. Yodobashi Camera in Tokyo’s Akihabara shopping district had promised to sell several hundred PlayStation 5 consoles via a first-come, first-served policy. However, according to personal accounts on social media, the whole process was cancelled after hundreds of consum
  16. It's 2021, and scalpers are still buying up PS5 inventory for huge profits Bots continue to be a headache for legitimate shoppers Editor's take: Experienced scalpers use software supplied from firms like Carnage to quickly buy up stock of in-demand items such as the PlayStation 5, then turn around and sell them for a profit on third-party marketplaces like eBay. Slowing them down has proven difficult, and really, do manufacturers and retailers even care? Sony promised to deliver additional PlayStation 5 stock late last year ahead of the holidays but ul
  17. All black PS5 orders have been cancelled after team received 'threats to their safety' Full refunds on the way (Image credit: SUP3R5) The black PS5 from SUP3R5 officially sold out after going on sale on January 8, but all orders have now been cancelled after the team behind the nostalgic makeover apparently received "credible threats" to their safety. In a statement via Twitter, the SUP3R5 team said: "Last night, our team began receiving credible threats to their safety. We take these threats seriously. We aren't willing to risk the safety and wel
  18. The next-gen PlayStation was Sony's "biggest console launch ever," but many gamers have been unable to get one. The PlayStation 5 has been out of stock at most retailers since Sony launched its next-gen console earlier this month, but the company on Wednesday promised that more inventory will be available before 2020 ends. Sony didn't offer any hard numbers, so we don't know what its "biggest console launch ever" means yet -- the PS2 and PS4 will likely remain its most successful consoles for the next few years -- nor do have a sense of how
  19. Xbox’s CFO, Tim Stuart has stated that future Bethesda games (after Ghostwire Tokyo and Deathloop) will come to other platforms, such as PS5, but release first on Xbox and PC or be better on those platforms. Reporting from VGC confirms that Tim Stuart said that this would be the case at the Jefferies Interactive Entertainment conference, which took place last week. Stuart highlights that “What we’ll do in the long run is we don’t have intentions of just pulling all of Bethesda content out of Sony or Nintendo or otherwise. But what we want is we want that content
  20. If you’re one of the many people who tried to get an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 earlier this week, you probably have some strong words for Microsoft, Sony, and every major retailer in your region right now. There’s no two ways about it: these launches have been disasters from the perspective of the consumer, and at this point, it seems likely that PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S are going to have stock issues for some time to come. Obviously, we’d expect new consoles to be popular, fast-selling items regardless of when they launch, but the pandemic we’re current
  21. Sony cleared up details about 1440p output, PlayStation Now and much more in an FAQ. It’s finally launch week for the new generation of consoles and Sony has cleared up a ton of lingering questions about the PlayStation 5 in an exhaustive FAQ. It covered a lot of ground but perhaps the biggest takeaway is that PS5 games will be region-free. So, you won’t have to worry about whether games you import from another country will run on your new, oddly-shaped console. PlayStation 4 games were also region-free. It shouldn’
  22. A combination of exclusive games, networked players, and a strong library of legacy titles will shift plenty of PS5 units according to PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan. When the PlayStation 5 launches on November 12, it'll arrive with a library of new and current games which PlayStation head Jim Ryan says will result in the quicker adoption of the next-gen console. Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon's Souls will be available alongside a wide selection of PS4 games thanks to backwards compatibility, all of which will be playable from day one and will benefit from
  23. Improved performance and new features Epic on Monday revealed new information about what performance benefits Fortnite players should expect day one if playing the game on the new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X / S consoles, all of which launch next week. We already knew some of these — specifically the 4K and 60 frames per second targets — but Epic is also detailing some behind-the-scenes upgrades the new hardware should allow for. For the new Xbox, you’ll get that bump in resolution if you’re playing on the more powerful Series X, while the Series S is ca
  24. TOKYO (Reuters) - Sony Corp is seeing "very considerable" demand for its PlayStation 5 (PS5) console via pre-orders, its gaming chief said, as the tech firm targets pole position in the race to tap the growth of gaming globally with the device's Nov. 12 launch. Sony pre-sold as many PS5 consoles in the first 12 hours in the United States as in the first 12 weeks for its predecessor PlayStation 4 device, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said in an interview. “The demand as expressed by the level of pre-order has been very, very considerable,
  25. The PS5 UI looks like it's designed to promote busywork, not save you time Opinion: PS5’s ‘Cards’ aren’t as useful as they might seem (Image credit: Sony) Ever since Sony unveiled the PS5 UI to the world, I’ve been torn on one of its most widely praised and innovative features: ‘Cards’. On the surface, the PS5’s Cards are designed to help you quickly interact with a game or the PS5 system in a variety of ways. You can see key information at a glance like updates from developers, your recent screenshots, and even have th
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